How to know what do you want to do in your life?

How to know what do you want to do in your life?

In this article we are going to discuss about some ways to know what do you want to do in your life. Humans, one of the most populated species on our whole planet. But we humans are different from other species on our planet. This is not because of our intelligence, but because of our adaptability. We humans are adaptable to each and every environment. This is great in one aspect but not good in many other aspects. This is because, we adapt to everything in our life and we sacrifice something or the other today satisfying the demands of our society and other people surrounding us. Most of us don’t live for ourselves and give up our dreams.

Most of us don’t give our best to reach our goals. We settle down for less in our lives. That is not the best we can do, remember you have a purpose on this earth and only you can fill up your space and do your best. But the most important thing is you must be able to identify what purpose you have on this earth and you are in a position to determine your density. So you have to choose thee place which you have to go.

How to know what do you want to do in your life?

Now the problem comes here, most of the people are influenced by their surroundings, get confused and choose the wrong path and go into that. On the other hand some of the people don’t know what to choose in their life. If you are either in a confused state or don’t know what to choose, then you are reading the right article. Here we are going to discuss how to know what one can do to know their purpose in life. They’ll be able to get a clear idea of what can they do. So to know what we can do and the thing in which we are interested, we need to follow and observe certain things from which we will be able to self analyze and find our direction. Some of the things to observe are,

1. Know what makes you happy

Know what makes you happy

First and foremost thing which makes you to understand and know what you could do in your life. Happiness is everything, you must be happy with what you do, unless you have your own satisfaction and happiness, it will be impossible for you to like the thing which you do. Find what makes you happy. For instance, if photography makes you happy, know and get the concepts and skills require for photography and pursue in that field.

You will be able to shine in something only if you are happy in doing that. Anything done without happiness becomes a duty, but if it is done with utmost happiness, the work becomes your dream and you will be in a position to chase your dream. Each and every day, if something intrigues you on doing it again and again, that might be your way or path to follow.

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2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Most important things which should be identified by each and every one to know about the path they can follow. Every individual in this planet has a special skill set in his own way, and these skill sets are the things which come naturally or developed over time. For instance, if one person is good with his physique, he will be able to follow the path of sports or other things which needs much physical involvement. Not only strengths, one has to equally give importance to their weaknesses.

Identifying one’s weakness will help them to identify and spot the things which they should not do. Know this, if you want to excel and give your best in something, you should have relevant skills and knowledge and most importantly interest towards that thing. So gain that interests you should have equal strength in that field. If you choose something not relevant to your strength points, you cannot sustain or shine in that for a long period. So please identify your strength and weakness equally and simultaneously.

One of the ways to identify your strengths and weaknesses is to sit down and think the activities which you do on a regular basis and identify in which of all these you were good at. For example, you could have shined in your mathematics subject and every topic in it at your school level. You will know this when you think once. If you find that you are good at mathematics then know this you have the abilities of problem solving and analysis and understanding abilities.

This is because maths is not an easy subject to deal with but you might have the ability to understand and workout naturally. So this is one of your strength points and skill set you have. So if you want to follow your path, you can choose a field accordingly which matches your skill sets. So this is one of the examples for identifying your skill sets. You could have a completely different skill set in which you can excel. Find that in the first place.

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3. Write down your areas of interest and necessary skills required

Write down your areas of interest and necessary skills required

Some skills aren’t inbuilt in us, so we have to develop them accordingly. So to develop the skills, you know what interests you so much in the first place. Life is all about being happy, so find which things make you happy. It might not be a work even, but that is ok, if you are happy with doing that you can do it for sure. For example, if you are happy with travelling and exploring different things, you could even go for a tourist guide job. Another example is if you’re keen and interested to know about our history and sciences please do go as an historian. Do whatever which interests you and be happy but don’t let the world to change you at any point of time.

Happiness for a person depends on their own mind state and it is a different one different persons. So do something which makes you happy and develop the skills for doing the thing which makes you happy. If you will happy with earning more money, just list down what jobs and activities can earn you more money in a good way and develop respective skills for the thing which you wish to do. Remember, no one can stop you unless it is you. So live a life to be happy, not to make others happy because it is your life not theirs.

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4. Choose something in which you feel you are persuasive

Choose something in which you feel you are persuasive

Life is full of uncertainty; you cannot predict what is going to happen next moment. Things might turn completely upside down at a point. So in even at hard times you must be persuasive. You should not give up the thing which you do at your hard times. Only if you feel you could be persuasive, choose that thing to do in your life.

This is important because many people give up in their half. They are not able to push harder and reach the end. The fact behind this is that, at some point they get tired and bored of what they do. This cannot happen with the thing which they love to do. Once if they start loving the thing which they do, they should be also persuasive. So choose see these things right in the beginning else it will be difficult to start again from the beginning later. So select carefully.

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5. Question yourself and try finding answers

Question yourself and try finding answers

Only if you question yourself again and again you will be able to find reliable and valid answers. Self analysis and questioning is one of the best ways to know our purpose and path. This is because your purpose and path will always be inside the answers of the questions asked by you to yourself. This is not something which everyone does naturally. If you are not a person who doesn’t do this, develop this habit.

You will also be able to track your growth in your path with doing this. Mistakes are very common for everyone, but those mistakes can only be corrected if you really wish to and identify them at the right time. Mistakes should be corrected on your own and only if your mistakes are identified, accepted and corrected you will be able to pursue in your path. Not only mistakes, but also other things such as success, growth, methods, abilities and much more can be identified by self analysis and to do this self analysis of yourself, you should question yourself constantly. So try to find your own answers and you will know the path which you have to follow.

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So in general, these are some of the ways and methods to identify your purpose and know what you can do in your life. Do something which makes you happy or be happy with what you do, are the two options available for a person in their life to grow up and reach success. So it in your hands to choose one of these two options and remember this, if you aren’t happy with what you do, you are not going to succeed as expected or live your life to fullest. So learn to live your life to the fullest by doing things that makes you happy. Also remember, life is not always going to be  bed of roses, sometimes it could be also filled up with thorns and nails, but know what do the best thing which you could do as a human, adapt and pursue.

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