10 Best Educational Websites in India

Best Educational Websites in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best educational websites in India for students. India is a country where education has been given the first priority comparatively to anything else. From the early ages, it doesn’t matter if we get toys or not but what we do get is a big bag, loads of books and several tuitions. Our parents are always ready to do anything just so we can learn in peace. They’ll establish rewards for the best marks and punishments for the worst. They’ll try to make it a competition among the siblings so that you both compete to get the highest marks. They even get you admitted into the best institutions even if they might not be able to afford its fees, they work extra hard so that you can have the best education.

This all started way back, when we did not even have classrooms but children were still forced to attend their school which were then known as Gurushalas. We were taught to respect the teacher, our books and the god of education as well. This shows how much importance and respect ‘education ’ holds in our country.

In a country like India, where education of children is so important, it’s also important that the child does not face any hindrance when it comes to acquiring knowledge. There are a number of things which may pose as an hindrance such as not being well, whether conditions and many more. This is why there are various websites so that you are not ever left behind on your studies. Let’s get to know some of them so that we know where to go when we feel lost in our classes.

Top 10 Educational Websites in India

There are more educational websites but i have come up with the best ten. Following are the ten top educational websites in India described in detail.

1. Byju’s

Top Educational Websites in India

The first one is Byju’s website which is a recently growing website. It is a site that has been putting a lot of effort lately to be able to reach a very large population. They came up with a number of advertisements, that is, both online and offline so that people get a little more aware about the website. It is a website particularly made for children of classes fourth to tenth and a different level for eleventh and twelfth. Also, they help you up your game with the help of engaging video lectures and live questions so that you can advantage from the website. They also have an app so that you can better access that.

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2. Meritnation


This is another very experienced and highly ranked website which offers you free registration. They ask you for your board such as the cbse, icse, ncert etc to make it easier for you to find out a number of study material that they provide you. They have test papers and answers for different board subjects. Moreover, they conduct live videos, animations and chats where they give you various analytical quizzes to make you use your brain overtime. And if you are late to study for your exams, don’t worry because they also have revision papers and notes to help you in every situation. This website also comes with an app and so you can download it to get notified on a daily basis so that you never miss anything.

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3. Khan Academy

Educational sites in India

This is a very popular website among the children, parents and even teachers, which is a non profit that strives to provide world class education to anyone, anywhere. Here, you just need to add your course and search for the notes you want to know and they provide you with absolutely free of charge world class material. This website was originated in India and it popularized to such extent that now it is used and visited by a large number of people, worldwide. It has more rankings than any other website and it is a non profit which means that you get education which is so much more expensive than having to buy a house but here you get it free of cost.

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4. Edx

Educational Websites in India

Now this is very different from your basic educational website from a number of perspectives. If you are not able to attend university or any other hindrance that is stopping you from being able to acquire further education after your school graduation, this is the site for you. Here, you can choose your favourite university and further they let you in on the various courses that the university is offering so that you can choose according to your preference. There are a large number of courses available such as the computer science, laguage, data sciences, business and management, engineering and humanities and each of these have further courses that you can check out as well. So you just have to choose any of these and you will be ready to learn.

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5. IndiaBix

Online Education in India

A website that is made for helping you with various exam papers and developing your logical reasoning? Yes, IndiaBix is a very different website which does exactly that. It provides you with a large number of aptitude tests, questions and answers. This is more about verbal, logical and aptitude where you get current affairs and questions for interviews which can prove to be very difficult to answer. Also, a number of mind games and puzzles, online tests and some subjective programs with trusted material for you to study. Here, you can read aptitude test questions and answers for your interview and entrance exam preparations.

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6. Shiksha

Best online education websites in India

This an Indian educational website that helps you keep updated and notified about various colleges, courses and exams. Here you can get every bit of information on different colleges and also, you can enquire, apply, or register yourself in any college using this website. Shiksha website is all about after 12th, that is, courses and colleges and exams. They even provide you with counselling so that you can have expert guidance and are able to put up various questions which are answered immediately, regarding colleges, entrance exams and much more. Upcoming exams are shown here with all of the trending and top colleges names so that you can have their top information first-hand so that you are not behind in any area.

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7. Education Observer

E-learning sites in India

This website majorly comprises a collection of various question papers for different subjects. They give you any major notifications regarding education such as the revised syllabus of a specific class etc. not only this but they have come up with a number of mock tests related to maths, physics, chemistry and many other subjects that you might like to take tests on to check your knowledge. You can even apply for scholarships here, as they offer you different scholarships for further studies in international colleges. You get notified for a number of exams ahead such as the school exams, entrance exams and bank exams. This is an exceptional website when it comes to question papers and so if you are interested in any of the things mentioned above, you can give this website a visit.

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8. Infinite courses

Online learning

Another educational website that is related to everything after your school, that is, college courses, different universities, jobs, study abroad and much more is Infinite courses which is also an indian website. Here, you can discover various best courses, top colleges, distance education, coaching institutes and a number of international universities for your further studies. This site provides you with online books, different publishers and book shops. Moreover, it provides you with an education consultant so that you are able to put up your questions that you want to know about. Also, you can look here if you want to know anything about jobs in India, that is, you can find out a number of jobs that may be available for you.

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9. Udemy

Best E-learning sites in India

Udemy is an Indian education based website which is not entirely free of cost but the price that it asks for the study material that it provides is still very less as compared to what you pay in your schools and colleges. Here, you are able to learn from the world’s best and experienced experts and you can select the top instructor that you want to. There are paid as well as unpaid lectures and the best thing about this website is that it helps you if you can’t choose what you want to do and that is when they provide you with personalised recommendations, that is, when you answer a few questions before.

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10. Coursera

Best online learning websites in India

Cousera works to provide you with world class education, that too, free of any charges. They strive to build your skills in various courses by providing you with certificates, degrees from world class universities and companies. You can study with the help of a number of video lectures, live lectures, assignments and much more and when you finish a particular course they provide you with a degree or a certificate so that you have proof of the same. This makes it a much better website than the others since a certificate has a power all around the world.

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