How To Improve Your Vocabulary And Communication Skills?

How To Improve Your Vocabulary And Communication Skills?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to improve your vocabulary and communication skills? This article gives you a brief description to improve your vocabulary and communication skills. Speaking fluently with zero mistakes and without fumbling makes you a pro speaker. Nowadays people try to flaunt their speaking skills by using complicated terminologies instead of straightforward words. This make the communication ineffective and no clear message is passed on. Using rich vocabulary and neutral words makes your statement clear and precise. Listening and speaking are the two different sides on the same coin which go hand in hand. To enrich your vocabulary and communication skills, here are few details to keep in mind. 

10 Best ways to improve your vocabulary and communication skills

Let’s note some best ways to improve your vocabulary and enhance communication skills.

1. Read books as much as you can

Read books as much as you can

As said very correctly that books are our best friend, the vital source of all the vocabularies and terminologies are the books. By reading books you get to know about new words which aren’t familiar, the formation of sentences in numerous ways, the tone and the way of expressing ideas, feelings, emotions, etc. You become familiar with the usage of words and enhance your lexis. In addition to this, you gain sufficient knowledge and a gauge about communication with others.

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2. Use dictionary

Use dictionary

While reading books, newspapers, magazines, journals, novels, you come across unknown and exotic words, underline those words and find the meanings of them. Through this, you add up new words to your knowledge and a have vast collection of words. It’s not easy to recollect the meaning of the word immediately when you see, so simply write the meaning beside the word or in a space. Hence, you need not to go through the dictionary again for searching the meaning.

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3. Thesaurus


Thesaurus are kind of dictionary where words with alike meaning (synonyms) and opposites arranged in a systematic order. This feature helps while writing articles, essays, reports, paragraphs, blogs, etc. If you are looking for a more accurate and appropriate substitute of a word then search in the thesaurus and you will find ample of similar words which can fit in your sentence and make them more relatable. This feature helps you to smarten up your content and make it legible.

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4. Maintain a diary

Maintain a diary

Write all the glossaries in a single diary or notebook and maintain them regularly. Note down the new word you learned and the meaning side by side. This will help you to keep a record of words that you have gathered. For instance, you fail to recall the word or the meaning you can hit upon your diary and find it. Written notes help to retain information easily.

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5. Rectification


It is mandatory to re-check whatever you write. Correction can be done with aid of teachers, professionals, or with any correction/alteration apps like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, White Smoke etc which helps to write sentences correctly, and beneficial for proofreading your content. You speak what you write, that’s why it is very important to ensure that you write preciously. Once you make this as a habit, you on your own will be able to correct the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors with minimal help of apps. Error-free content conveys exactly the message you intend to.

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6. Use appropriate language

Use appropriate language

While writing text which is to be spoken or written for reading purpose, should be in neutral words. Load your subject matter with positive and uncomplicated words. This will make audience attracted towards your speech/passage. Usage of negative words and inappropriate slangs may pull away attention from the crowd and might provoke some of the audience to disturb and mess up your speech. While delivering speeches, ask questions in between, make funny comments to keep it light, check if you are audible till the last, try to grab all the attention and take pauses. All these small key points should be kept in mind for an effective way of communication.

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7. Listen carefully

Listen carefully

 As mentioned in the starting, listening and speaking go hand in hand. You should listen to understand, not to reply. Listening carefully helps you to be familiar with terms and the correct pronunciation of new words. In this way, you acquire profound knowledge, learn skills of speaking in public and how to attract them.

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8. Conduct test

Conduct test

 After gaining knowledge of word meanings and their root, try to memorize them and test. Ask your folks to help you out, it can be in form of dictation, written or in form of puzzle/crossword. You will redouble your grasping power and command over language. You can speak aloud the words which you are not able to learn by heart. Conducting test is the most prominent way to check your erudition.

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9. To improve fluency, start speaking in that language

To improve fluency, start speaking in that language

Along with obtaining skills, start speaking up. Talk with friends, family members, classmates in that language, without hesitating. Make mistakes and learn from them. You must have heard from elders that Practise makes a man perfect, so practice until you start speaking fluently, with command and prowess.

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10. Learn with fun

Learn with fun

 Start making learning enjoyable with puzzles and board games. This is an exercise for sharpening your mind. Solve newspaper crosswords, puzzles, games related to language and words. Through this, you will boost up your thinking process and enlarge the capacity of absorbing maximum words. Games make you mood light and entertaining, from which you can learn utmost.

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