How To Impress A Woman Older Than You?

How to impress a woman older than you?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a woman older than you? Impressing a woman might seem easy, but it is a very challenging task. That too trying to impressing a women older than us might be a herculean job. She is matured and might have a whole new perception towards the world that is different than us. Understanding her sometimes might be a tough job. she would have learned to take her own decisions and she will have a clear thoughts about her needs and wants . but there are advantages too, lot of grownup women are  very much fascinated and attracted towards the younger men.

How to impress a woman older than you?

Older women really are most serious about their life, and are no  more in the way of flirting or just hanging out. They also look for more serious younger man with responsibilities when it comes to the topic of relationship. A grownup woman are way more better than a normal or less age women because they are more caring, understanding and supportive in any circumstances. And the also expect less in  relationship. They are more independent themselves and less insecure in the relationship. And they are more mature and only expect a normal relationship. So these are the reasons why men choose woman who is older than him. Here are top ten ways to impress a woman older than you.

1. Breaking the ice

Breaking the ice

When you’re overwhelmed or fall into a women genuinely, then the first thing you have to do is to break the ice with her. You can simply start by taking the initiative and introducing yourself to her. Try to strike a conversation by simply discussing about general topics, but you should make sure that she is interested in this as well. You can simply understand this by observing her gestures. Smile and laugh often as this also attracts the women you are looking into. While in conversation you should also give her some time to talk instead of just bragging about only yourself. This makes you uninteresting. Ask her if you can be her friend and you should gradually progress. The important factor here is that, do not rush and do not take immediate decisions. So  this helps to impress a grownup woman who is older than you.

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2. Learn about her

 Learn about her

Before approaching a person, we should get to know about him or her. Because this helps in the way of finding topics to start a conversation with them. Questioning her directly might be helpful to get to know her, but we should make sure that instead of asking a random questions which might be not easy to answer or might make a feel Weird, ask a particular question which is easy to answer. But before anything you should make her feel comfortable so that naturally she will reveal about herself and also sometimes you end up getting the answers to the questions that you might not have asked. Also, make sure you can learn about her through her social media profile’s  likes, dislikes, Comments etc. And also learn the topics which you both are interested in as it helps to keep the conversation going without feeling awkward.

3. Reaching out to her friends

Reaching out to her friends

Friends are most important person of our life. They know us better than anybody there. Sometimes they are the prominent influences in our decisions. So if you want to impress the women, then you must make sure that you should get along with her friends as well. If they form a good opinion about you then it will be very easy to impress the women. Make sure you find something in common with her and as well as her friends and to make use of it accordingly. You should also respect their own space and the bond which exists between them. If possible  hang out with your women and her friends. This helps to know each other better. Whenever you meet them, never forget to greet . Through all this when done genuinely helps to make form good impression among her friends and also in your women as well.

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4. Take the initiative

Take the initiative

When you’re really into a woman and you genuinely wants to impress her, then you can take the initiative of speaking to her and you should show her your attention and  interest. When you talk to her, you get to know her. Any women simply loves the attention, so give her the attention she deserves. If you’re too shy to talk to her directly, message her. Make sure that you let her know that you are interested in her. Be compassionate about her and do not rush into anything immediately.

Treat her as your best friend first and then gradually let her  know about your feelings for her through  your words, action, gestures, caring. Etc.  Also respect her and give her some time and space before she comes to any conclusion about you. So don’t take too much time to open up about your  feelings, so go ahead and take the initiative. Express yourself to her.

5. Don’t act too childish

Don’t act too childish

Being childish sometimes are cute and attracts many women, but when you know the woman that you are seeing is older than you and you can impress her by your childishness, is way more of a wrong perception. When you act too childishly, she may think weird of you as a person, and might turn uninterested towards you. So make sure that you act mature enough to see a woman and then you should start to act accordingly. Many grownup  women do prefer  mature person as she can start believing in you. If you’re mature enough even she might come in a bid to take help from you to take decisions. And you might also start to influence her by your personality. Your personality and behaviour is what defines you as a person, and this could be a major factor for her to get impressed by you.

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6. Never bring age factor in between

Never bring age factor in between

When it comes to the matter of true feelings, age is never an barrier to the relationship. There are Stereo types and stigmas about the age gap  among the society, usually Men are stereotyped to choose the  women younger than his age, but nowadays the youngsters are changing and are showing more interest in being in relationship with the women who is older than him because of numerous advantages it provides and it also ensures the longetivity  of the relationship. When you mention the age factor  in the  conversation with the women, she might feel conscious and also it might make her feel uncomfortable. So in a bid to impress the women you love, never bring up the age topic or never try to start conversation with this as a subject matter.

7. Value her thoughts and decisions

Value her thoughts and decisions

Valuing the women’s thought and decision is as important as respecting her. A woman has a solid sense of dignity and self respect. So she likes to live free and independent, so the man who wants to impress her shouldn’t supress her as the  society does instead , accept her for whatever she is and should learn to respect her. He should listen to her way of  perception towards anything. He must encourage  in her way of reaching goal or being successful. She might take decisions which might not be liked by you, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Instead respect for being who she is , you must be her support system and must be with her in any situation. And if possible, guide her through her way. This aspect  really helps to impress a girl.

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8. Be attractive

Be attractive

Being attractive instantly creates a sense of bond between the persons. So in order to impress a woman older than you, then you must be attractive. It means in the sense of being  confident and brave man, being respectful and kind towards others, taking risk in order to not lose the loved ones, having sense of humour  or being intellectually passion  oriented, caring, being lively every time , being smart and also groomed, dressing sense, how you carry yourself in front of others are all these things matters a lot and the women finds it’s really attractive. Being  attractive not only by looks but also by your actions and gestures is important . This is one of the leading way to impress a woman who’s older than you.

9. Be secretive

Be secretive

This is one of the most easiest way to make someone think of you. Telling others everything about you makes your less interesting person and being always available also makes people think that you’re less worthy. So making subtle move in everything and not making anything a big issue is necessary. It also involves not informing anyone about your next move and don’t let anyone to gain control of your life other than you. Make sure that you are always speak less and listen more. In this way people find you  mysterious and interesting. Through this you might also seem attractive. This is one of the way to impress your women and also she might  feel interested in you. Gradually you can open up the with her.

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10. Being calm and patient

Being calm and patient

Every woman has a lot of patience and she also expects her man to be like this as well. Every relationship has one or the other frustrating situations. So each partner should remain calm whenever a circumstances become difficult. A woman will thoroughly see how well do you handle your situation. This forms a positive opinion about you in her, so make sure that you have enough skill and knowledge to ensure that you can handle any situation positively. Being positive and honest can bring calmness into our lives, which gradually brings a lot of patience in us as well, so the grown up women will definitely get impressed if you stay positive about everything.

So here are top 10 ways to impress a women who is older than you. Pure feelings has no barriers in life so when you are really into a woman then the age factor doesn’t make sense at all , so go ahead and make use of the above mentioned tips.

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