10 Best Websites to Read Articles Online

Best Websites to Read Articles Online

In this article we are going to discuss the best websites to read articles online. Are you an avid reader who faces so much confusion while selecting a website to read from? If so my friend, I’ve got your back. Most people who have a drive to read and learn newer things get demotivated largely by the fact that they are unable to find websites with good quality content and content that matches the wavelength of their thought process and ideas. There is also a large amount of time wasted in this process, which is always not affordable.

10 Best Websites to read articles online

Sometimes even if you find a website of your choice, the articles may not always live up to the mark and there is no new learning there, just plain unproductivity. Therefore it is very important for you to choose the right website, with the best content and also be aware of what you’re reading, rather than taking in inputs blindly. So, put on your thinking caps and get ready to witness some of the best websites for all your bookworms out there, with the most thought-provoking content.

1. Interesting Articles To Read

Best article reading sites

This is one of the most renowned and well-established blogs with a plethora of reviews on emerging trends and existing practices. It is a must read for all the business aspirants and provides mind boggling articles that will change your perspective of things. The layout is very professional and not very interactive but the content they post is top class. It is a must-read for every person associated with the corporate world. They post content with high consistency and it is one of those few platforms which give you a mixture of blogs from some of the top performers in this field. This blog gives high exposure to real-life crisis and situations and gives inspiration on how to tackle such problems and how experts have tackled them.

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2. eHow


If you want to make your life simpler and much more cost effective, this is the website that’s going to help you. It has some of the best quality content ranging from articles to videos on “Do It Yourself” hacks. These hacks are simple and can be done with basic items available and it turns out to be very productive. The website layout is highly creative with neatly organized images to make you browse through it non-stop. It is very easy to search for the topic of your choice and gives some simple and practical tips on getting things done in a finger click.  It has categories ranging from cooking to home hacks. Although customers have faced some problems with this website, it manages to answer almost all your questions and gives you a better idea of how to get things done.

3. Curiosity


If you’re a perspicacious person, this website as it suggest from its name is going to be the most satisfying one for you. This website has a collection of highly inspiring articles which will sharpen your mind and keep you thinking over so many aspects of life. Their website layout stimulates curious thinkers and it use the bunch of curious thinkers to their advantage, making it highly attractive. It also has an award-winning Podcast that is highly informative. The website leverages on curiosity and makes the most of it. It has great customer reviews because not many websites focus on developing curious thinkers, they only give answers to your questions, ending the scope of any form of curious thinking. If you are someone who questions the functioning of pretty much everything and want to match with similar minds, this is where you have got to be.

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4. Huffington Post

Huffington Post

This is one of the very few websites that has got everything under the Sun covered in a single platform, leaving no stone unturned. If you like to keep your knowledge on the affairs around the world and read interesting articles on various topics, this website is your dream destination. The website layout is a little clustered, but that may be because it has so many articles to offer. But every single one of these is of good quality and is going to make your time reading it very productive.

It even has subscriptions which will regularly update you with trending news and keep you on track with everything happening around you. Customers have found this website extremely useful as it solves all their queries and gives them a better clarity on various aspects of life. It has categories from Coronavirus to technology, books to life and many more articles which are worth reading.

5. Big Think

Big Think

This website is well known and very popular among people for its abilities to spark intellectual and creative thinking in the minds of its users. It has several articles on its layout and even a few advertisements may be interrupting, but trust me, this is one of the places where you can gain a lot of knowledge by just spending a few minutes, reading these interesting articles. It has newsletters, videos and discover options to bring more relevant content to their users. BigThink provides daily updates and information on subscription and makes it easier for you. Customers are highly impressed with this website and the kind of articles it posts. It is highly accurate and has the views and opinions stated in a very professional manner, making its comprehension very easy. Like its name, it focuses on the bigger picture and provides articles to its users keeping that in mind.

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6. Article Alley

Article Alley

It has articles across a wide variety of categories like business, career, technology, children, relationship, religion and much more. It neatly lists out all the categories of articles for you to explore with just a single click, rather than wasting time on what to search. It has an “Author spotlight” section which has some of the most recommended and popular articles across the website. The website also provides inspiration and gives you a better idea on what kind of articles to read, that will suit your needs the most. It has an introductory video which is very helpful and will guide you through the entire concept of the website in just a few minutes, useful especially for beginners who are confused on what to read. The layout is extremely customer friendly and always keeps in mind the comfort of the customers.

7. Article Cube

Article Cube

This website has an exquisite database of e-books and articles for its readers. It has an essential collection of articles which not only give you all the information required but also give you a lifetime access to these, so you can keep brushing up your knowledge on a regular basis and be more consistent. It also narrows down on the kind of information it provides in each article to avoid any ambiguity, because it is very important to be clear about what you are learning and have proper clarity in concepts, so that it can be extended to real life situations. It has categories including business, food and beverages, communication, home, travel and much more. This website also has a lot of personal experiences being shared, which makes it more relatable to their readers and therefore readers prefer this website.

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8. Hub Pages

Hub Pages

It has a variety of categories such as fashion, cooking, pets, politics, finance, entertainment, education, science and many more categories to answer your day-to-day problems and questions. The articles and content shared across the website is written by amateurs as well as professionals keeping the right balance between the kind of content being posted. As it has content even by amateurs, the articles are highly realistic in nature and makes it more relatable to the readers. Each category of Hubpages is organized into catalogues and consists of all the relevant articles under each category. This not only please the eyes, but also gives a more professional impression on the minds of the readers. It is highly organized and makes it easy for readers to go through different categories.

9. ArticleCity

Article City

It is a platform for content marketing, but it contains some very interesting articles that are a must read. They post articles regularly which is what attracts most customers as consistency is key when it comes to reading. The layout is highly polished and professional to meet the user’s expectations about the brand. It will also help your business to be noticed by the right people by posting the most relevant and creative content. It has categories like writing, content curation, digital marketing and many more to help make your content stand out. Although the website layout may be slightly bland and not very interactive, it has interesting articles and top recent articles which will make it easier for you to read the latest and most popular articles.

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10. The self employed

The Self Employed

It has some of the best articles and content related to your business performance and growth. It has several categories like funding, taxes, law, finance, social media strategies and much more. They post articles which not only enlighten you but also make you think from different aspects which you might have neglected otherwise. It gives some points and tips which are thought-provoking and make you want to learn more. The website layout is very attractive and is easy to navigate through for the readers. Readers not only like the content being posted, but also the ease with which they are able to access it, making it highly effective and timesaving.

These are just a few of the websites where you can find good quality articles. Keep an open-mind and research on more topics rather than being rigid.  Keep reading articles and growing and developing your thought process rather than sticking to the old and conventional ones.

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