10 Best Tips To Write A Good Article

Best tips to write a good article

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Tips To Write A Good Article. “WRITING” is a form of art. It is a beautiful way to express one’s thoughts. To put forth one’s ideas clearly without any ambiguity is a skill very few master. Everybody writes, but to capture the attention of the reader and make the content exciting is a task very few can handle.

10 Best tips to write a good article

So in today’s article, we would like to discuss some important tips to write an article.

1. The Start

The Start

The start of your article is what people use to get a glimpse of the article and that is what leads to the impression. So the start of the article is very important. The start should always be simple and breathtaking. You can use motivating lines or old sayings to start. These motivating lines or old sayings should give the reader a glimpse of what the article is about. Then from that, you can make your way to the introduction of the article.

The introduction should be short and sweet. It should give the reader an overall idea as to what is the content of the article. You should be able to demonstrate the whole article in very few lines. It is with the help of your start and introduction that people decide if the article is worth reading. So make sure you mark your impression with a very good start.

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2. Body Of The Article

Body Of The Article

The body of the article should not be boring. You should speak about exactly what you want and should not brag much. The length should be readable and should not scare the reader away. You can use effective adjectives to make the content interesting. That is our only aim, making the content interesting. Only if the content is interesting will the reader feel like continuing. You should instill a feeling of curiosity in the reader and should be able to make the reader continue the article. So points to keep in mind are the length should not be much and the content should be fun reading irrespective of the topic on which you write.

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3. Usage Of Idioms

Usage Of Idioms

Another important quality of a good writer is the usage of idioms. He/she should be able to use different idioms in different contexts to make the content interesting and inspiring. Usage of idioms will build up the interest in the reader and will also help in a better understanding of the article. Which again leads to instilling interest in the reader. Only if the reader understands will he continue to read. So by using idioms, one can achieve a clear understanding of the article.

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4. No Grammatical Mistakes

No Grammatical Mistakes

Another important aspect of any article is the proper usage of grammar. If you want your article to be a success then you might want to write with zero grammatical mistakes. If there are any grammatical mistakes in your article the reader might lose interest in reading your article. So it is important that you take care of your grammar while writing an article. You may want to check twice before writing. If there are mistakes you might lose your readers.

To avoid grammatical mistakes you can first draft up your article and then make a fair copy out of the drafted one. In this way, you can write all the thoughts that you have in the draft first and then leisurely you can explain and fair it up. In this manner, you can avoid any grammatical mistakes. Please do keep in mind that making grammatical mistakes in your article, though might seem a silly situation, will cost you many readers. So make sure you don’t lose any.

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5. Research


To make a good article, first of all, you need to make the complete research on the given topic, understand it, analyze it and then get ready to write the article. You should not do any work with half knowledge. You first need to have a complete understanding of what you are doing or on the topic, you are writing. Only then will you get a good result. Only then you can write a good article and acquire good self-satisfaction.

The research needs to be thorough and legitimate. Only then you can produce a good article. It may seem like a lot of work, but believe me, you don’t want to do your work with semi-knowledge. It produces very bad results. You might end up ruining your image as a good writer. So, even if it working hard, work for it, do your research and then write your article. A job completely done produces wonderful results.

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6. Usage Of Bullet Points

Usage Of Bullet Points

As the heading suggests, it is about the usage of bullet points in your article. You may want to drop bullet points wherever necessary in your article. It helps in a clear understanding. It also gives a good overall impression. Bullet points make the content clear and easy to understand by the reader. It is more comfortable for the reader to read and understand the content in bullet points rather than in big paragraphs. It is also not advisable to use bullet points everywhere. They should be used only when necessary. As in the case of giving tips or listing things or making points etc. So make sure you follow all these tips while writing the article.

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7. Stories


People love stories. Explaining something in the form of a short story and it,s moral is one of the most effective ways to explain something. So try adding stories to your article and then explaining things. I am sure it works out well. Adding stories to your article will again instill interest in the readers as people love stories. They will show much more interest and will be able to comprehend the context in a much more easy manner.

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8. Writing Early In The Morning

Writing Early In The Morning

Mornings are beautiful and pleasant. Our mind is at its calmest in the morning. Try and write early in the morning. It is the best time to write and I am sure you will be able to write a lot better than at any time of the day. During other times of the day, our mind might be fogging with a ton of other issues but during early mornings our mind is free and calm and we will be able to work a lot better in the morning. So try writing in the morning.

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9. Make A Plan

Make A Plan

Do not just write everything that comes to your mind. First, make a plan of what you wanna do. Research your topic well, make an outline of all the sub headings you wanna include and then start writing. This gives you a clear picture of what you wanna really put in the context. The content thus created will be ambiguity free and good to read. A step by step process gives it’s readers a clear picture about the article. So make sure that you plan out your work first and then start working.

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10. The Conclusion

The Conclusion

Last but not the least, the conclusion. Always conclude your article in a good manner. Conclusion is also a very important thing in writing an article. Conclusion gives a sense of completeness to the article. An article without a proper conclusion is a left out piece of work. So always make sure that you conclude well making all your points clear in the body of the article. The conclusion must contain a small summary of the body of the article and should support the points mentioned in the body of the article. So conclude your article properly.

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