How to Increase Grasping Power and Concentration Power in Studies?

How to Increase Grasping Power and Concentration Power in Studies?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to increase grasping power and concentration power in studies. Every person is born with an innate potential to understand and learn things. It is what makes human beings superior to all other creatures. We live in a competitive world where potential matters the most. It is an inevitable capability that must be developed and nourished constantly in order to succeed. An average of fifteen to twenty years of a person is spent studying and acquiring new knowledge.

How to Increase Grasping Power and Concentration Power in Studies?

In such a world it is vital to maintain the concentration level as well as grasping ability. Some of the methods to improve your concentration and grasping power are the following:

1. Practice


A research conducted at University of Illinois states that twenty minutes of daily exercise can improve your memory power. It boosts your brain as well as other body organs. Engaging in some sports activity daily energize your body and refresh your mind. Meditation is a useful tool to increase concentration level. There are a lot of exercises available to improve the concentration power. Some people are born with high power for concentration while some others must acquire it through exercise and training. Performing breathing exercises in the morning hours are highly beneficial. Practicing yoga is also helpful.

Lotus pose is a yoga pose which is worthy to be practiced. With the advent of technology people find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for a long time. We get distracted easily. Try sitting still in a chair. Find for how much time you can hold still. This simple activity is enough to measure your concentration level. Ample amount of concentration should be developed by students so that they can focus on studies for a longer period.

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2. Food and water are the best medicines

Food and water are the best medicines

Food and water are the best medicines to increase your concentration and grasping power. They act as fuel for the brain. Drink at least three litres of water every day. Taking a water break during study sessions rejuvenates the brain. Proper food is also essential. Do not skip food, especially breakfast. Breakfast is the food for the brain. Including healthy items in your diet is also essential. Avoid junk food as much as possible. It is harmful for your health. Add vitamins and minerals rich items in the diet.

Some of the food items that increases memory power are blueberries, green tea, avocados, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, dark chocolates and nuts. Blue berries contain antioxidants that stimulate the blood flow and supply of oxygen to the brain. It retains the freshness of the mind. The caffeine and I ‘theanine found in green tea help you focus. Avocados are loaded with fibres that nourish the brain cells. Green leafy vegetables increase the brain power by the influence of antioxidants and carotenoids found in it. Dark chocolate contains ingredients such as magnesium which stimulate the brain and de-stress it.  Nuts are a source of vitamin E, effective in less cognitive decline at younger ages. The amino acids and oils found in it aids in concentrating.

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3. Avoid distraction causing objects

Avoid distraction causing objects

Studying is not an interesting affair. It requires determination and will power. Distractions during study sessions may affect your studies. The most common distractions during those times are the mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. It tempts you easily. Remove such items from the study area. It helps you concentrate more. Avoid large sounds and music. Find a place where you can concentrate more. Windows near the study table is useful in letting more air enter the room. At the same time, it can be the reason for distraction too. When tempted to engage in some other activity, purposefully discourage yourself. It would be good to keep a notebook to write those things to be done later. Detaching yourself from these things helps you concentrate better.

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4. Combine study

Combine study

Chances for getting distracted and tired are high when studying individually. It reduces concentration. Combine study is a useful method to be employed at such situations. It makes the process of studying more interesting. The method is also helpful in understanding the subject easily and to memorize the same. It makes learning an interesting affair. You can come up with discussions on a topic, debate on a subject, share your extra knowledge with others and so on which makes learning easier and faster. Try not to get yourself involved in talks on unrelated topics. We would not be aware of the amount of time that goes wasted. Before starting to study, create a timetable for you to follow and decide on the topics you must cover. Make sure you follow the plan. If done properly, combine study is one of the most effective way of memorizing subjects.

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5. A perfect study area

A perfect study area

The place you choose to study is also crucial. Select an area with proper ventilation so that enough air pass through. There should also be enough light in the room. It is good for your eyes. Color of the walls also matters. Studies prove that green and blue colors help in grasping better. If possible, sit somewhere all these features are present. In order to avoid distractions, choose a silent area. Studying in middle of a filled room will do no good. You would loss concentration easily. These simple tips are useful in increasing your grasping power too. When concentration increases the level of grasping improves automatically.

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6. Determine the study time

Determine the study time

Studying continuously for hours makes you tired. Determine the study time beforehand. It will help you organize your day and to include time for every activity. It also helps to analyze the total number of study hours. Some of us may feel fresh during the morning hours. For others it could be the night-time. Determine the time you can utilize the best. Make proper use of it. It helps you grasp a large portion in a minimum time. This method is much effective rather than spending the whole day in front of the textbook.

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7. Rest


Proper rest time is crucial for your brain. It is a wrong assumption that we should study continuously to preserve the flow. For a student, snack breaks during study sessions are as essential as food and water for living. Proper rest boost the brain. Staying late nights is not a good practice. A normal human being requires six hours of sleep. It keeps the brain healthy. Short breaks during studies is like charging your brain. The point to be kept in mind is that such breaks are to be utilized for a physical activity. Watching television or mobile phone cannot be considered a study break. Such activities also involve the working of brain. It further weakens your eyes and brain. Hearing music, a walk through the garden, helping your parents, talking to others etc are some of the activities that enhance your brain.

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8. Research


By hearing will not last for long. It is temporary and chances to forget is high if not constantly updated. We become compelled to learn something by heart when we do not understand the concept. Knowing the concept behind a problem can help you grasp it better and faster. Research comes handy in such situations. Learning the textbook alone may not be enough. Make use of the library; refer to other textbooks. Wide reading not only help grasp the subject but also helps in memorizing them.

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9. Make studies interesting

Make studies interesting

All subjects may not interest us. Some may be too boring or difficult to grasp. The only way to overcome the situation is to make the subject interesting. It helps you grasp quickly and to maintain the concentration. Marking the important points using different colors, creating visuals, inventing a story to connect the facts, attributing your favorite actor’s features to the protagonist and peer teaching are some suitable practices.  Revising the lesson multiple times can help. Avoid last minute learning. It will lead to mixing of facts. Reading the text aloud can prove beneficial. It prevents distractions. Make use of visuals. Watching a video related to your topic helps you remember. Watching videos are an effective means of learning as hearing and watching happens together. It is less distracting too.

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10. Some other tips to remember

Some other tips to remember

Learning is a process. Maintaining the consistency enhance your studies. Prepare a timetable for each day. It helps you determine the number of study hours. Include ample amount of leisure time. Never study at a stretch. It will drain your brain and thus slows down the grasping ability. Mind mapping is another technique to memorize the subjects you have learned. Arrange the key points in a sequential order. If possible, hang it somewhere you can frequently have a glance at. Never get tensed. Worrying will only do harm. Control your mind, maintain the casual mood. Exams does not determine our future. It is a method to analyze your knowledge on the subject. Anxiousness can cause acidity and migraine. This in turn lessens your study time.

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We live in a world of technology. Even though they are for the advantage of those who use them, it has several side effects too. Several hours before the screen can affect the brain negatively. The chances for losing focus and deterioration of brain are high. With constant training and practice, it is possible to overcome such problems. These tips help you improve your studies and to excel in academics.

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