Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Siblings

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Siblings

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of having siblings. After having parents the second thing which comes to our life is siblings. I don’t think there is someone who don’t know the meaning of siblings , it means having brother or a sister from same parents, yes they are your first best friends if you start from the beginning siblings this word has completely different feeling as it effects the life of an child from day 1 till the last day of his/her life. Because having siblings one faces a lot whether its advantage or its a disadvantage , yes there are both as they provide love and affection but on the other hand they fight with us or tease us or just so many things so in this article we are going to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of having siblings.

Advantages of having siblings

The advantages of having siblings are listed below in detail:

1. Love and care

Love and care

Siblings are the one who are  there for us no matter what the situation is no matter what the time is. having siblings is mostly the boon for ever child as they get someone from where they can get love and care. love is not meant only for lovers its also their in the family as its the emotion which keeps the family and siblings united. It is must in siblings as this is the emotion which let them feel better because when a person feels low he/she wants someone to hold them and its the best time when one must have a sibling who is there to hold them and make them feel better.

There is a saying that “brother and sister relation is one of the pure relation in the world”. They stand for you when you need them . They love u as you love them .Because siblings are one of the best gifts one can have.

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2. Best friend

Best friend

Having a brother or a sister who is always there for you is like having best friend forever because they are always there for you when you need them. They are not there only for good advices but they also do number of activities to make you feel special as well as they can irritate you as friends do. They are the one can anything to you but when other person say something to you they will never listen to that. As they are the one you grow up with that makes you know every good and bad thing about them. They will always give the best advice whether its school, college, love life etc.

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3. Responsibility


Besides all the goods this one the most important emotion as this is what one get when he/she gets a sibling. If you are elder brother/sister then you have to take care of your younger sibling, you have to keep a check on what they are doing, where they are going with, whom they are meeting etc. As most of the time elders are the one from whom youngers learn about various thing either its lifestyle or its behave. So if you are an elder brother or sister then you have to make sure that your behaviour in front of your youngers is acceptable so that they do learn the same for example if you use abusive language in front of your younger then someday they will also use that language no matter how many times you tell them not to do that.

4. Crime partner

Crime partner

As we say siblings are always there no matter what its not true only for the help or the support its also for the crimes we do they are also there for us whether its good or sometimes whether its risky Starting from the small age you do so many things together that you do know when u need each other and when you had to do control each other. its the best thing about you and your sibling that you do the things which are good as well as bad without thinking of the result or the punishment because at that time you are just thinking of the fun and the happiness which u will get by doing that.

Apart from being the part of your mischiefs they also protect. for example if you are younger and your want something then u must approach you elder brother of sister first because if they got convinced by you then it will going to be easy to convince your parents for that.

5. Protection


Apart from love , affection ,crimes , care , routines , fight this is something which is the must needed things for everyone either you are younger or you are elder. Having siblings is like having a space place where you can hide yourself and feel safe. They are always there to save you from others as well as from family. Siblings do fight with do it doesn’t mean they will left you when you are in problem for example if you just fought with someone outside they will help you even if they have to go out of the way. not just from outside fights they protect you from parents too like if you did something by mistake or in pressure then they will  help you to move out of that by convincing your parents and taking your responsibility

Apart from these things there exit some problems related yo siblings which we can say are the bad side or the disadvantage of having siblings.

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Disadvantages of having siblings

The disadvantages of having siblings are listed below in detail:

1. Jealousy


This is the major problems which happens in siblings , yes there are so many factors which leads to the situation when one sibling hot jealous from other sibling no matter how much they have but they will still feel like betrayed as they might get slight little attention. For example if you are younger child then you have to wait for many things like going out, clothing because you have to compromise there with your elder sibling as you have to use his/her things then you will get new one that’s the case when jealousy takes its play making the relations sore.

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2. Comparison


comparisons do not only exist only for outsider or friends it is also represent in siblings and its in the worst way it can be either in the form of academics , nature , behaviour ,style etc there are so many parameters which cause comparisons in siblings causing a emotion of jealousy and revenge for example it one sibling is good in academics and another one is not so good in that part then the sibling who is not good in academics have to listen so much of thing even if he/she is good in another field no one will see that he/she will get demotivated by this action leading toward a miserable and hateful life.

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3. Relationship problems

Relationship problems

Along with all the joy happiness and other lots of good thing relationships problems sometimes take over the relations making it sour to a extent that family got divided. Like as we grow up with the sibling from the beginning there are so many things to look after for parents to make life of their children better in that order they do everything ,but when siblings got married or have children means when family expand then , mostly the problems start as needs increases causing increase in requirement and sometimes these requirements make one person so selfish that it came to the separation of family not only in family these problems are also their if the business is together it become too complicated to understand things .

4. Compromises


One should learn when to compromise . Yes its not only important in outer world its also there in the family that sometimes situations are not in the line so one have to leave his/her thing or we can say his/her likes. For an example if the family comprises of two siblings and they both want to go outside with  their friends but parents can’t afford to sent them both at a time then one have to compromises his/her outing for another one sometimes these small compromises leads to big compromises too making one person feel non needed as its all starts from the beginning because from the starting there is a child who is everyone’s favourite so when another child came in family he/she had to struggle for making his/her own space in the family he/she have to compromise things to be a good child.

5. Differences


When it came to humans no one is same either its on the parameter of nature or on the parameter of style. So how can two siblings be same there are numbers of differences in siblings these differences can either be in the form of age or nature or activities etc. These differences seems to be normal but its not like that these small differences can cause lots of problems in the life of siblings as well as to their surroundings . Like if there is age difference between siblings then their views will be different their way of thinking will be different. Elder sibling will be like as parents younger have to listen them sometimes these things make youngers hate their elders.

But moreover its upon us how we make our bond  , on how we see things.

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