Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing A Saree

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing A Saree

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing A Saree. Saree is the sign of religion as well as purity as it is worn by our every goddess.
 Its the emotion for most of the ladies. Its the oldest from of clothing as its present from the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. This is the sign of spirituality and purity for many people as there is no one either in India or in other countries who don’t know what a saree is. Its the best ethnic wear exist till date as there is no function where one can’t wear saree,  either its a marriage or a Pooja every time its the best wear which can make you the star of the function Besides the western clothing’s which has a great influence on today’s generation but when it comes to ethnic wear saree, suit, lehengas are the most preferable clothing by most of the ladies.   Talking about saree, it is approximately 9 feet long and there is a open end which is on the shoulder or the hand of the lady. Along with the beauty and purity sometimes wearing a saree is  a mess for the beginners. so here we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a saree.

Advantages of wearing a saree

The advantages of wearing saree are mentioned below in detail:

1. Sign of beauty

Sign of beauty

As we say saree is the most preferable and easy available ethnic wear which can just make you the star of the function it is not only the most preferable clothing but it’s also the sign of beauty because when a lady wear  saree her all the body parts are in a align manner means her beauty is at the best because by wearing the saree she can just see through her from top to bottom she is just adorable . That’s the best feeling for her. Not only in functions but saree plays a very important role in life of every girl from her teen age to old age its mostly all starts from marriage itself because it’s the dream to every girl to look at her best on her marriage here saree plays an important role in taking her all beauty out making her the beautiful soul.

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2. Spirituality


Besides the beauty , saree is also the sign of purity and spirituality as from the ancient times its a belief that its the purest clothing so from that time to this time women wear saree while going to temple while sitting in a Pooja or in any religious work means it is joined with the rituals and emotions too. It is the sign to spirituality but there is also a fact that wearing a saree also gives the positive vibes and makes the surrounding positive although its relates to the religion as its so deeply linked with the Hindu culture like we say it is the clothing from the most ancient times the queens used to wear it as a pride. Saree is the sign of purity too as mostly it is wearied fir religious function.

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3. Saves the culture

Saves the culture

As in our Hindu culture its a belief that ladies must wear a saree as its a sign of respect and beauty as well. Like there is a free end known as pallu which is there on the shoulder of the lady so when that lady go in front of  her elders she take that pallu on her head as respect from ancient times its a saying the the length of the pallu on a lady’s head defines her respect for the elder because at those times married women’s only show their faces to their husbands non else men can see her face. It is the most important part of our Hindu culture as from numbers of centuries its the sign of Hindu culture. Every women must wear saree in order to save the Hindu culture.

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4. Sign of respect

Sign of respect

For the people living in villages its a saying that a women must wear a saree having a long pallu in order to show her respect for them. Yes its the belief do its just always on us to how to see through these things but its only hot limited to villages because urban living is so influenced with western wear that wearing saree is so rare its just for festival. Women do look very pretty in saree as well as it shows their respect towards the elders. For a newly married lady its too important to wear so that she can take blessings from everyone. Because rather than anything saree us too important for them too either its for wedding  or either to look at her best.

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5. Enhancement in personality

Enhancement in personality

Sarees are available very easily in every state or in any city mostly as its the part of the religion as well as the culture. Sarees are available in so many varieties whether it comes to quality or design.  There are so many designs available that when one go to buy a saree mostly got confused because every saree have its own significance and beauty. A good quality saree is also important to catch the limelight. As talking about the beauty it take so much things to look good first wearing a hood saree enhances the looks and it also enhances the personality of a lady. Its also depends upon the lady that hoe do she carry her personality mostly our personality look like what we think.

So these were some advantage no doubt there may mire advantages but now we will see some of the disadvantages of wearing the saree as everything has good as well as bad side so looking towards the disadvantage in brief we can say there maybe problem in wearing or carrying it or etc. So by going in detail we will see what are the most experienced or happening disadvantages of wearing a saree.

Disadvantages of wearing a saree

The disadvantages of wearing a saree are mentioned below in detail:

1. Cost


Besides the beauty and the rituals when it comes to the money or we can say when it comes to cost mostly sarees are costly like their prices moreover starts from thousands and goes to lakhs and crores. Affording saree is not possible for everyone. Mostly for the middle class or lower class people its difficult to buy a costly  saree they have to compromise their interest with their needs. Good quality sarees are not only beautiful but they contain a very good price as well. Its like “more the beauty more will be the price”. Not only rates of saree are high but  its matching jewellery or accessories is also so costly that’s why its become more difficult to buy a saree.

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2. Wearing


After the cost wearing a saree is too difficult for most of the ladies because its a 9 feet long cloth so for wearing that properly one must know the right way to wear that because if any how the way is not correct then it may cause problems or can cause embarrassing moments. So wearing saree is a very difficult task for the beginners as they know very less about saree. There is a proper way to wear a saree that makes the girl looks like a pretty lady. So its the difficulty or we can say a disadvantage of a saree that its wearing is not a easy task.

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3. Caring of saree

Caring of saree

Rather then the difficulty in wearing its care is also so difficult because its too long and sometimes too heavy for a lady to taken care of. Caring of saree is too difficult because saree has very slight linings if they just got open that can cause embarrassing moments and can also lead to problems for lady there are too many things to be taken care of for a lady wearing saree like length of pallu, the distance between  the plates of saree etc. As it takes lots of effort and time to wear a saree so taking care is also a big task besides the beauty.

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4. Cleavage


As per today’s generation meaning of beauty has changes. Now teenagers  are moving towards western clothing and they are mixing that clothing to their own rituals example deep necks, short dresses, cuts in dresses etc. Saree is the sign of purity but teens are mixing it to the western wearing like having deep necks in saree or wearing backless etc this is just like making fun of the rituals and religion.

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5. Not so trending

Not so trending

Taking about the trend people do like to go as the trend goes but then trend is saree is not always there sarees are just limited to the rituals and religion mostly as saree is not so common in ever region so its trend is very less. As said trend is from the people means what people wear do become the trend but the problem with this is people do like to wear what is easy to wear and comfortable no doubt sarees are comfortable to some extent but when it comes to wearing its nit so easy. So saree are not so trending most of the times as trend always change but the trend of saree is always for a small period or limited to a small area.

So these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a saree.

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