Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reading Novels

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reading Novels

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of reading Novels. Novels are typically long books that contain content in the form of a prose. Their specialty lies in their length which makes it challenging for readers to go through them and at the same time gives one immense satisfaction to be able to complete reading a novel. But are reading novels really a good habit and are they really worthy of the time spent in doing so? Let us find the answer through this article which highlights the various Advantages and Disadvantages of reading novels – 

5 Advantages of reading novels

The advantages of reading novels are listed below in detail:

1. Improves Our Patience And Concentration

Improves Our Patience And Concentration

Reading long novels is a test of both our patience and concentration. It requires much patience to finish off a long novel, especially the ones written in the middle English language. Therefore it is a true test of patience to finish off a long novel and stick onto it until it is completely clear. Also reading long novels demands immense concentration as one has to remember every event that has been described since page one of the book as each of the slightest events ever mentioned during the course of the novel might have a significant impact on the plot and the climax of the novel.

Thus reading a lot of novels surely improves one’s concentration level as one needs a good amount of concentration and remembering skills are required to remember the story and events of several long novels. Hence one of the main advantages of reading a lot of novels is that it helps one to imbibe the essential qualities of concentration and patience which are required in every aspect of our life.

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2. Helps Us To Gain Knowledge

Helps Us To Gain Knowledge

Books are definitely the best source of knowledge and knowledge contained in books is suitable for people of all ages. Hence reading a lot of long novels, surely helps one to gain immense knowledge on varied topics. Reading a lot of novels allows the reader to experience several situations through his/her reading and that knowledge provided by the novels to deal with those situations is surely something that the readers can take back from those novels and apply it in their real life. Hence reading a lot of novels can surely help one to gain immense knowledge on various topics and apply them in the real world so as to be able to effectively cope with situations. Thus one must practice reading novels as gaining knowledge is one of its prime advantages, knowledge which remains with us throughout our lifetime.

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3. Vocabulary Expansion

Vocabulary Expansion

The best method to improve one’s vocabulary in a particular language is to read books in that language and no books are better than novels for the purpose. The reason being that novels are generally quite long containing several scenes and situations involving various words. Hence reading a specific novel daily enables one to hold his/her interest and gain exposure to more and more new words, causing most such words to inevitably get into one’s daily vocabulary. Hence reading several novels enables one to gain knowledge and learn vocabulary in several topics, something that is immensely helpful in one’s daily life. Thus making the readers go through several new words every day and enabling them to add to one’s knowledge of the particular language is a great advantage of reading novels.

Such vocabulary acquired due to concentrated and focused reading is not too easy to forget and generally remains stored in one’s memory forever. Hence along with knowledge, the readers also develops a good expertise in the language and it increases their self-confidence to write or interact in that particular language.

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4. Great Entertainment Along With Knowledge

Great Entertainment Along With Knowledge

Are you getting bored in your daily life and not getting any productive task to invest your free time in. So you must pick up a good novel and start reading it, in order to develop the habit of reading. Initially you may feel bored by it, but once you get into the depths of the plot, you will be tremendously attracted by it and will madly fall in love with novels. Thus novels can serve as a great source of entertainment, as the interesting and complicated plots of several good novels are really capable of giving one the best feeling of thrill, suspense, pain, joy, sorrow, and other such feelings. But then the question arises why to choose novels as a source of entertainment as they are time-consuming compared to other modes like movies and games.

The reason is simple since novels provide immense knowledge and helps to develop certain necessary habits along with entertainment. It is because while reading a complete novel, the reader apart from being entertained and thrilled also gets important knowledge about several situations and topics. Also, he gets a chance to improve upon his habits and qualities of reading, patience and concentration and it also enables him to improve upon his vocabulary. Thus there is no doubt that novels are a great source of productive entertainment, and it is one of the main advantages of being a novel reader.

