Benefits of being a Single Woman


The benefits of being a single woman are discussed here in this article. Women are the 50% of society. Only because of them men could live with high audacity. A set of people are always demeaning the women community where as a few set of people always see for the upliftment of the women community. We live in a society where there are only banners and talks about equality but nobody is interested to take an initiative for the same. In our society where men are known to be superior than women. We live in a society where if a men and a woman do similar actions they are yet differentiated by the society.

Our parents, elders and society has taught females to be careful. Instead it should be like men should learn to have respect for each female. Touching on the topics like widow women, single women,single mom and so on.. Such females are always seen through a different perspective of society, which ideally should not be the case. Right to freedom and right to equality is given to each one of us along with females. Therefore society needs to change the mentality of looking towards single women in an underestimated manner.

Public around think that only married women are happy but on contrast single women are happier than married women in today’s world.

What are the benefits of being a single woman ?

Let us get into the benefits of being a single woman,

1. She’s a free bird

A single woman is caged under nobody and that is the best feeling any female would get. As a female, she is always asked to remain safe and protected under the security of people around but a single women has no boundaries in the eyes of herself so that is why she could live life on her own terms and on her own demands. Living a life in this manner gives a sense of power to her for everyday life. Being a free bird allows you to do what ever you feel right is but if you are a married woman you will come across certain circumstances that would obstruct you to complete any of your wish in life.

On the other side, A single women is living her life like a queen, like a free bird. She can rule her own world and make her own norms, regulations and choices for her life. Unlike, any other married women gets stuck inside the four walls of her house but a single women can improvise her life by stepping out in the real world. Just the way a free bird is not/can’t be caged is the same way a single woman can’t be caged.

2. Self controlled

Having self control is a necessity in today’s world and this can be easily done by a single women. They have the best self control for their own self. A self controlled mind and actions are considered to be smart and wise therefore even if the society criticizes or demeans a single women doesn’t really mean that single women are not really confident in their own self and self controlled in all the manner. Moreover self control can be practiced with ease when it is practiced by a single women because all the focus is gathered to do a task and on the other hand, if self controlled is to be practiced by any general married women, it takes a lot of efforts and energy all together.

A self controlled woman is a career oriented women, therefore if society points out a single woman to be very odd that is to be kept with the society itself and not to be affected by a single woman.

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3. Strong and dominant

Being a single woman is not easy and therefore if the woman is single she is already very strong and brave! Women are usually considered to be very inferior than man or any other gender but single women has no comparison with any gender. She leads the dominance wherever she goes and her braveness falls from each step she takes. She can be a great inspiration for the women community and can uplift the mentality of huge number of masses. Comparatively a married woman would not be able to do such loud actions in the society, but I said above a single woman lives with no boundaries and she can do whatever she feels like and which is why it is easier for her to be stronger and to be herself on her part.

4. Courageous!

The very attractive quality of a single woman is that she is courageous! The amount of courage she carries can not be compared to anything. Let’s be honest and agree to the fact that a single women has to come up fighting everyday with the society and therefore with all the problems she gathers all the courage into herself from her day-to-day life. Living a life of a single women is not very easy therefore it takes a lot of courage to stay as a single women. Not everybody can Slay the life of single women, as a result living a life of single woman is not everyone’s cup of tea. Walk down to a single woman and look into eyes, she will make you come across all the hardships she has gone through only by talking and exchanging thoughts.

5. Self made

Building up yourself, standing up on your own feet without anyone’s helping hand is not easy, it is as tough as anything you think tough is. But the struggle and the time is worth it! Not everybody can be a self made person just like that. It takes you a lot of efforts, time, energy, patience, and what not. Developing a self made quality requires huge determination and dedication along with consistency. But a single woman is a self made person. She has fought all her battles all alone without anybody help, she has stood up on her feet by her own self, she has earned a lot of respect and created her image by her own self with her own efforts.

advantages of being a single woman

6. A struggler and a hustler

Being a single woman takes a lot of hardships and therefore she is always struggling and always hustling her ass off to reach a point. She can never fall back on her confidence and on her efforts. She is constantly a hustler and is known by the same. It’s all about your perspective; you could look up to her as an inspirational person or also look up to her as an odd person of society. But by a  practical mind, fighting and standing on one’s own feet by one’s own effort is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore a single woman is always a struggler and hustler.

7. Career oriented

A single woman is always career oriented and focused towards her work. She will always workship her work. She is one of the best person who is career focused and can build her own career. She will gather herself together and get back to normal days with not a very long time span. Being a single woman will always drive you towards your career, towards your focus and towards your work with no distractions. Just in case if a single woman finds any distraction she is ready to cut it off far away.

8. An outstanding fighter

No doubt that a single woman can be called as a fighter rather that can be her second name. Because the society in which we survive, has always considered man as superior than women. Therefore after fighting battles with the society, she has stood on her own feet and therefore fighter is the perfect second word for a single women. She’s a fighter against the society, against her own parents. You might have no idea of the struggles and the hustles of a single woman but it is just equivalent to a fighter fighting at the boarder. Hence the society should change its mentality and start respecting single women.

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9. An immense hard worker

She can toil for herself all day long and all night long if required. She could be the one who is work oriented, focus oriented, and career oriented therefore as a result she is an immensely hardworking women which are very rarely found in this society. A married women might feel caged inside the four walls but on the contrary a single women will always feel boundary-less to herself.

10. Happy inside her own skin

Her happiness relies on nobody except on herself. She is the mood breaker and the mood maker for herself. A single woman would achieve whatever she wishes for and whatever she longs for. This firm quality is not achieved by everybody in society, it is only achieved by a dedicated and a pure single women of society. The way famous personality inspire us, single women can give us major motivation too. She is just too happy and comfortable with her own skin, inside her own self!! She is very independent and self made and as a result single women will always be on a winning side. Ball is always in her court and if not, she knows how to bring it.  So, these were the advantages of being a single woman. I hope you like the benefits of being a single woman written here.

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