Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Earrings

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Earrings

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Earrings. Earrings are accessories worn majorly in earlobes and can be worn in other parts of the ear as well. Earrings are not only worn for their attractive looks but are also worn because of certain scientific reasons behind it. Earrings are of two types, i.e. Clip-on and Pierced.

Piercing has its own advantages and Disadvantages when not taken care of properly. Earrings are  jewellery mostly worn by women these days, it’s either the earrings worn in piercing or clip-on. When worn with the right look, they enhance the look of the wearer.

Wearing earrings has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are as follows.

Advantages of Wearing Earrings

The advantages of wearing Earrings are mentioned below in detail:

1. Beauty


Earrings not only complete your look but compliments your look. They are an integral part of accessorising yourself and even the look seems to be incomplete without earrings. They add an tinge of glam to your face and makes it look more attractive and attention seeking, but for everything to go perfectly well you need to co-ordinate your earrings with your dress and your look so that it suits you and completes your look which would also make you feel confident about yourself. Beauty generally refers to the way a person presents themselves, be it the way they look, the way they dress up and also the internal beauty of a person. As earrings enhances both the outer beauty and inner beauty as well, as it complements outer looks obviously, but it also help a person feel beautiful internally.

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2. Self-Confidence


Beauty defines Self-confidence and self confidence defines who you are. Whenever someone knows they look beautiful, they feel beautiful, their level of confidence just rises to a peak, and whether you agree or not earrings are an important part of your look. Different styles of earrings are for different faces and consider yourself lucky if you’ve found the once that just complements your looks. Not every pair earrings goes with every face, like People with wide faces prefer to wear heavy bulky earrings that matches their look, whereas people with small faces prefer light earrings or studs as those tiny things itself matches their look.

Feeling beautiful is more important than looking beautiful, when we feel beautiful our self confidence increases as to no matter what people think, when you know you look good and then the way you carry that self confidence with a graceful attitude makes one look even better.

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3. Attention


Earrings are a centre of attention for most people,  there are different kinds of earring like some you just keep staring at even if they’re yours or not, you’re walking down a street and someone walks past you wearing some beautiful earrings and then you tend to stare at them , or earrings that makes you stand out of the crowd, as earrings being an important element of your look, can make it or break it, and even if it does matches your look , it still makes you stand out. As earrings these days are majorly considered as a jewellery for women but some men wear it to get some attention,  to stand out of the crowd.

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4. Fashion


Earrings tend to be in fashion around the year. They don’t go out of fashion any time, whether it be a stud or hangings just pick your look and go with it. Earrings make you look up to fashion, up to date. They are trendy, as well as also a status symbol as the type of metal represents the status in the society. They might be made of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or diamond which represent the status in the society. Earrings are made of several metals be it  Trend goes on changing with the passage of time but earrings never get out of  fashion instead new designs are introduced in the market with the ongoing trend which usually changes time to time.

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5. Therapeutic value

Therapeutic value

Scientifically wearing earrings and having ear pierced has great value it does not only compliment your look but has many health benefits. Particularly in case of women, the centre of the earlobe acts as a point of acupuncture which helps in maintaining a good reproductive health and a healthy menstrual cycle. Where as in general, getting ears pierced for wearing earrings helps in proper circulation of blood, it also saves you from obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and nervousness. Ear piercing at an early age helps proper brain development in children. As it makes a person look good it also has some scientific values along with it, which attracts people to it. Knowing all the advantages of wearing earring makes people who don’t have piercing give it a second thought.

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Disadvantages of Wearing Earrings

The disadvantages of wearing Earrings are mentioned below in detail:

1. Not skin friendly

Not skin friendly

Different Earrings are made of different kinds of metals available in the market. Some are made of gold, platinum, silver, sterling silver etc. but not all metals that are used for making earrings are skin friendly. There are some people who might not know whether a certain kind of metal would suit their skin or not, but as they are trendy they tend to wear them, and later can result in Allergic reactions or Infections.

A normal human skin might not be friendly with every metal they come in contact with, skins of different people respond to different metals in unlikely ways, so it is better to avoid any kind of metal to come in contact with your skin. Some people might even be allergic to all types of metals, so it is better to not be running at a risk of catching any infection or have allergic reaction to it.

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2. Requires intensive care

Requires intensive careRequires intensive care

Earrings require an intensive care of the earring along with piercings. Piercings require special care as the ear lobe skin is delicate, when a person continues to wear heavy or bulky earrings continuously for a long period of time; it might result in widening of the piercing, loosening of the skin of the earlobe or even ripping it apart. So it requires in regular change of earrings if the ones worn are heavy. It requires a regular cleaning of the earring that is in the piercing, which reacts to the skin. When a metal is initially inserted into the piercing it should be sterilised as it comes in direct contact with the inner portion of the earlobe which also requires a regular cleaning to maintain its hygiene.

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3. Snatching


Hanging Earring run at the utmost risk of being snatched as they remain freely suspended in the air. With wearing the precious metals, the fear of getting them snatched away comes along. Snatchers are always looking for such precious metals, as a result of which would not only cause loss of money but would also make you prone to the risk of getting your ear ripped or any other serious injury. Even if one is wearing artificial earrings which may look alike any precious metal they still run at a high risk of getting them snatched. As earrings are one of the most common accessories a snatcher looks for, those people do not care about the pain caused to the wearing them, as stated above earrings being suspended in air freely, makes it easier for the snatchers to just grab and run away.

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4. Take them off in schools or jobs

Take them off in schools or jobs

Earrings or any accessories may not be allowed at places of work or even in schools or colleges as people might use it as a status symbol and could also lose them in crowded places like these which might cost them a fortune and the institutions or any work place does not want or could be held responsible for such a loss. Wearing earrings or any accessories made of these precious metals are usually not allowed in schools as children might not be able to take care of them and lose them.

Also people appearing for entrance examinations and for government job examinations are not allowed to wear any kind of accessories especially earrings while writing them. As with wearing these precious metals also comes the responsibility to take care of them. Some places not only forbid wearing earring because of the responsibility but because sometimes, people come out or showcase themselves as superior because of the accessories they are wearing which those places are not in a favour of, and treats everyone equally.

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5. Pain


The most common type of earrings to be worn are the ones which need piercing. Also scientific benefits which can be derived can only be derived wearing those earrings. Now wearing them is not as easy as it seems it is really painful to get a piercing, people feel that it is not as painful to get piercings done at a young age, than it is to get it done later but a person has to go to the same amount of pain to get a piercing regardless of the age. Piercing means to get your skin punctured and to get it done is never easy.

It is painful even after first few days of wearing the earring or maybe even after. It is also painful if you leave the piercing vacant for several days it might also result in growth of the skin back to normal, which would close the piercing and one would have to go through the pain again if they wish to wear earrings again. If your skin develops an infection because of the metal of the earring or the metal of the needle used to pierce the ear it would also be painful moreover getting your ear ripped because of snatching is all the more painful.

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