What Do Guys Do When They Miss Their Girlfriend?

What do Guys do when they miss their Girlfriend?

In this article we are going to talk about the What do Guys do when they miss their Girlfriend? It’s said that when a person starts missing you, you should get to know that he/she loves you a lot. Love is the strongest emotion you will ever feel and experience in your life. If you find someone who loves you like mad, feel lucky to have that person because it’s hard to find a person who loves you. When you love someone from the depth of your heart, it’s very hard to not be around them all the time, when you are in love you just want to be around that person and be there forever, but if you are not around them you miss the person.

What do Guys do when they miss their Girlfriend?

Girls find it easy to admit that they are missing you, but guys will never tell you at first that they are missing you, they will do many things to get in touch with you and talk to you but won’t tell you that he’s missing you, and if he tells you don’t leave that guy. There are 10 points listed below if your guy does any of them when you are not around he has started missing you.

1. Look At Your Pictures

Look At Your Pictures

Pictures are a form of memory that we carry with us and have a look at those memories when we miss those memories. Spending time with your loved ones is the most special thing and having memories captured is a boon.

When you are not around him, he is going to look at all those pictures of yours with him and remember the good times that you have spent together. Guys won’t tell you when they miss you because they want to give you your space and time, he might even cry looking at those beautiful pictures of yours hugging him.

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2. Read Old Chats

Read Old Chats

When you start missing someone you do weird things, reading your old chats is one of them. As a guy when I miss my girlfriend I often read our old chats and that “I love you” at 3 am makes me mad.

He might be reading your old chats when he misses you, reading old chats takes you back in time. Guys may look feelingless from their face but believe they do carry feelings for you all the time, and when he starts missing you he goes to the very first day in the chat and reads it from there.

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3. Text And Call You Often

Text And Call You Often

This may feel weird to you when he calls and texts you often, as you are not used to getting those surprise calls and texts from him. He will do this when he starts missing you.

He will call you and ask you about your day at work or may ask when are you coming back, he may even text and ask all these. You may not be aware that he is missing you and waiting to hug you and tell you that he loves you. If he is calling and texting you more than he does every day don’t miss any of the calls or texts and make him feel that you love him.

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4. He Keeps In Touch With You Even When Not Expected

He Keeps In Touch With You Even When Not Expected

This will be the weirdest thing he will do when he starts missing you. Texting and calling you at 3 am or when you are at your work or your home or on the way to work or home, he might not be doing all these days when you are with him, but when you are not he will do it all the time.

You might receive calls from him very often, he may ask you about your health or your day at work, he will keep in touch with you because he doesn’t want to miss you all the time. Not being with you is not easy for him, he needs you, he needs to tell you how much he loves you, he wants to be with you all the time.

5. He Responds To Your Text And Calls Immediately

He Responds To Your Text And Calls Immediately

There may be days when you text him or call him. He might not have answered immediately, but when he misses you he will answer your text and calls instantly as he wants to talk with you at this time.

You might get surprised by this act of him, he will reply to you at the very next second or he might have already typed what he wanted to tell you, he might often say that he loves you and misses you a lot, he will give you much more attention then he used to give you before.

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6. He Will Keep The Conversation Going

He Will Keep The Conversation Going

When you miss someone, you don’t want to stop the conversation with them. Loving someone makes you mad about them and you don’t want any time without talking with them or spending time with them.

Your guy will just keep asking you anything, it would be about your work or anything he just won’t end the conversation. He won’t let you go, he will do anything to keep the conversation going and make you feel how much he loves you and misses you. Guys are usually treated as they don’t have feelings and they are emotionless, guys just don’t know how to show their emotions and feelings, it’s hard for them.

7. He Will Engage More With You On Social Media

He Will Engage More With You On Social Media

He will keep sharing posts about love and relationships, he will keep tagging you in his stories and different posts related to love, guys usually don’t do this, but when they do it they do it like mad, they keep tagging you in posts that says you that how much he loves you and how much he cares for you.

Guy will share posts about planning your future, going on a vacation, going for a candlelight dinner and whatnot, he will keep showing you his love for you, feelings he has for you, he will do every possible thing to be with you all the time.

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8. He Will Just Keep Looking At The Phone Screen For Your Message

He Will Just Keep Looking  At The Phone Screen For Your Message

We wait for replies from our special person all the time, we get nervous when they don’t reply to us on time, our mood swings when they don’t receive our phone call, we react like this because we love our loved ones.

He will just keep checking his phone, again and again, to see that have you texted him or not, he will keep checking that have you updated anything on your profile, he will not get relaxed until he sees that special message from you. He will blush when he receives your text, he will laugh at your silly jokes.

9. Will Make Plans To See You

Will Make Plans To See You

He will try to meet you at any cost, he will plan his schedule according to meet you and spend time with you, he won’t leave any opportunity to see you, he will even cancel his pre-planned programs if you are free.

Guys are good at convincing someone to meet them, imagine how good they would be to plan to meet the person they love, guys can do anything for the love of their life, they will plan every single moment when they meet you just to make you feel special. They will not let anything ruin the plan.

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10. Tells You Directly (Honestly)

Tells You Directly (Honestly)

Once he has tried all these things to tell you how much he loves you, but still if you haven’t picked any of these hints, girl?? Why girl why?? He will think for a moment before telling you how much he misses you, he will think because he doesn’t want you to feel guilty about not giving him enough time.

At last, he will directly tell you that he is missing you so much and wants to spend time with you and go for a late-night walk with you, he will tell you how much you are important to him, how special you are to him, how he has planned his life with you, he will make you cry by his words, do everything you love.

He may not be the most perfect guy in the world, or may not be the most handsome guy you know, but the love he will give you, the respect that he will give you, you won’t get a person who loves you from the depth of his heart, finding a person who loves you like mad is very hard to find in today’s time, feel lucky if you have someone who makes you feel special all the time, feel blessed to have that person in your life, respect that person, respect the feeling the person has for you, respect the efforts the person is making to make you feel special. It’s not just your partner who has to make efforts, you should also give enough efforts and time to the relationship. When the efforts come from both the sides the relationships last long and love lives long.

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