Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Sunglasses

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Sunglasses

In this article we are going to talk about advantages And disadvantages of wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses as we all know are tinted pairs of polaroids designed to protect our eyes from the harmful radiations like the UV rays emitted by the sun. It is important to use them because the UV rays will lead to a condition called cataracts.When sunlight bounces off any surface, it becomes more intense because light rays become more concentrated after reflection. These sunglasses also help enhance the normal light filtering capacity of our eyes. They are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent anything from causing discomfort to the eyes. Almost 99% of the “glare” that is created when the sunlight bounces off surfaces is blocked by the polaroids in your sunglasses.

The gift of vision is a very precious one and we must take at most care of them , because despite the advancements in science, once damaged it will never be the same again.

Also, it is proven that the skin around the eyes is very much  prone to skin cancer and the usage of sunglasses keeps it safe.

Hence, to prevent macular degeneration wear sunglasses when outside under the sun.

It is advised by doctors for everyone to wear sunglasses every time they step outside for work, driving, sporting activities or to do any errands under the sun. According to the Cincinnati based departmental store Macys, sunglasses are classified into the following types: aviators/pilot, butterfly, cat eyed, clubmaster, oval, rectangular, semi-rimless, round and wayfarer. These are different designs for the sunglasses and are designed ergonomically to sit on your face and cause minimum discomfort.

Advantages of wearing sunglasses                                             

Some advantages of using sunglasses are following:

1. Enhances visual comfort

Enhances visual comfort

Sun rays are known to emit two types of ultraviolet radiations UVA and UVB, both of them are harmful for the  eyes. When you are wearing polaroids, your eyes experience maximum comfort when you are under direct sunlight. These polaroids remove all the horizontal rays of light minimizing the glare and giving you maximum visual comfort. They allow you to view things or objects with a greater clarity. There will be an enhancement in your vision under direct sunlight if you’re wearing a good pair of polaroids, because you need not process the horizontal light rays along with the vertical ones. It does not allow your eyes to be “over-exposed” to the sunrays. Using these sunglasses also reduces or helps you not face any fatigue related issues like headaches of any sort. There are polaroids available nowadays which come with a unique feature to absorb the HEV rays. This is very essential to little children as their retina is much more vulnerable towards the rays as compared to adults.

Direct exposure to the bright light for long durations can cause problems to drivers because their eyes will take a longer time to adjust to the low light.

Hence the usage of these sunglasses enhances your visual comfort and provides protection to the retina of your eye.

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2. Can be used in bright conditions

Can be used in bright conditions

When you get out of your house for any reason, be it for work, for sporting activities or any other reason, it can get very difficult to do these tasks under a bright sun. Wearing polarized sunglasses can help. These sunglasses prevent the harmful rays from entering your eyes.

Wearing these polaroid sunglasses has proven to reduce the number of accidents caused due to glare caused to the drivers while driving.

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3. Good for sports professionals

Good for sports professionals

Staying fit is the number one priority for the sports professionals, and having a good vision is the most important thing for them. The use of sunglasses is a must for the sports persons as they are playing the sun for long durations of time and will be exposed the most towards the sunlight. Take the examples of cricketers, when they play a test match, they’ll have to stand in the sun for the entire day until sundown, and play without sunglasses and affect their vision in the long run. Many other sports personalities like athletes.

These professionals also use polarized glasses to improve their colour perception. The polarized sunglasses help them see the objects in a brighter and bolder way. Swimmers also use them to have better visibility underwater, enhancing their visual clarity. Also, because water has the property to reflect water 100%, it’s always advised for them to wear sunglasses even when they are not inside the pool. 

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4. Long term eye health benefits

Long term eye health benefits

When the eyes are overexposed to long term damaging sun rays, there are high chances of getting  a cataract or even glaucoma. The filtration of the sunglasses differ from 75% to almost 95% of light, there are also some high grade sunglasses that prevent upto 99% of the UVA and the UVB radiation. The skin present around the eye is very much prone to skin cancer. 3.7% of the skin cancer cases occur because of the skin around the eye, that is the eyelids are over exposed to the UV rays from the sun. Early prevention is the best way around skin cancer. The Use of sunglasses has other advantages like it prevents the skin from wrinkling, which helps us look younger and because there is minimal exposure of the skin around the eye to direct sunlight, it helps in preventing numerous other diseases as well.

