How to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings?

How to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings

Know how to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings by reading this article. Here I am going to tell you about the best way to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings. As we turn up into teens we tend to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It gives a different feeling all together. If such a boy or girl is good looking or is wealthy, then it’s icing on the cake. People who are ugly or overweight are the stone walls to the gate of such relationships unless we tend to meet people of same kind. Attraction, crush, love, infatuation, like or dislike, all such feeling jargons used and spring up more and makes people come to a relation. Coming into a relation and maintaining such relation are both two major stages in a relation.

We enter a relation with an aim of having a long-term , but sometimes destiny makes us meet different people and end up with short term sometimes or a lasting relationship. Getting into a relation may or may be difficult, getting out of relation also may or may not be difficult depending on the circumstances that arise. But maintaining a relation that to such a kind is felt difficult. Consistency is what lacks in a relation to be maintained.

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Girls and boys have their own fantasies for their prospective boy/girl friend as to their looks, behavior, sense of humor, well off, intelligent, so on..whether you have it or not, the other person coming into my life should have this x factor. This creates expectations and leads to dissatisfaction, misunderstandings thereby cold wars and what not. The pacifying part of one partner to the other is a kind of art to be well trained which blossom flowers from that cold zone. So whatever may be the case, having a partner is something special and makes us feel so good. People get into relations without age or time barrier. If you are not in relation at your teenage, you can be at your twenties, thirties accordingly. It is a feeling that can be developed at anytime anywhere, sometimes unknown and known but cannot express.

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Relation can gain stability when it is being simple. The more complex it is, the more instability occurs. Patience, flexibility, empathy, listening to respond and not react is all what is said by people to have a successful relationship. Sometimes it is felt that other relations can be maintained easily than this type of relationship. This happens when we try to segregate such a relation with others.¬† Let’s handle it in cool manner which makes us to take right decision at the right time effectively. Sometimes we tend to complicate things or the circumstance makes us to. Do you agree?

There might be several reasons for you to not talk to a person, can be ego issues or insecurity issues and so on…. whatever the reason might be. If it is genuinely your mistake, we should have the courage to accept and give an apology to the other. But if the mistake stands at the other, it is our responsibility to talk to them about this in a manner that doesn’t hurt the others self-respect.

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How to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings?

The best way to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting his feelings is mentioned below:

  1. The first being always to try to talk to him understand  the situation in which such an act had to take place and be sorry for your act if necessary.
  2. Try to be a yellow light in your relation, some pause in a relation is sometimes necessary to understand your relationship and as to how to proceed further.
  3. Understanding your boyfriend by listening to him is necessary. Two-way communication is necessary with effectiveness rather than just talking.
  4. A gift, whether expensive or not, tangible or not, just try to give them with honesty and love and see the magic that happens. Sometimes deeds speak more than just words.
  5. A touch of care creating a sense of importance of him like hand shake or a hug is another method to console your lover, that doesn’t mean in any wrongful manner.
  6. Being honest at the point of convincing your boyfriend is important.
  7. Never try to involve any third person into this, suggestions can be taken but at last the decision should be ours. That’s an ultimate thing to do by yourself, making trials means a lot to your friend.
  8. Compromised agreement doesn’t make a silly argument into a complex one sometimes.
  9. Taking out for some kind of date if viable. Places tend to change our moods and may be easy to convince.
  10. The last resort would be interference by third party knowingly or unknown makes the person to understand what you couldn’t do.The next thing that goes with this is to select a person who is knowledgeable enough to bring your relationship into an agreement. Such a selection depends on your circumstances.

These are not conclusive methods to convince your boyfriend or girlfriend but rather a platform to generate your own convincing way with improvisation if the above method if not suitable to you. Quarreling can be done in any situation but such a thing may result in over exaggeration of a problem, or can solve the issue but can leave us with the guilty or sadness. It can take less time to leave a relation but take time to build trust and maintain. Let’s think twice while we quit our relation. Relation is always like driving a car, where we start slow, drive carefully and reach safely to our destination. Same goes with relations by thinking on entering a relation, if entered , drive carefully and reach your destination.

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