Month: August 2021

Short Story about a Poor Family with Moral Lesson

She was running very fast, through the narrow mud trail leading up to a thatched shed. From a distance all anyone could see would be a mass of green and brown over which decaying hay was laid. The walls were green with moss and the inside was surely not any better. The brick walls were […]

Short Story About Mother And Child With Moral Lesson

It was a sunny afternoon. You can tell it was sunny because some street dogs hid under the cars parked on the streets to get away from the boiling sun. The dogs that did find comfortable spots with plenty of shade were still panting with their tongues out. There were many such narrow alleyways in […]

What To Do On Your Phone When You Are Getting Bored At Night?

In this article we are going to talk about the What do you do on your phone when you are getting bored at night? Everyone is busy in their life in today‚Äôs date. All are having different lifestyle including study, work, etc. People do not even get time to spend with their loved ones, and […]

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