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5. Stronger Analytical And Thinking Skills

Stronger Analytical And Thinking Skills

Reading a lot of novels, especially the ones consisting of detective, crime, tragedy or thriller like plots can enable a reader to severely improve his/her reasoning and analytical skills. Reading novels of the above genre or plot causes the readers to analyze the given situations as well as perform analysis on the characters to draw a conclusion that the reader’s mind perceives.

Also it makes their thinking skills very sharper as they are forced to think on every page of a detective or thriller novel. And acquiring such analytical and thinking skills is truly of great value for anyone in their daily lives as it enables them to analyze and perceive situations and to take decisions accordingly. Having acquired such reasoning and analyzing power further enables one to stay calm and composed even in the most pressured situations and the correct call. Hence acquiring strong analytical and thinking skills that are lifelong important, is one of the great advantages of reading novels.

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5 Disadvantages of reading novels

The disadvantages of reading novels are listed below in detail:

1. Time Consuming

Time Consuming

Although we have discussed the several benefits of reading novels above and described how an individual continues to get engrossed in the plot as the story progresses. But in spite of such amazing advantages of novel-reading, one must admit that it is very much time-consuming. Now the completion time of a novel depends upon person to person, their reading speeds and time invested, but on average one needs to spend at least a month’s time to read a good novel, if one is reading it after work during his/her leisure time. Hence reading an entire novel requires a huge time investment and hence it is one of the major drawbacks of novel-reading as it completely consumes a person’s free time.

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2. Can Cause Tiredness And Stress

Can Cause Tiredness And Stress

People generally prefer to read novels during their leisure time after their daily work. However, if the task of spending one’s free time in reading and analyzing complex novels becomes a regular habit, after spending 8-10 hours at work or studies for students, then reading and completing long novels can really become too hectic and challenging. The reason being that after working tirelessly throughout the day for as long as 8-10 hours, the human body is definitely exhausted and even the mind needs a certain amount of rest to be again able to tackle and analyze problems. Therefore in such a state if someone starts reading a long and complex novel then the habit will surely take a toll on one’s body and mind. It will surely increase the tiredness of the reader and will even affect his/her mental stress. Hence this is another prime disadvantage of reading novels.

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3. Knowledge Acquired Might Be Useless

Knowledge Acquired Might Be Useless

It is true that novels are a very good medium to acquire knowledge but it is also very probable that knowledge contained in a particular novel is not of any use in our daily lives. And in reality such is the condition of most novels as their message and learnings can find no application in our daily lives. And hence when a person spends a huge amount of time in reading such novels whose message finds no daily life application, then it is a complete waste of time for the reader. Thus it is very difficult to choose a really good and useful novel to read and any error in judgment and selection might result in a massive wastage and misuse of time as the same amount of time invested to acquire and master some really productive and beneficial skill can enable one to smoothly progress in his/her life.

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4. Difficult To Remember

Difficult To Remember

As novels are more often than not quite long books that contain links between every event described right from the first to the last page, hence all the events in the entire book have to be remembered in order to properly understand and realize the plot and conclusion. For some it may be an advantage as it improves their concentration and remembering power, however, most common people struggle with novels for this cause. People who are a little distracted during reading any page in the entire novel and end up forgetting a crucial event or scene struggle throughout to completely understand the novel. Thus the difficulty in remembering all scenes of a long novel is certainly one of its disadvantages.

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5. Can Cause People To Get Engrossed

Can Cause People To Get Engrossed

Novel Reading is an activity of tremendous engagement and people who enjoy reading such long and complex plots gradually continue to fall in love with reading. Hence after a certain time, many people fall madly in love with novels, which causes them to ignore all their daily tasks and spend all their time with the novels. This is generally prevalent in teenagers who are not very mature and hence waste their complete-time on the novels, ignoring their studies and work thus severely affecting their personal lives.

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Thus the above article highlights the pros and cons of novel-reading and is beneficial for everyone who has or wishes to develop a habit of reading novels.

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