5. Very cool accessory

 Very cool accessory

It goes without saying that wearing sunglasses or “shades” makes any outfit look cooler by a hundred times instantly. It gives a nice feeling of self confidence and looks good on literally every attire. Many companies like DG, ray ban, oakley offer a wide range of sunglasses, polaroids for both casual wear and for sporting activities. And with the various options available at very affordable rates, it’s easy to pick out a couple of shades for various attires.

It is not always necessary to spend an exorbitant amount of money on sunglasses, just  make sure that they offer protection from the UVA and the UVB frames were in trend not very long algo, but colourful shades are beginning to own the market nowadays.

Even a simple black and white outfit can be instantly turned into something classy and trendy by throwing on some colorful shades.

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Disadvantages of wearing sunglasses

Let’s begin by looking at some disadvantages of using sunglasses, because nothing can be all pros and no cons :

1. Fake goods in market

Fake goods in market

With the growing demand for sunglasses in today’s market, everybody wants something nice and cheap. But the problem with using cheap goods is that the manufacturing companies do Is that they use cheap polaroids and market it telling it will block all the UV rays  but in reality it will only be balck or dark in color and does not provide any protection towards the sunrays. Now because these are black in colour, the pupils tend to dilate more and hence will end up getting more affected. These dark sunglasses that cause you to squint more must be avoided unless it’s been purchased from a trusted company. So, while they may fiter out the ambient light and the glare, the additional exposure towards the UV light increases the risk for cataracts, macular degeneration and even development of ocular melanoma which is a rare cancer. We have to keep in mind that polarization has nothing to do with UV light absorption, for the prevention of UV rays, these sunglasses come with an additional UV rays blocking filter or substance.

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2. Overuse causes fatigue

Overuse causes fatigue

It is not rocket science for us to not know that “too much of anything, is good for nothing”. The same applies for wearing sunglasses too, overuse of sunglasses causes fatigue to the eyes. When you have a thick pair of colored shades on, the pupils of your eyes tend to dilate subconsciously and long usage if this will cause a lot of problems to the eyes. You will get symptoms like headache, your eyes will start to burn and overexposure also tends to cause ocular melanoma. Eye experts say that these sunglasses must be worn only when under and sun, they also say that over use of this tends to trigger astigmatism. The rate of occurrence is very low, and hence is not taken that seriously but it’s always wise to use them for the purpose it was meant.

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3. Hinders from viewing from LCD screens

Hinders from viewing from LCD screens

It’s a less known fact that manufacturing companies use special chemical agents to the lenses of the sunglasses. These chemical agents tend to prevent certain frequencies of light from entering the eyes, they also hinder some amount of lights emanating off LCD screens, although it may not be that evident from a direct line of view, at certain angles the visibility will also be completely zero. This is a problem for the people who have LCD screens at homes for tvs, or as their desktops at home or offices etc. this restriction is not limited to LCDs alone, heavy machine operators are also restricted from using the polarized glasses because of the way the filtration process works out as it hinders them from having proper vision.

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4. It can cause one to see patterns

It can cause one to see patterns

When one can wear polarized glasses for longer durations, they tend to see grid patterns that normally appear on the windows of automobiles. Some of the houses with the glass walls tend to have issues with the reflecting surfaces and stripes kind of patterns are visible on glass surfaces. This is an issue that occurs during the tempering process. These intentional stresses tend to make the glass have a predictable outcome when you tend to be in accidents. This is very undesirable in polaroids.  

5. High cost

High cost

Premium sunglasses are very much expensive and cannot be affordable by everyone. They cannot go for the cheaper products also because of the adverse effects it will have on them. The basic model of the premium sunglasses starts from 6000 rupees and can go upto 20000 rupees. This means that not everybody can afford these sunglasses.

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Although there are companies which make premium quality sunglasses at affordable rates so that everybody can afford it. 

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