Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing High Heels

Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing High Heels

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing Heels. Footwear plays an important role in shaping ones personality. We all know “first impression is the last impression” and the kind of footwear you are with describes a lot about you, your interest and your choices. For any women, they love to care about how they look. We all know it’s not always about external beauty, but the way you look makes a lot of difference. Presentation should be in a manner, and when it comes to presenting yourself, your footwear is as important as other stuffs are. For women the most loved type of footwear is “high heels”, women love to wear different type of heels in accordance with the mood. There have been a lot of Hindi songs on high heels and it’s something a woman once in lifetime goes with high heels.

Today in this article we will look into the advantages and disadvantages of wearing high heel, the most valued stuff for women when it’s about getting ready.

5 Advantages of wearing high heels

Of course it’s a woman favourite stuff, over any advantages the one that makes it so valuable is the craze of wearing high heels, be it any function or ceremony women like to look the best in their dresses so you would find most of woman wearing and flaunting.

Heels have got a different kind of feeling when a woman puts on, all those females reading this up can easily understand what this feeling really means. A women’s wardrobe is missing without a pair of sexy looking heels that would perfectly suit her.

Heels being such a hot topic when it comes to discussing on what kind heels must be bought, not to take it in a wrong manner, a woman can spend hours in the showroom deciding that perfect pair of heels, so we can’t directly jump into lows of wearing heels, we will first give a sight over the HIGHS of wearing “high heels”.

1. Height Matters

Height Matters

The very basic reason behind wearing high heel is getting to look taller than usual. It’s not always for short women, but taller ones too like wearing heels. For a woman it is a totally different feeling of looking taller than their usual heights. Also, wearing heels along with the taller look it gives, it also provides them with a sense of looking slim and trim; it is because of the fact of the posture provided when you wear heels.

For people, looking tall is sexier than usual, because being tall makes you look different from others.

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2. Captivating Walk

Captivating Walk

With the sense of looking slimmer than usual, heels also makes you walk in an attractive manner. Ever thought why a well dressed woman with high heels makes you turn around when passes by? That’s because of the way they walk with heels.

No doubt, heels makes you walk a bit slower and also sexier than usual. A perfect way to walk on with heels makes women look more attractive. They way you walk is what defines your personality as well, because when you don’t know someone you try to figure out them in the possible manner by looking at how they actually behave.

So a perfect walk for a lady’s personality is a must and that’s what the reason to be counted in advantages.

3. Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!

Attention!  Attention!!    Attention!!!

Surely heels are not everything but yes the one that’s always on a counted note, we have talked about height and walk. So, what do these actually do? Obviously, these are the factor that draws attention to women. And on a fact note, everyone likes gaining attention, and when it’s a female topic, then oh god! For sure it has to be.

Beauty is a term defined which is mostly used for women when it comes to compliments, and have you ever seen any women who wouldn’t like to look beautiful. Yes it is true that every woman is beautiful in her own ways but compliments are never that would ever hurt you.

How good it feels when everyone looks at you with a sense of appreciation of well you are looking in their eyes.

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4. Fearless


When you’ve got the height you wanted for that dress you have chosen after spending hours, the sexy posture, the captivating walk and yes the attention that everyone wants; how would this change your feeling? When you have all these surely all these counts would make you feel confident, fearless. Confidence is all about a sense of getting things in the right direction. And when things turn out to be this perfect then it would surely bring confidence within you, which can easily be felt through the shine you have in your eyes and the charm you have.

Every woman is confident in her own ways and when this lightens you up, and then this can easily be felt by everyone around you.

Confidence is a totally different feel that every person must have within.

5. Competence


Heels are high, and whatever is high has a control over things and mostly over themselves. When you have all of those along with confidence then comes a very special feeling and that’s the feeling of having power within you, because when then people around you really appreciate you through their actions it simply means that you have the control and power by your side and you can really control over what others are up to, as they are already in a sense of being controlled by your personality.

Ever thought why do we listen to someone who is really attractive by personality? It’s all because we get carried away so much by their personality and for the moment we respect whatever they ask for.

Let me clear you here we are more of talking about personality considering less the looks, because a perfect personalities have this much confidence within them, that you can feel when you interact with them.

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5 Disadvantages of wearing High Heels

It won’t be fair if we don’t throw lights over the disadvantages, high heels have got a lot of HIGHS but has also got LOWS as well that has to be mentioned. So here are the most countable disadvantages of wearing high heels.

1. Difficult To Manage

Difficult To Manage

High heels have a lot of advantages on wearing, as it gives a lot of good feeling on wearing it. But how easy it to imagine yourself in a heel that would make you look uniquely wonderful in your own manner, but the truth is it’s not that easy to do thing. Wearing heels might make you look good, but it’s so difficult to manage your walks when you are in your heels, it not walked properly then it can be equally harming to you, because higher the heels makes it difficult for you to walk.

It the option you would never opt if you are getting ready for the task that has to be in rush, it’s never an option if you are about to do something that would make you walk so much. Doesn’t matters how used to you are.

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2. Hurting Back – Backache

Hurting Back - Backache

Wearing high heels makes your body posture in such manners that it makes you look slim, but at the same time all the body weight falls on to your back due to which you suffer back pain, this can sometimes be very painful because for a short interval of happiness we are always ready to sacrifice our comfort.

Wearing heels can also cause serious health issues that might force you to always walk in plain base footwear. Most of the time backache in women is due to their heels, anytime a woman consults a doctor regarding backache, the doctor at very first asks “do you wear heels?”. It’s a medical fact that wearing too much heels is also not good for your knees as well.

Above anything health comes first.

3. Hour Glass Figure

Hour Glass Figure

Hour glass figure, this is what the main body design is called when a women wear heels, this might add so much of confidence and satisfaction within you; but the fact is, wearing them causes your lower back to bend or curve out more than normal, due to which their spinal cord is also in not in a good posture, the best posture for anyone’s spinal cord is, straight. This is just not the case here; too much strain on spinal cord can also lead to a very painful condition that might cause you a lot of pain. Sometimes these are reason for permanent ortho issues in women. You must be very careful of your body posture, because if you don’t properly care them then it might become a lifelong caring issue.

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4. Wrench


If it’s the first time or even if you are not used to wearing heels, then any sort of carelessness might become very hurting, leg sprains are very common disasters associated with mishaps of wearing heels, though the hurting ones. Many a times women have also got their legs twisted in a way that has just gave them so much of pain, months of bed rest and also a bagful of medicines. With this article we have no intentions of making you feel afraid of heels, but these are some true happenings that makes us count though the way of disadvantages.

Leg injuries are often common with heels, for once we have all seen at least one female crashing wearing heel either in real or in reel, it might look funny for the viewers but it’s actually painful and one of the greatest cons of high heels.

5. Price Tag!!!

Price Tag!!!

Heels are a buzz in women groups that makes it much more expensive and demanding due to which many a time their price tag just blows up many of us.

Wearing branded heels is what a woman would always want, but unfortunately many women can’t afford those fine branded heels due to its huge price.

Not all of us can afford everything, this is something that would not make many readers feel good, but this is the truth that many women can’t afford.

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Expensive heel aren’t pocket friendly for every women.

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