10 Best Websites To Read Books Online For Free

Best Websites To Read Books Online For Free

In this article we are going to discuss about the best websites to read books online for free. The topic of the article is related to books. Yes now you all must have thinking that why books? Other than academic books most of the people doesn’t prefer to read anything but Reading books nowadays is changing like earlier people prefer to read books in library and at home through physical books but now the scenerio is changed and people prefer to use their mobile phone for everything. People shift their learning from physical books to online books. Now there are many apps and website which provide every kind of books whether it is related to curriculum or novel.

Books contain lots of stories in fact if you read suspense stories or romantic crime story books then you will start finding books very interesting. It is better to indulge yourself in some useful activity rather than thinking about nonsense or anything else. By continuing work we all will feel like we are fading but if we analyze then listening music and reading books are the one who help us in relieving this fatigueness of work.

Some people believe that reading academic books will lead to exhaustness in their body so they need to divert their mind. For example, if you are student of higher secondary then reading academic books will be quite boring and for focusing you need to divert your mind little bit.  Reading books has its own benefits like by continue reading you can increase your reading speed, speaking speed, you will get familiar with the content and vocabulary and also it will enhance your knowledge.

But now people feel very tired to go to a library for books reading so they prefer to read the books online. Other than fiction and non fiction there are many websites which help in learning academics books.

Knowledge can be gain by anything in fact observation is the best for knowledge. But through reading one can also increase their knowledge, reading ability and in fact will not feel fatigue. Studies suggest that through reading books one can sharpen their brain, the ability to work of mind become enhance.

This topic will provide you an overview about the online learning and where to learn, which website will be good for every kind of books.

Top 10 websites to read books online for free

Here is the list of top websites to read books for free online mentioned below:

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Basically it is a library which provide ebooks with no charges. If you want to contribute in their efforts then you just need to donate some amount which is not mandatory it is depend on you. You can also help by providing an audio books, digitizing etc. The website is not that much attractive and interesting but their working environment is good for example, if you want to read any book online you can just go through on this website and download the ebook free and read it whenever you want.

This website is good because firstly it provide you books free but most importantly they work as a donation collection which is basically a non profit kind of organization.

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2. Bookboon


This is the interesting website. There are many books related to fiction and romance which will attract you. You can find their Student books, books related to business, blog, etc. Communication is the major barrier for most of the people and there you can find books related to communication, personality development, etc.

3. Open library

Open library

Open library is an another platform for online book reading free. In this you can search various categories like art, fantasy, biographies, science, recipes, romance, etc. Other than reading you can also add your book there. The open library website is easy to use. Open library websites is interesting and the collection of books is also effective. Books there are having lovely content.

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4. ManyBooks


This website is my personal favourite because the website layout, colour, design everything is an eye catching and will attract you. The category is same as other but the content and books are different. You will get two options there that whether you can download the ebooks or you can just read it online without downloading.

5. Free ebook

Free ebook

This website is also good choice for reading books under the category of fiction, non fiction, academics, textbooks, etc. Layout and website view is simple but the content of books and collection is really worth for a try.

Free ebook is an amazing platform simple and generous. They also work on blogs in fact you can also publish your books if you love writing.

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6. Libribox


This website is slightly different from others because they provide audiobooks to public. First their writer record each chapter of a book then published that. When you feel tired and not in mood of reading then through audio you can complete the book. The benefit of audiobooks to get familiar to the English of world.

7. Bookyards


This platform is also good for them who want to read novel and genre. This website also work on donation. If you like to show some interest then you can upload your books ,donate some amount to help them.

Nowadays no one wants to prefer to buy a novel because it will cost more infact it will occupy some space at your home. So everyone is prefer to fetch any book online rather than offline. Bookyards platform is little bit complicated because their website is quite simple and take time to get open.

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8. BookBub


A platform of reading books online free, there you will get unbeatable deals, updates books, recommended books etc. BookBub is a great platform for them who love to spend their time in reading, who love to read books. This app also connect you to various other websites like Google play books, Amazon etc. When you go through on this website then it will provide you wide and relevant collection of books.

9. Scribd


Scribd is a platform which works under the category of science and technology, magazine, health and fitness etc. In Scribd you can explore your knowledge in various disciplines. If person is books lover than they can prefer textbooks category but if you want to read about health or you are a fashion lover then the magazine category is very suitable for you. This website is basically not based on reading there you can read the books from listening because they provide audiobooks.

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10. Read Print

Read Print

A online place where you can get thousands of books under your thumb. They have books related to fiction, non fiction, short stories, etc. The different part of this website is the quotes corner where you can explore some of the famous quotes. People who love to read funny books or quotes type content then they should have a look on this website.

Other than these websites there are other websites too but all these websites are good in term of relevant books like they all are having books which is interesting in reading. Also the rating of these websites are good and above all that some of the website all provide there apps to get easy access.

Before accessing these websites you just need to signup yourself and after that you can explore to any book this will not charge you anything in fact you will also get a chance of publishing your own book.

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