What Makes A Man Happy In A Relationship?

What Makes A Man Happy In A Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the What makes a man happy in a relationship? Relationship is based on mutual understanding. The base of relationship is trust and believe. Every man has different mindset. Some like the gifts and some think that gift is materialistic thing. Every man has different perspective and different choices. Man is like a wall who bear all the pain for you. He remains busy all the time in office but somehow, he manages sometime for you. It shows that he really loves you. This reveals the importance of relationship that he really cares about the relationship. If he is doing too many things for you, it is your responsibility to keep your man happy.

What makes a man happy in a relationship?

Here, we will discuss the ways to make a man happy in a relationship which makes your love life happier.

1. Always give him priority

Always give him priority

Everyone wants that his partner gives him priority. So, if you want to make a man happy in relationship then always give him priority. Priority means always shares all problems, desires, wants and secrets with her. Do not reserve him as a second priority. This will really hurt him. Giving priority him means you always take care about him firstly. You always make sure that he is on top in your priority list. If you are giving him priority then this makes a man very happy.

For example, Sanjana and Sanjay are in relationship from a long time. But Sanjana never reveals her secrets in front of her and not giving her man priority in anything. She mostly spends time with her friends. This will make a relationship very weak. If she shares all her secrets firstly with her man and give him priority then definitely, she will successful in making a man happy. So, always check that your man is on the top in your priority list.

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2. Surprise him

Surprise him

Surprise has the capability to change your mood suddenly. In one second your complete mind will change if you encounter with great surprise. Relationship will become happier if it is full of surprises. You can make a man happy in relationship by giving surprise. Now just suppose he is coming from office and you plan a romantic candle light dinner with lovely decorations. When he enters in home and see this surprise all his tension and tiredness will fades away.

A dance on romantic song with dim light and a candle light dinner always a good idea to give surprise. In surprise you can gift according to his choice and preferences. In short surprise is an old idea but always remember old is gold. So, if you want to make a man happy in a relationship then plan a surprise according to his taste and make that surprise memorable.

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3. Cook his favorite meal

Cook his favourite meal

Food is such a thing which makes everyone happy. A delicious food can change your whole mood. Especially in man context because the way to the heart is through the stomach. So, do research on your partner favourite foods. If you are in relationship from a long time then it is pretty sure that you know about her taste. Always learn to cook new meals for him to keep your man happy.

Every man wants to eat delicious food. If his partner specially cooking his favourite food specially for him then it is icing on the cake. This will make a man very happy. Thus, if you want to makes a man happy in a relationship then always pay attention on his food preferences and make some yummy food for him. It will make your relationship more delicious.

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4. Help in his work

Help in his work

To makes a man happy you can also help him in his work. Man always remain busy in their work. If you help him in his work then he will really happy. You can help him in completing assignments and help him in making presentations. There are many ways to help him. It is generally seen that man is struggling in completing their work and girl is busy in chatting with her friends. It is not good and also frustrate the man. A man always wants a supportive and cooperative partner. So, if you help in his professional life by completing his assignment and presentation then he will be really happy.

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5. Do his favorite activities

 Do his favourite activities

If you want to makes a man happy in a relationship then do all activities with him which is his favourite. Always present in his favourite activities. For example, if he likes to watch match then join him and start watching match. If he likes to do dance then tightly hold his hand and start dancing with him. It will make him feel very special. If you do all activities which he is liking then he is on cloud nine. Always remember one thing that relationship is established by the acceptance of both. If you are doing something which your partner like then definitely it will make him very happy.

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6. Praise and Appreciate

Praise and Appreciate

An appreciation always makes a man happy. There are many reasons to appreciate man. Always appreciate and respect his efforts. A man has to bear many things in this world. He has the responsibility of whole family. He is working so hard to earn money. The whole family expect too much from him. If a man is in relationship then its responsibility increases more. He has to care about his partner. So, always try to give him compliments. You can also give him compliment that you are looking so smart today. This single line keeps a man happy whole day. An appreciation infuses positive energy in a man and he will feel that he is the happiest person on the earth.

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7. Physical attraction

Physical attraction

Man will attract easily by beauty of girl. A physical contact always keeps a man happy. Physical relationship is the most suitable way to show your love. Always try to attract him by wearing attractive clothes. A physical contact makes a man happy. You can kiss on his forehead. Always try to put some extra efforts to look gorgeous in front of your man. Every man wants the physical relationships. So, if you are giving him an indication of physical relationship then he will be happy. Thus, if you want to makes a man happy then wear some attractive clothes and make physical relationship with him.

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8. Give him space

Give him space

Giving him space for his life always makes him happy. This is one of the important things that a girl wants to keep in her mind. Generally, girls have tendency that she wants the record of every minute of her boy. Where are you? Why you are late today? What are you doing? These are the common questions that a girl always asks to man. Sometimes this will be irritating and frustrating. These questions become the reason of fight also. So, do not act as a GPS tracker. Give him time for his personal space also.

He will be really happy if you give some space. This space is much needed for a man. In this he tries to build a stronger personality and try to relax his mind. Your continuous calling irritates him too much. So, always try to give him space and time to makes a man happy in a relationship.

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9. Always stand for him

Always stand for him

There are many unfavourable situations comes in our life. Only those will pass these tough times who stand together. If you want to keep your man happy in a relationship then do not looks the situation always stand with him like a mountain. If he needs you then always be there. This will give him courage to face the situation. It shows that you are very supportive and always with him whether situation is good or bad. You don’t have to do too much just stand with him and always favour your man. You don’t have to say anything, just listen what he is saying and understand his feelings. The presence of you is the biggest weapon for him to face the worst situation.

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10. Trust


Trust is the foundation of relationship. Lack of trust can cause many problems in the relationship. Always keep your trust level up. You don’t have to rethink about your partner. Love is blind and you have to trust blindly on your partner if you want to makes a man happy in a relationship. Talking with ladies’ colleague and ladies in parties creates lots of tension and insecurity in girl’s mind. This will become the reason of differences in a relationship. Always remember one thing that if you give your heart to your partner then try to build your trust in him also. Always think that he is made only for you and he will never betray you. This type of trust always makes a man happy.

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Relationship is the most beautiful thing in this world. Relationship is a combination of mutual trust, understanding, respect and taking care of the happiness of each other. Man is buried under the burden of responsibility. It is important for his health to keep him happy. If you are in a relationship then it is your responsibility to makes a man happy. There are many ways to keep your man happy. So, just do research on the favourites, tastes and preferences of your man and try to make him happy. Here we discussed the top 10 things that makes a man happy in a relationship. These are the simplest and easiest ways to keep your man happy.

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