How To Impress A Stranger Girl?

How To Impress A Stranger Girl?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a stranger girl? This blog might look like a miracle happen. But trust me, I can guarantee after going through this article you will learn to greet, start a conversation, impress and if you are smart enough maybe you can ask her for a date as well. Excited?  Ready… Set… Read…

How to impress a stranger girl?

The top 10 ways to impress a stranger girl are mentioned below in detail:

1. Dress well

Dress well

When you see you have to dress well try to understand what we are trying to imply here. Consider you are going to your nearest convenience store or grocery store to buy milk, what would you wear as your outfit? Most probably the answer is your boxers or short pants and a t-shirt. Let me tell you where you are probably making a mistake, have you ever visualized how you might look apparently on shorts and a t-shirt? Maybe people can look at your lower part of your feet and those hairy thin feet! Do you think that looks classic?

Once try verifying this fact on your own, next time you go outlook at the girls around you and look at the boys around you, compare the genders based on their dress up, you will definitely find that women dress far better than men which automatically makes them look attractive. And if a well-dressed woman approaches you, wouldn’t you reply to them nicely? Wouldn’t you pay some respect or give your attention?

Here is the key, boys never care about their dress-up whether it is an occasion to attend college, gym, going out to buy eggs, or going out for date boys need to learn how to dress up to look classy.

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2. Smell good

 Smell good

No! This is not a deodorant advertisement where you will apply your demo and girls will come attracted towards you hungry for sex. But if you are using a nice, pleasant deodorant then it will surely change the girl’s attitude towards you because smelling is one of the 5 senses of your body, and the sense to smell is directly hard-wired with the brain’s neurology, So, If you smell good, you might leave a great impression on the girl’s head which might give you a chance to approach to that girl you are willing to impress.

3. Maintain your hygiene

Maintain your hygiene

Do you brush your teeth two times a day?  70% of the readers will say no to this question. Why? How much expense or effort is added to your life for maintaining proper hygiene? You are human, not animal. Brush your teeth, use floss to clean the gums, use facewash once a day, keep clean shave and if you love to keep beard then trim your beard hair once a week and don’t let your beard grow like a monster. You are a human being! Not a bear…

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4. Get haircut frequently

Get haircut frequently

Try different kinds of haircut according to you facial structure and body. A nice hair that suits your body and face actually makes you look attractive and smart and hence it will be easier for you to approach any stranger girl that you liked while walking down the street.

5. Smile


Consider you are at a stationery shop, coffee shop, or in a restaurant and you spot a cute girl who is a complete stranger. How should I show that I like her? Pass on a nice smile when you are looking at each other. Smile is one of the easiest, polite, and classic techniques to show someone you like that person, a simple smile sometimes can transform a person’s mood if they were not in a good mood that day. If you smile for a longer period of time, chances are either they will think you are going to talk to her or if you are just smiling like a joker for several minutes then she will think you are crazy. So smile and start to talk if the situation allows you to.

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6. Maintain eye contact

Maintain eye contact

Boys normally have the tendency to fuck things up in these situations when they have the opportunity to meet and talk to a girl for the first time. 90 percent of the times boys got rejected on the face or could not talk with that girl is because you were looking at her breasts, ass, legs, and what not. When you are giving this cheap and creepy gesture to the girl you like, do you think she will respond to you properly or smile back nicely?

This is my tip for you, I don’t care how pervert you are, but if you want to impress a stranger girl next time, maintain eye contact and show your smile. Eye contact is something that triggers a sense of confidence in the 2nd person. So, instead of looking at her tits, how big her ass is try maintaining eye contact and observe if she is maintaining with you or not? If she is also looking at your eyes then you have impressed on the visual level, now comes the step to start the conversation.

7. Initiate the conversation

 Initiate the conversation

Once you are sure about your dress-up, cleanliness, haircut, and beard, and after making your first nonverbal impression with your cute smile and confident eye contact, now comes the time to speak to her. Most of the people do everything correctly till step number 6 and don’t understand what to do next. How do you look like a person who is just smiling and maintaining eye contact with you without talking? Weird right?

If you are in the streets or a store so just ask them “Do you come here often?”  “Do you work somewhere in this area?” You know I just live 2 blocks away from this street and I have seen you for the first time, would you like to come to my house after you are done with your work? Or  “I have seen you at this store previously? Do you live in this area?” Now you might tell me have you lost your mind? What if she slaps me? What if she does not respond?

If you have taken to all the points until now, then high chances are there that she will behave to you politely because you were looking great, showed a cute smile and you are confident so why will she slap, reject you in the first place? I totally understand that if she is with her boyfriend then you might be kicked on your ass, and you are mentally retarded or alien if you are trying to impress a girl who is out with her boyfriend. But if she is alone or roaming around with her friends, then what is the harm? Even if she says no, Congratulations!  For the first time ever you stepped out of your comfort zone, and not being creepy like the rest asked a girl out, that’s just simple and straightforward, no strings attached…

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8. Learn to handle rejection

Learn to handle rejection

Maybe that girl found it weird that you tried to impress her or talk to her. Guess what? Do you often listen to love stories about couples who met at their workplace, school, or college? Do you think the boy also felt awkward for the first time he tried to impress the girl? Isn’t the workplace and schools supposed to be areas where you have to be professional and still you find that most of the love stories started in a professional environment? It’s ok to face rejection, at least next time you will try to impress a girl you will be a better version of that effort.

9. Try to make stories to talk

Try to make stories to talk

Consider you are walking into the streets and you see a girl walking towards you from the opposite end of the road and you are like Man! If I could ask her out!  Stop there! Ask her, excuse me? Do you work here? Or live in this locality?  Can you suggest to me a Chinese restaurant or a café nearby? Actually, I am extremely hungry. Now, if she replies yes and tells her there is a Starbuck around the corner. Ok! Thanks, Ma’am, would you like to go with me for a cup of coffee? Chances are she will die of laughter or just ignore you and walk away. Both of the cases are fine because it’s her choice.

If she says maybe yes, or you know what I am going to work then just be straight, compliment her, you know what? Your eyes are so beautiful and I could not resist asking you out. Can we exchange our phone numbers? Or Hello Ma’am we are conducting a survey to ask the most beautiful ladies to answer how can boys impress a complete stranger girl? And I find you pretty. Can you help me?

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10. Respect her

Respect her

People often forget to pay respect, some people are just doing a prank to ask for a date, some are genuinely asking her out or complimenting her and in these situations my boys, you horny desperate guys forget to pay respect and act like rude cockhead after going through the rejection or by the anxiety of talking. Never do that, always pay respect, maybe she is trying to open a door and you help her to open the door, maybe she is carrying many heavy bags in her hands, ask her if she needs any help.

All of the tips above might look impractical to you because you have never tried them out. The fear of getting slapped or getting rejection in public will never let you believe in any article or videos. But believe it or not, every relationship starts with someone taking the first step to impress. Whether it’s a stranger or a friend.

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