Which is the easiest way to study?

Which is the easiest way to study?

In this article we are going to talk about the Which is the easiest way to study? From childhood onwards you might be struggling to fit into the existing educational system where students have to face a lot of barriers while learning. Not all of the classroom would be highly receptive to whatever the teacher might be teaching you. Some would learn it the moment they hear the teacher speaking and there still be many who couldn’t guess what the teacher is teaching you. As you all are different individuals with different perspectives of thinking and your ways of learning might not be similar to one another.

And moreover we cannot always on the dependency of a teacher, as in present scenario of pandemic happening, you are continuing your education through a virtual classroom, where in sometimes there comes a time where you don’t actually have an actual guidance to make your learning process too much easier as in an offline classroom.

In the present situation, we are forced to make our own effort to learn our subjects as most of the time we are on a virtual platform, there won’t be enough guidance to give us. Moreover, our teachers are in an invisible presence throughout our learning process without actual interactive sessions going on. So as a student, to enhance ourselves with proper education we too must be involved in the process.

Which is the easiest way to study?

Even though, like every student you too may find it difficult to learn whatever your teacher might have taught in the classroom and imbibing it and getting good marks. You might also have seen a few of your friends who have a good IQ but when it comes to scoring in the answer sheets that student may be a failure. Here arises a question, does our education purely depend on scoring marks? The answer would be a ‘no’. We cannot agree to this because education is something that enhances our moral and intellectual ideas and thoughts into even more sharpened and polished quality. But the underlying fact of today’s situation is that you must have quality education to live in the developing world, for which we must have a certified degree for which unfortunately you have to perform according to the rules and regulations of the ministry of education.

Therefore, you must for sure have to secure a pass mark. But while learning, to make it easier for your thinking process you must have to find your own ways to meet it in a successful pathway. When you give your own ideas and hand into this you could learn things easily. So the best thing that you must always keep in your mind before studying something is that you must be interested or must fall in love with the subject or the topic which you are going to study. Without putting your heart and soul into the text or subject, you won’t be able to learn anything.

So you must set your mind that you are learning this for your betterment and to make you filled with ideas that would have a better result in the future.  So to make things go easier in terms of achieving good memory you have to believe in yourself and fresh your mind with the thought that you are going to do this for sure and win the race. Take a deep breath and check on the given list below that could help you to boost your mind with sharp and strong memory while you are learning.

1. Making notes

Making notes

The best way to keep a track of what you are learning is by making notes. Take down the important aspect while your teacher is lecturing or also you might make notes with the ample reference available in the library or from the reference materials will surely help you to give knowledge of the topic. You can write in your own language to avoid further complications while looking at it at a later period of the time. Taking it down will help you for further reference when you have to get information regarding this area sometime later. Always keep and pen ready with you while hearing a lecture or referring to some materials regarding your area of interest.

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2. By-heart


Learning it by heart is another way of learning, where you are asked to imbibe whatever the materials and answers are given for you by your person. But it too has its own side effect while learning because if you learn it without understanding the concept or theory given, you won’t be able to present the answer if the same question is twisted and asked to answer. So by-heart, you mean understanding it completely by your heart and mind and then receiving the idea into your thoughts.

3. Reading


Lots of reading could make you more aware of the subject area and when asked of something you could respond to it by inculcating all the ideas that you have come across while reading through it. If you don’t understand something, read it one or two times or more, you may get a blurry image of the topic and reading it once again would for sure give you a clear picture of the topic. So if you have a topic to learn where you have got only a piece of information, try to acquire more and more references from libraries, teachers or some other source. Read through it, and get a final picture of it where you will be thorough with the topic.

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4. Discussions


Group discussions and learning together has a greater effect to learn some more easily. While discussing a topic that you must learn, the group you are in might have students of different perception and intellectual thoughts. What one interprets as a matter may not be interpreted as the same by the other person. So this may give you a variety of ideas on the same topic and the easier way of it can be chosen. Moreover, the method of learning for each one is different, so you can have a lot of ideas to learn and get into the subject.

5. Writing


Writing down what you have been taught surely helps you to memorize the subject matter. While writing something you are reading it, looking at it and then your hand works on. At this point many of your sensory organs are activated which helps to make an imprint in your memory of what you are writing. So it helps you to sharpen your memory and also makes the idea clear so that it has a long term memory effect on learning.

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6. Connecting each other

 Connecting each other

You might have noticed that there are a lot of points which can be correlated with one another. When you relate one thing to the other you may find it easier to learn. For example, while learning history try to learn a topic based on the chronological order of the things that happened and the date and area or time period of the historical event and connect it with the next event that happened in relation to it. This would help you to avoid confusions and make the learning process much easier.

7. Visual representations

Visual representations

Your mind has a greater receptive power to learn with the visual images. You may find it easier to think and get attracted to something when it is attributed to you through representation in visual images. It makes your eyes pleasing and moreover it records the observation you had in your brain, which may actually help you to have a good idea of the subject. Like how a child learns through observing and listening, your receptors get activated to the image in front of you and find it assimilating easily. Some techniques used are posters, slide sharing, flashcards, videos, graphical representation of a subject etc.

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8. Practice


Without practice you cannot learn anything. You have to constantly work out the problems to help you to come out from the mistakes. While doing math work, you cannot learn it by simply reading it, unless you work it out and regularly practice you may not be able to solve the problem. So continuously practice whatever you have learned.

9. Highlighting short notes

Highlighting short notes

Making notes and highlighting the important points with different colored pens or using a highlighting marker will help you to remember things while learning. You might have noticed that things that feel appealing to your eyes will always be remembered back in your memory. Some might have noticed that if you follow these types of habits while learning, while writing an exam, when a question comes from that part there will be a clear cut picture of your notebook imprinted in your mind making you remember the answer easily.

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10. Revise


Brushing your memory every now and then will help you to remember whatever you have learned. When you go through the notes and read or write it when you find time it helps your memory to reassure that whatever you have engulfed is safe and fresh in your brain.

These techniques help you to have an easy and accessible memory strong enough to learn the subject matter more clearly.

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