Benefits of reading Books

benefits of reading books

The benefits of reading books are mentioned here in this article. From past many centuries, reading is one of the things which have been kept in practice. But as we are living in the world of technology all of us are getting fascinated about technologies more and more. Some may use technology to read but it also has an adverse effect on your eyes. Furthermore, it would be quite a low percentage of persons doing that, I would say like 2-4 persons out of 100. It doesn’t matter to which age group you belong, reading is a good practice if you can keep up with it and reads regular. Reading is one of the habits which one should develop in his life. There are many categories available in reading be it a fiction, tech related, biography or stories. One can easily spend some minutes for reading everyday if he starts once.
As previously mentioned, reading is of great benefits for persons belonging to any group of age. But it can have more impact on students than any other person of different age group. It is so as they have plenty of free time available and they don’t even have that much stress in their life. Instead of spending their time leisurely every time one can spend it while doing reading. Everyone tries a new thing or go after something if there are any benefits of that particular thing.

Top 10 Benefits of reading Books

The benefits of reading books are mentioned below:

1. Increases knowledge

From the time the earth exists till now, you can have every material related to it written in a book. Through reading, you would be able to know different wonderful places of the world and sideways will get a thorough knowledge about when and why the place was formed or founded. The amount of immense knowledge which you would be able to get through reading is beyond imagination. With the help of books we can get information of our cultures, traditions, history and every other thing which can come in one’s mind. Our ancestors pass upon the knowledge to us through written documents only.

2. Reduce Stress

Every day we do a lot of work in which we might be successful or unsuccessful in the end. We always have a tension in our mind related to the other things may it be our work, or because of our colleague or about the deadline given to us for the completion of work. While reading, you just get lost in the sentences you are reading. You start portraying yourself as one of the character of the topic you reading about. You just get lost in the new world and thus reduce your stress level and make you feel happy and healthy.

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3. Patience level

One of the thing which today people lacks is the level of patience. They just want their work done as soon as possible no matter the false deeds they have to for it. But if one has a habit of reading and he is reading one good book just like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, it’s patience level can increase to next level. While reading these kinds of books, there’s a formation of special type of interest in which the reader waits for the next edition and read each word and line thoroughly so as to understand it deeply what the author wants to say.

4. Improvement in vocabulary

Whether you read in the category of science, history, technology this thing will sure be developing. The more you will read, the more we will encounter with the number of words and thus benefitting us more. When you will learn a new word, you will start developing an urge to learn more words. Beside it, if someone develops a habit of a high standard level, they would be very much fascinated about the type of words they use and how the sentences are formed, thus improving one’s vocabulary.

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5. New languages

It is seen for most of the times that novelist use words of different languages somewhere in their novels to look it more attractive and smart. People reading novels on a regular basis when encountered again and again they become fascinated and many of them start learning new languages. It helps you in expanding your reach and furthermore helps in your communication too.

6. Improvement in memory

Just as our body needs physical workout to stay fit and healthy, our brain also needs some sort of workout, here referred to mental workout so that our brain stays healthy and our grabbing power in improved. Reading pushes our memory to an extent and makes us to focus on expanding our limits. We all know the more we use brain the more our knowledge will increase and it’s reading only by which one can provide the best exercise which our brain needs to improve our memory.

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7. Focus improvement

Everyone in this world needs to stay focused. It is through focus that one is able to set his goals high and then work accordingly to achieve those goals. When we read something, we can only understand or able to understand what is written if our focus is towards it. The more we will read, the more we will be remaining focused to that thing and thus increasing out focusing power. There won’t be any way to improve your focus except reading.

8. Increase imagination

As we are progressing in this world we everyday require a lot of new. By bringing new ideas one is able to bring something unique. The way today’s market is established, each and every one of us wants to see something unique in the market and than buy it. Inventor always needs new ideas to work upon so that they are able to meet the need of uniqueness which customers need today. Furthermore for the one reading a novel, they start developing the whole plot going on the pages of the novels in their mind just broadening their imagination and imagination power.

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9. Perspective

We everyday come across different types of beliefs or ideologies which different religion and people possess. We immediately come to a decision just after having a first look at it and it might be not so. Therefore by reading, we would be able to get detailed knowledge about it and will be able to explore and get a detail idea from every prospective about it and then making a final decision about it, whether the first perspective we came out to decision was right or not. This way our way of seeing things will also change and broadening our mind-set.

10. Improving writing skills

Many of us might have the habit of writing poems, articles, short stories. It’s a good habit and it can be either because of your hobby your profession that you are doing it. One thing which is true in this world is that no one in this world can have a thorough knowledge about a particular topic, therefore when a writer read the work of other authors; he/she might learn new styles and themes which he/she can use in their upcoming work, thus improving the writing skills.

Reading benefits just doesn’t end here but as already mentioned it has the best effect to the students, so if you are a student start a habit of reading or if you are a parent make your child develop this habit. Beside this all of us should have a habit of reading and we would have numerous number of benefits about which we cannot even think of.

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