10 Best Free Dating Sites For Over 40 Years Old

Best Free Dating Sites For Over 40 Years Old

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best free dating sites for over 40 years old. Regardless of how much we have progressed as a species, we should not overplay the evolution of our minds. We think that the mind is separate from the body, advocating for a dualistic view, which is debatable. But that is not the point. The point is, we think that the body does not exert as much of an influence on the mind as it does. We do not give the credit the body deserves. We overlook how much of our thoughts and feelings are caused by our bodies.

Reproduction impacts the way we live our lives, and over the years, our bodies’ desire to procreate has metamorphosized into different things. One such area is dating. The need for us to date stems from our need to be physically and mentally intimate. Their roots lie in mating and procreation. 

10 Best free dating sites for over 40 years old

But considering the dating scene, the sudden population expanse has forced it to evolve as well. Due to increased competition because of the population explosion, people needed to figure out ways to find dates. Thanks to technological advancements that took place, people can now do so by using Tinder or Bumble. Dating websites have revolutionized the game because of how convenient it has made the process of interacting with new people online. You do not have to necessarily meet someone before your first date to hit it off. Also, not everyone in today’s hectic environment has enough time to do those extra things.

With more and more dating websites popping up, people do not even have to leave their houses to interact with their potential date. With the touch of a button, you could set up your next date, sitting in the comfort of your house. Neither do you need to spend extra money to go to different places to meet new people, nor do you not need to make plans to meet people in hopes of getting a date. With these dating websites, you can do that without having to waste your time and resources.

So, if you are looking to get into the dating scene, then there are certain dating websites that you could use to give you a boost. Since there are far too many dating websites for anyone to count, you need to be on the most popular websites getting the most traffic. If you use a dead website, then the chances of you getting a date decrease. Use the websites mentioned in this article. The top ten dating websites worth using are as follows –

1. Adult Friend Finder


Without a doubt, most if not all have heard of Adult Friend Finder. I have used it as well. It is one of the most popular dating sites and app out there in the market. Every other person seems to be using it. I have used it as well. What I learned is that Adult Friend Finder has turned into a quasi-hookup site. So, technically, Adult Friend Finder is a two in one offer. If you feel like dating, then you can do so, but if you feel like going the other route and want to find people to hook up with, then you can do that as well.

Either way, there’s not much for you to lose by using this website. If anything, you’ll have more to gain. No other dating website or app has blown up like Adult Friend Finder. Considering the number of people using it, you have the most chances of finding someone there.

It has a pretty nice interface. You can swipe left to reject other people’s profiles, or you can swipe right to match with them. If the other person also swipes right on your profile, then you both will be matched together. From there on, it is all on you.

You can also make purchases that can help you boost your dating game by getting the chance to use features such as super like, more often. But you’ll do fine even without spending money.

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2. Eharmony


This website is considered as the most, if not the most, serious dating website you can find. Given the number of questions you have to write and the questionnaires you have to fill, if you’re looking for something very serious, like your date eventually turning into a marriage, then this website is for you. The relative seriousness of it all is the reason behind it being comparatively expensive. But, if you’re serious about it, then you won’t mind it. Nonetheless, it is free to use, can still be used if you don’t want to spend any money.

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 3. Get It On


Get It On is a dating website that recently joined the online dating industry. But it can still give even the biggest names a run for their money. Their success has mostly been because of their matching algorithm. Some of my friends who have used Hinged have told me how good its matchmaking is. It helped them find the type of date they were looking for.

In ways, it is similar to other websites; however, the biggest differences are that, unlike Bumble or Tinder, you like other profiles instead of swiping them. Get It On also lets you converse with people who haven’t matched with you, which is great! Upon liking each other’s profiles, both the individuals get matched. If you are looking for a higher number of matches and serious relationships, Get It On is a good website to use.

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4. Seeking


Considering the insane amount of competition in the dating scene, if you want to have an easier time finding dates as a man, try using Seeking. Men should use it because the demographics suggest that more women than men are using this website. However, it does not mean that you will get a date with the worst profile ever. Put effort into creating a good profile, and it will make your life much easier.

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5. Grindr


Grindr is unlike any other dating website. It is one of the few websites that specifically cater to the LGBTQ community. Since other websites’ matching making is mainly tailored to the likes of straight males and females, it can be at times very frustrating to use when you are a gay man. Hence why, start using Grindr and watch your matches be flooded (as compared to before). I know a friend of mine who is happy to have switched from Tinder to Grindr.

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6. Okcupid


Since there are many dating websites on this list where you might have to cough up some money, it is only fair to add Okcupid to the list. This website is considered to be the best free dating website by many. Apart from having to spend zero money, an amazing aspect of the website is that the dates you get are not limited to your nearby location. You can connect with anyone around the world. How great is that? You get the opportunity to know people of different ethnicities, hailing from different cultures if you use Okcupid. 

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7. SilverSingles


This website is for those who are above the age of 50+. Age is just a number, so why should people stop having fun beyond a certain age? If you have gone through a divorce or are single and looking for older partners, you can use this website. Like Grindr caters to the LGBTQ community, this dating website is specifically for seniors. It uses a set of questionnaires to match you with people who think similarly. The features are easy to use, purposefully done for people who might not be tech-savvy.

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8. Her


If you are not satisfied with using Grindr, then you can try giving Her a shot. As the name suggests, this is specifically for women, who identify as bisexual, queer, or lesbian. If you think Grindr isn’t working out, then this website is always there for you to use. Depending on your preferences, using this website can help improve your chances getting matches and dates.

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9. Elite Singles

Elite Singles

EliteSingles is for a mature audience looking to be in a serious relationship. The majority of its members are above the age of thirty and also have a university degree.  It is for professionals wanting to have a dating life. You can give it a try if you are finding it to be appealing.

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10. Bumble


The last dating site on this list is Bumble. Although it has fewer users than Tinder, Bumble is still one of the most popular dating websites and is a big name in the dating industry. One of the reasons could be because of the quasi-state that Tinder has morphed into. But regardless, Bumble is a great dating site to use. It has some features that are similar to Tinder, while others are different and are appropriate add-ons. Similar to Tinder, you swipe left to reject profiles and right if you are interested. When both the people swipe right, they will be matched. The matches only last for a day, so be quick!

Something to look forward to is their focus on making women feel safe on their website. They have features that let women hide their first names and allow them to initiate the conversations first. If you’re a woman and want to use a website for dating but feel uncomfortable doing so, Bumble is the one for you! And even if you are not a woman, you can still use Bumble.

Dating can be hard or too time-consuming. That is why this article has provided you with the top ten dating websites for you to use. Hope you find them to be useful. Thank you and happy dating!

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