Short Story About College Life

A Short Story About College Life

In this article we are going to tell you a short story about college life. The title of the story is “A Walk-through the Windowpane“. It is written by Megan Lawrence.

I hesitatingly opened the latter. My hands trembled and my breath hitched. I looked around me and saw the expectant, though supportive faces of my mother and father and the barely disinterested one of my brother. The only thought in my mind was that I could not let them down. The contents of that letter decided my entire future. The next few minutes, no seconds could either build or completely ruin my life. What if I… “Christie, are you alright?’ The kind voice of my mother came and snapped me back into reality. “Yes Mom. I’m sorry.” I slowly opened the letter and my eyes skimmed it. My eyes began to tear up. “I’m in” was all I could say before my Mom and Dad pounced upon me and a billion hugs and kisses and ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Thank You’s’ filled the room.

I even caught my younger brother smile at me and he punched me on my arm and told me he was glad he was finally going to be the only kid in the house. I knew he didn’t mean that. It was just his way of saying he was happy for me. I could not sleep a wink that night. I was finally admitted to my dream college. I worked hard for it but only the best of the best get in to ‘Kingsland College’. Classes start in a week and there is so much that needs to be done. I remember thinking that was the best day ever because all my dreams were going to come true.

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Arrangements began in full swing. Mom and Dad were the most excited. Their daughter is finally going to Kingsland college, they can brag about it to everyone. Maria and James Addams are the most supportive parents any child could ever be blessed with. They met in college, fell in love, got married and a year later, I came along, their beloved daughter Sara Addams. I was named after my grandma. A year after I was born, my younger brother was born, Felix Addams.

We grew up with utmost love and support from our parents. I was always told about the importance of reading and I loved to read, especially works that dealt with History and that is how I came to know about my true love for History. I worked hard to get into the college of my dreams to study history and I was finally in. My parents insisted on throwing a farewell party for me. So the night before I left for college, I was surrounded by people from my entire neighbourhood, all gathered to support and congratulate me. Everybody was merry and cheery and that evening, that moment felt perfect.

I walked towards the Lawrence’s, our immediate next door neighbours. A kind old man and a kind, though nosy old lady greeted me and congratulated me. They had a son who was friends with Felix and a little girl named Patricia. I waved to Patty and she simply walked away.

Disregarding this act as merely a result of the cold weather, I turned to Mrs. Lawrence. She asked me in a cold tone. “So, Are you ready for college?” I thought about it for a minute and replied, “Well not completely. But I am excited.” “That’s the spirit.” Said Mr. Lawrence happily earning a cold suggestive stare from his wife. As if on cue, Mr. Lawrence excused himself and left the conversation. “So, do you have any friends in your new college?” Mrs. Lawrence asked to which I replied, “No not yet, I’m planning to make new friends and I ..”

Mrs. Lawrence interrupted saying “Well it’s a new town my girl, a new place. How are you going to mange? Mommy and Daddy wont be there for you either. Are you sure you want to go ? People might not like you there. Oh and college outside your hometown is so difficult little one.

Hope you’ve gone through your syllabus and started reading already because otherwise it will be very tough.” I zoned out after a point. What if all that she said was true? This was the first time I began to have second thoughts about going to college. “Excuse me”, I said before I ran into my room and slammed the door to think. I couldn’t sleep again. This was the sixth night in a row I couldn’t sleep and for the first time it was because I was scared and not because I was excited.

The next day went so fast, I barely could even register anything. After all the packing and moving and the hugs and kisses and tears, I was finally here, in a completely new city, all alone in my room. The feeling of loneliness took over me and I recollected the events of the day. It was so quick that I could barely remember anything but I did remember going out on campus and meeting a few people.

I accidentally ran into a girl who was carrying coffee and she called me all sorts of names even though I apologised profusely. I then met a group of people who I joined and they spoke of the fine arts and literature that I never felt so out of place and dumb in my whole life. So I sat on the floor of my room, sad and lonely, with half a mind of going back home when I suddenly heard my phone ring.

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I saw the caller id and it was Mom. I could not bring myself to answer the phone and I just sat there, on my bed staring at my door wondering if leaving and going back home was a good idea. Maybe Mrs. Lawrence was right. I needed some fresh air but I didn’t dare to go outside incase I saw more people that hated me. I kept looking out the window wishing I could go out and wishing someone would come and talk to me. Suddenly there was a bang on the door and a girl walked in. In complete shock I turned around to see a girl about the same height as me, completely clad in leather, black hair with red highlights and a lot of luggage. “You must be my roommate” she said in a cheery voice. I waved at her shyly.

She kept her luggage on her bed and said “Kathy. I’m Kathy Santiago.” “Hi” I said shyly. “Nice to meet you. I’m Sara.” I extended my hand and she looked at me as if I was from another planet. I withdrew my hand, completely embarrassed and began to arrange my books when I heard Kathy’s voice. “So Sara, what are doing in you room on your first day of college ? Shouldn’t you be out there making new friends, joining clubs, etc, etc.?” “Well.” I said completely shocked by her question. “ I am still not sure if I’m going to stay.” Kathy looked at me in complete shock and said “What do you mean? You just got here.” “ I know, I know.

It’s just that nobody will talk to me and nobody wants to be friends with me, and I don’t think college is for me.” “Ahh” said Kathy knowingly. “Well I’m talking to you, that’s a start.” “But that’s different. You’re my roommate. You have to talk to me.” I said getting a little agitated.

“Listen, sit down.” Kathy said in a rather serious tone. One I could never imagine Kathy using. She looked me dead in the eye and I sat down across her on my bed. She began in a calm, elder sisterly voice, “You are new here, and so is everyone else. I know this is our first day here and I am no-one to give you advice but were roommates so its different” she said and gave me a wink to lighten the mood a little. She continued, “You keep complaining how nobody will be your friend and that nobody wants to talk to you. How about you try something then, why don’t you go and be a friend to somebody and go and talk to someone.”

“It’s not that easy for me.” I said feeling a little ashamed, to which Kathy replied, “I know, but you have to put yourself out there. You are wonderful person.

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I am sure people will be lucky to have you as a friend. But they wont know how wonderful you are if you don’t put in a little effort to show them. Stop feeling bad for yourself. Go out there and meet some people. Sure, not everyone will love you but you’ll meet some people who will love you for who you are. I know one person who already does.” Kathy smiled at me kindly and walked out. I sat there on my bed until I mustered up the courage to.go out and went down to the campus grounds. I saw a group of people and joined them. They all introduced themselves and before I knew it, we were all sitting on the lawn and laughing our heads off. Amongst all of this I couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, everything will be alright.

I could not wait to tell Kathy about all the new people I met. I met Randy who is a football player and he loves studying history just like I do. I even met Anne who taught me a few words in French. It was just the first day and I already felt like I knew so much. I ran up to my room and barged in without even knocking and saw a girl. She wasn’t Kathy, she was shorter and had long blonde hair and blue eyes.

For a minute I thought I was in the wrong room. The girl smiled and in a kind voice asked me, “Are you Sara? I’m your new roommate Rebecca.” Completely dazed I said, “What happened to Kathy?” To which she replied in absolute confusion, “Who is Kathy.” I ran down to the office and enquired, only to find out that there was no Kathy Santiago who had checked into any rooms that day.

In complete shock I stood there frozen. I slowly walked back to my room. Rebecca asked me if I was okay and I assured her I was. We talked for a while after which she said with the biggest smile on her face, “I know we just met, but It feels like we’re best friends.” To which I simply smiled and replied, “We’re roommates, its different.”

This was a short story about college life. I hope you liked it.

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