10 Best Social Media Websites in India

Best Social Media Websites in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best social media sites in India. If we are spending most of the time on social media sites then we should have the idea about which site is most prominent and popular. But the question is why people are so much involved in these sites? So it is simply because through these websites you can easily talk to your loved ones who are staying far away and also you will get to know new people. Other than this, the major reason is that on these websites or apps people get to know about the things of their interest like technology, study, etc. And by this, you can learn something or can find new ideas.

Like on YouTube if you don’t understand any term related to your subject like Pythagoras theorem then you can watch the video related to this problem on YouTube and understand the topic. Social media is not a time-wasting platform if it is used efficiently. Whatsapp can be used to see your people who are staying in some other city or country and you can’t go there so you can use this platform to stay connected.

So here are ten social media websites that are given below which are trending and most usable sites.

Top 10 Social media websites

The list of top social media websites in India is discussed below:

1. Facebook


This website is basically the biggest social media site. Everything is there is well organized in fact Facebook not only helps you to connect with people’s it also merged with various platforms as you can easily get updates about various events, but you can also play games there. Facebook also launches its messenger for efficient working like if you don’t want to log in again and again then you can download that but the only drawback is that you will restrict to chatting only.

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2. Whatsapp


Whatsapp was ahead than Facebook but recently Facebook owns WhatsApp and it is a platform where you can connect with your people. This is the most used social media site. They also introduced WhatsApp business for operating the business effectively and stay connected with the customers. It is a messaging site that allows you to chat and make a video call to your loved one. The website is simple with many themes in fact in this wallpapers can also set in the background so that your WhatsApp will look attractive.

3. Twitter


Twitter is different from the normal messaging site because there you need to follow whoever you want and you can have a look at their activities. In fact, if you are on twitter then you can post about your activities and those who follow you will observe your actions. It is a great platform to showcase your life part, your activities which you want to share with others. The logo is quite attractive, it is simple but it reveals many things if we noticed. Nowadays it is a very common tool to get updates that’s why many people are using this.

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4. Instagram


Instagram is very attractive. There you can make live videos, chatting, and upload posts related to your activities. The layout and content are amazing there. You can also follow your idols, favorite celebrity, etc. The most amazing part that no one can hike in your privacy until you don’t allow. There you can select private account so those who follow you can see your profile. Now Instagram also works with various online shopping sites and there you can talk with people and also go through on various shopping sites and purchase items.

5. Pinterest


This website is basically a social blogging site on which you can post anything. Suppose you love to cook then you can post your recipe there so that anyone can watch. You just need to sign up there and showcase your talent. You can see videos and posts related to food, traveling, fashion, etc. Pinterest is good for those who want to stay updated about new technologies, new creativity, new ideas, etc.

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6. Snapchat


Snapchat is another platform to get connected with people throughout the world. The amazing part of this site is that it has many filters including love, funny, etc. The layout is simple. You just have to open it then you can click some pictures by using funny and other filters then post it and people who you will directly get in touch with you. And can see your moments. It is also safe for you because when someone wants to look at your moment they need to follow you.

7. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is different because basically, it’s a job platform where you can stay connected with corporate and companies. This website is helpful for them who want to follow the CEO and other higher officials. Nowadays everyone should maintain their LinkedIn profile. It is basically a kind of resume platform where you can create your ID and then update your information then people show interest in your profile and hire you. In fact, if you are a recruiter then this platform is best to gather the potential candidates.

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8. Tiktok


This is a video blogging kind of site where you have a wide collection of audios and there you can upload your video and can watch other’s videos also. It is very simple to use. The privacy is updated there you just have to set your account for private one then no one other than your selected one can watch your profile. Tiktok is also safe because there not everyone allows you to text. You can stay in touch with others only when you both follow each other.

9. WeChat


Wechat is a messaging site in which you can connect with people if you have their WeChat Id or mobile number. This site is the same as WhatsApp, there you can make a video call, voice calls, share pictures, and stay connected. This site works in different languages and the native language is Chinese. Wechat is can also be used for money transfer.

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10. YouTube


Previously YouTube is not considered as social media but now the trend is changing. Now YouTube is one of the most prominent social media platforms where you can showcase your talent in front of everyone. It is a searching platform which provides you content related to your preferences. It is well categorized like if you want to watch the video related to beauty tips then you can see, YouTube provide content under a various category like cooking, academics, health and fitness, movies, serials, comedy, etc. There you can easily filter out the content in which you are not interested.

In youtube, you can connect with someone by like, comment, and replying on their content and someone can also reply to you on your content and comment. Other than these websites, there are many other social media sites on which people can invest time. But these websites are more popular and are in use very much and also everything has demerits so that’s why these websites also have but only if used in a destructive manner like some people misuse these sites by trolling others. So it should be avoided and understand everything.

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