Which is The Best Way To Improve English?

Which is The Best Way To Improve English?

In this article we are going to talk about the Which is the best way to improve English? How we lived thousands of years ago and how we live now has a heaven and earth difference. The many revolutions that took place have altered our lifestyle. An aspect to look at that has changed a lot is communication. The first form of communication known to us is cave paintings. For a second, take the time to imagine communicating the different aspects of your life with a cave painting in today’s date. Our lives will become so much harder. Imagine having to draw every time you want to cook a meal or want to get something done. 

The changes witnessed in the field of communication have made things more convenient for us. Earlier, people had to send pigeons to communicate with those living far away. Then a post office system was developed that provided mailing services. However, even then, it was too slow. Luckily the internet was invented that now lets us talk to a person on the other side of the world.

Which is the best way to improve English?

But keeping aside these technological advancements, there is more to communication than talking on the phone or texting someone on WhatsApp. Though technology has made it easier for us to communicate, we still require a medium to communicate. That is where language comes in to help us. Without it, we might as well go back to cave paintings. However, having more than a thousand spoken languages in the world doesn’t make it easier. Communication is easy when a group shares a common language. The difficulty arises when there is a need to communicate with someone who speaks a different language.

That is where English comes in to save the day. English is the number one spoken language by non-native speakers. It means that most people around the world speak English apart from their mother tongues, as compared to any other language. Since this is the case, knowing how to speak in English can help you overcome language barriers. Hence why, learning to read, write and speak English has become all the more important. 

The article aims to explore the top ten ways to improve your English. The different ways are as follows –

1. Watch English Movies

Watch English Movies

Let me start the list with something fun. If you are thinking about improving your English-speaking skills and are looking for ways to do so, look no further. Turn on the TV or whatever device you are comfortable with and watch an English movie. It is good for learning but also to have a little bit of fun at the same time. Watching movies in the language you want to learn has been known to work wonders. By watching English movies, you will get exposed to the pronunciation of words and the context within which they are used.

Remember to also turn on the subtitles. It will help you understand how to write the words you are listening to. In this manner, not only will you get accustomed to their pronunciation but their spelling as well. Switch it up and watch an English movie once in a while! You are only a search away from watching a movie that will help facilitate learning.

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2. Read


There are three components to a language; reading, writing, and speaking. For you to have mastery over a language, you need to be well versed in the three. To do so, you will have to resort to methods that will assist you in improving those areas. If you are looking to improve your reading skills, the best way is by developing the habit of reading. There is no better substitute for it. Depending on the level of your reading skills, choose books that will help you improve it, instead of opting for books that are a must-read but are also too hard for you to read.

You can always take on a challenge, but it won’t help you much if you don’t understand what’s going on in the book. It increases the chances of you being disinterested in the book, leading to a bad reading experience. That, in turn, might become the cause for you to avoid reading. As long as you are improving, it doesn’t matter how much you are improving by. Avoid trying to make big leaps by reading something like War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, since it can leave a bad taste. It can do more harm than good.

3. Write


The third aspect of learning a language is writing. Again, the best way to learn to write is to write in the language you are trying to learn. There are different ways you can go about doing this. You can start writing in a diary or journal. Every day you write something about your day, how it went, how it made you feel, were you productive? Etc. By doing so, you are engaging with grammar. That engagement will expose you to the grammatical and syntactic rules of the English language and will also help you become better accustomed to it. You don’t have to keep a diary.

You can write poetry or short paragraphs. Also, You can even start a blog if you feel like it. The point is to write. By writing regularly, you will leave behind a track. That track can then help you, as it can become a reference point to see how much progress you have made.

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4. Make Referring To A Dictionary A Habit

Make Referring To A Dictionary A Habit

Before the days of the internet, people used to keep a dictionary with them (and a thesaurus if they could). They did not have the luxury you have now. Use the amenity available to you, don’t let it go to waste. You don’t even have to carry a dictionary around. You can if you want to if you like the feel of it. But in today’s date, all you have to do when you come across a word you’re not familiar with is to search it on google. You must do so to be able to correctly use those words. Otherwise, it can become a barrier to communication.

5. Talk To Others

Talk To Others

Another way for you to improve your English-speaking skills is by continuously speaking in English. Find people who you can regularly talk to in English and try to converse only in English. Also, it is preferable to practice with those people whose English-speaking skills are better than yours. This way, the other person can correct you when you make a mistake.

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6. Learn A New Word Each Day

Learn A New Word Each Day

Apart from referring to a dictionary every time you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can also actively increase your vocabulary by learning new words each day. The point being, language is a means to communicate. If you improve your vocabulary, you expand your horizons and open up new ways to express yourself. The wider your vocabulary is, the smaller your confinements are concerning expression and communication.

7. English Tutoring

English Tutoring

If you are down to spend some extra bucks, you should look for tutors who can help you improve your English. Being an autodidact is fine, but you will see faster results if you hire a tutor to help you out. Their job is to look after you and to help you improve your English skills, be it reading, writing or speaking.

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8. Listen To Music

 Listen To Music

Sometimes learning can get boring, and when it does, it becomes disinteresting. Another way to learn English in a fun manner, apart from watching movies, is by listening to English music. Listen to the words the singers use, and listen to the way they pronounce the words. Like in the case of watching movies, this too will help you improve your pronunciation.

Similar to referring to subtitles, while listening to music, you should refer to the lyrics too. It will help you understand what they are saying if you are having a hard time figuring it out. It is also a good way to come across new words and to learn their meaning and spelling. 

9. Online Courses

Online Courses

Some can learn well on their own, while others benefit from getting the extra help. Depending on what suits you, you can refer to the many websites that can help you improve your English skills, like Coursera and EnglishClass101. You won’t have to spend an extra buck and still get help from a good source. Everything is available online. All you have to do is register on these sites, and you’ll get the chance to learn for free.

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10. Set Goals

Set Goals

The greater goal is to improve your English skills, but for that to happen, you also need minor goals that will help you achieve the end goal. I can’t emphasize these mini-goals enough. They are like little steps you take towards your goal. Though the steps are mini-steps, when added together, they can become the cause for a massive change, for example, setting the goal of reading ten pages each day. That’s 3650 pages in total. If we were to assume that each book you read is about 300 pages long, by the end of the year, you will have finished 12 books! How great is that, considering the amount of reading you got done. Setting different types of goals, both minor and major, will do you well.

Learning a new language can be hard. Becoming proficient in a language you are accustomed to can be hard at times as well. Hopefully, the ways mentioned in the article will help you. Thank you, and happy learning!

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