Why Education Is Important?

Why education is important?

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Reasons why education is important. Education has now become the most basic need of today’s world. Education is something what everybody is advised to take. It is something what gives you your own identity, the reason of your existence and the source of the income which will further enable you to exist. From spiritual to technological, all the knowledge comes from education.

On the other hand, many people just get confused between education and literacy. These both are totally different from each other. Literacy is simply the ability and capability to read and to write. Education whereas gives you the power to use that thing to find out a reason for your existence. It gives you the goal of your life, all the integrity and the respect.  Education plays a very significant role in providing a person with a sound and livable life.


Education is basically a qualitative measure by which a person is able to lead a life full of respect and integrity. It is about studying and gaining knowledge about the facts and using that to your life and making it beautiful.

All great people have always emphasized on education. Whatever may the circumstances be; every person in this world should take the education. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, in his autobiography has described his struggles to gain the education and emphasized on how that education has helped him to push off his limits and to be what he is today. Even after his death, he is remembered in the world as a great man. Education, in all the ways is above all and the most important thing a person has to take.

10 Reasons why education in important

Here, there are 10 reasons why you must educate yourself:

1. You get a goal in life

 You get a goal in life

When you are educated, you get a goal in your life. When you study, you come across new horizons of life. You get to know about all the aspects of life and the various platforms that are available to you. You can thus, easily chose the field you want to be involved in. When you set a goal for yourself, you can easily focus on its objectives rather than being confused about your purpose in life. As it is said that every person in this world has come with a purpose in his life, you identify that purpose.

You work towards that goal. When it is achieved, nobody could be happier than you. When you finally achieve the purpose you have come for, you accomplish the goal and you life becomes meaningful. Whoever you are, wherever you live, this notion applies to everybody out there. Every person living on this earth.

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2. Enables you to Earn

Enables you to Earn

Education is the only way by which you can earn in real sense. It you are educated, you surely would find yourself an educated and prosperous life. Everybody in this world does any work or job obviously does it for the money. Money is something which gives you everything. Let’s face it- They say money is not god. But in my view, it is no less than god.

Education is the only thing which would let you do the higher salary jobs. Every job in this world needs a person who is educated and experience in the respective field. The one, who is not educated, does not get am prosperous job and the money.

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3. You can fulfill all your dreams

You can fulfill all your dreams

Education, in one way gives you the wings. Getting education is the way to fulfill the dream. It gives you opportunity and capability. Whatsoever you have in your mind, whatever your dream may be, with the help of the education, you could achieve it all.

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4. You stay healthy

You stay healthy

One more and important reason of getting education is accessing you to a proper healthcare. When you are educated, you have access and information to a proper healthcare and the preventive measures. Uneducated and illiterate people do not understand about many problems and diseases and hence do not know how to prevent themselves from them. One of the biggest examples in India is about sanitation of rural areas which has invited a lot of problem to rural people who are uneducated. Education helps you to understand the things and stay fit.

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5. You have a standard of living

You have a standard of living

When you are educated, you have a standard of living. So, it goes like this: when you are educated, you earn the notable amount of money which shall help you to raise your family in a proper way. You are socially reputed. You actually get to live in a better and a way which is socially and economically sound. By this, your standard of  living is said to be raised and hence you live a  respected life in the society.

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6. Can fit the world

Can fit the world

Today, after the world has undergone such a technological change, education has become very important for everyone of us. If you are not educated, you literally cannot fit this world. In a world of smartness, intelligence and the development, everybody needs to be educated to walk hand in hand with the world. This world has no place and opportunity for the ones who are not educated. You feel equality and there is a sense of equity among the other people. Moreover, with such a development in the technology, it is important to know about using of gadgets and technical devices which is possible only when you are educated. Hence, it helps you to fit in this world.

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7. Have your own Identity

Have your own Identity

Who knows a person who is uneducated and is employed accordingly. When you are educated, you have a job which gives you identity, your own unique identity. Such identity of yours is not only among the place where you work. But it helps you to prevail your identity among your family, friends, relatives and the society.  If you skip the education, you can no longer be facing the world. You yourself shall than feel the degraded feeling. So to maintain yourself, it is important to be educated.

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8. You learn

You learn

This is the essence of the education. You learn a lot of things. From the every subject and every chapter in it, education tends to teach you and make you learn all the very important facts which you have to. It helps you to learn all those little and big things which in one way or another are important in order to lead a helpful life. Beside this thing, you also learn the things which help you to grow morally and socially. It may be possible that many things during study we feel are important but everything could help you in your entire life. You learn science, about other countries and about the world. It simply helps you to know about the world and cross the horizons and open the gateway for knowledge.

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9. You are respected

You are respected

When you study, and you gain education, you get to become a person who is respected in the society. You get respected by all the people out there. You spent a lot of your life studying; all these years of your life you learn a lot of things. When you complete it, you are the one getting respected from all your co-classmates and others. Such progress which world has made today is only possible due to education and educated people.

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10. You can contribute the nation

You can contribute the nation

This is the most important benefit for studying if you are a true patriotic. Patriotism is all about loving your country, your motherland. When you study and get educated, you become an asset for the nation where you live in. Every country, expects something from its people. After education, you could join the job which serves your county directly or indirectly. Directly serving is about joining the civil services or the armed forces of India. Whereas, serving indirectly is about contributing to the GDP of the nation. When you work in any other private institute, you earn the money and help the institute or organization you work in and help it grow.

All this contributes economically to the gross domestic product of the county. Hence, in this way you contribute to the nation whereas, you get pension after you retire and that is about you being liability of the nation. The country pays off all the contribution you made to help it to grow.

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So, these are the benefits of education and the reasons why you should educate yourselves. Mere going to study does not imply education, its about gaining the knowledge and applying it in your lives.

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