10 Best Free Job Alert Websites

Best Free Job Alert Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best free job alert websites to get latest job vacancies updates and alerts. Fourteen or sixteen years of education given to a person has one primary goal- to reach a position best suited for them. The difficulty comes when there are thousands of people applying for the same job and at the same time several job alerts goes unnoticed. This results in us ending up unemployed. The whole situation has a solution these days. The online searches for job opportunities have made the process easier. There are websites which sent us notification when a job suitable for our profile comes up. They makes the task much easier. Even though there are ways to find jobs other than this, the tendency for scam would also be higher.

10 Best Free Job Alert Websites

We provide you with 10 best job alert websites which will help you find the perfect job in a safe and sound manner.

1. LinkedIn

Best Job Alert Websites

One of the most sought-after professional job search websites is LinkedIn. The website continues to provide thousands of people with their dream jobs. People who wish to get notified about the job offers that suites their skills are to register to the site. The profile that the user enter acts as their resume for the companies. Creating an additional resume is not required which is an advantage for the user as it makes the task easier. The profiles created would be professional. There is an option for the colleges, seniors or professionals to recommend the candidate which increase the chances to get recruited.

The profiles can be updated occasionally. It has options to include our skills and talents. The desired jobs can be selected according to our preferences. Notifications come accordingly. Preference can be on the basis of any criteria, especially if the location is specified. Another advantage of the site is that the company’s profile can be viewed in detail which gives us a detailed picture on the features of our job. Due to the social networking nature of the site, the users can connect with people across the globe, and can even participate in professional business discussions and can access the top professionals directly.

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2. Free Job Alert

Free Job Alert

As the name suggests, this job alert website is completely free and alerts the users on the various government job vacancies available, which includes various categories of jobs such as in police, teaching, engineering and more. The additional features such as current affairs and answer keys available adds to the demand of the site. The user is required to subscribe to the site using a valid mail id. Notifications would be sent to the mail when a job vacancy matching the profile of the user comes up. Even though the site is highly useful and provides immense data to the user, the layout is in such a way that all information are tightly packed in a single page.

Although it makes the accessibility much easier, the interface can create a confusion. Apart from the notifications, they also publish the result of various government exams and also provides admit cards. The syllabus for these exams are also put up. Providing the state job notifications separately makes it easier for people to choose according to location.

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3. Naukri

Job Alert

One among the most distinguished job alert website Naukri is also one of the early sites created for such a purpose. The site can be accessed for free. But there is a premium subscription which provides advanced notification and features to the users. Naukri is also one among the largest job portals with a huge network of companies and clients connected to it. Presently, they have enlarged their influence into marriages and real estates too. The notifications of the latest job vacancies will be provided to the registered user using the Job Messenger facility.

The professional looking layout creates an ambience. The search can be done on the basis of the company you are interested in or the designations or key skills. Options are provided in the homepage itself to choose the job according to the domain, top brands, category or location. Some of the domains are teaching, management, IT, accounting, bank, manufacturing etc.

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4. TimesJob

Job Updates

People who wish to use the site has to register beforehand. The site is a secondary of the Times group. The layout is user-friendly and simple even though not attractive. The job search can be done on the basis of location, function, role, skill and company. The site has included career insights for the users to refer to. Another feature is that they have mentioned the number of job vacancies available in each sector.

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5. Careerjet

Latest job vacancies

The site is one of the easiest job portals. The layout is too simple such that there occurs no confusion. The search can be made based on the job title, company or keyword. There is an option to search based on location too. The site provides users with opportunities to find a job and gives priority to diverse skills. Recent searches can be accessed quickly from the menu bar. The jobs can be saved for further reference. They also help you prepare a cover letter for the resume. The user can search for jobs in abroad too. There are also options to choose the country.

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6. Freshersworld

Job vacancies

The name of the site says it all. This job alert site is more popular among freshers, who are applying for a job for the first time. The employers who register into the site usually search for first time candidates who are ready to do a middle-work. The reviews given by the users are excellent on Freshersworld. It is a highly useful site for all freshers because they will have a greater chance in here. Jobs are organized according to the preferred sector or category. The location can also be specified. Newsletters on current affairs and latest information from the business world keeps the users updated about the current scenarios.

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7. Monster

Job sites

This prominent site offers different categories of jobs thus ensuring space for every person. One among the largest job portals in the world, Monster searches for young professionals giving them a higher preference even though others too can apply. The advantage of the site compared to others is that as the site is an international one, companies across the globe register here. The users get notified about job vacancies outside the country too. People searching for a job overseas would have a greater opportunity in here.

The fear of whether the details provided are authentic or not is not required as the employers registered are to have a profile which ensure the authenticity of the employers. The portal is also excellent for people who decide to initiate start-ups. The layout of the Monster site is designed in such a way that the users can decide on whether they are to search for freshers’ job, or on a contract basis, work from home and so on. The directions provided are cut and clear, making the search comfortable even for the first-time users. Search can be done on the basis of skills required, company or job title.

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8. Govt Jobs live

Best Job websites

The site is useful in accessing job vacancies in government sectors which include job alerts from railway, all govt jobs, bank, police, engineering and teaching. The latest notification comes at the top. The layout is simple and easy though not so attractive. Latest announcements are also included in the home page itself. The site also provides answer keys, syllabus for the exams, eligibility and other details related to it. The site is not only helpful for job seekers but also for all others who wish to be kept updated about the latest exams and notifications.

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9. Jobsfocal

Job Alert sites

It is one of the top websites to find a job in the government sector. The site is available for free. They also provided details on vacancies in the private sectors. The official link provided by the site help the user to apply for the job directly. The site also offers latest information regarding vacancies and job alerts. The list of information is up to date and is posted immediately after the official announcement is made which has increased the demand for the site. The elegant layout and accessibility has further increased its claim in this sector.

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10. CareerAge

Latest job updates

The job alert website CareerAge is suitable for both experienced people as well as freshers in the area. The users are to register to the site first. They will be asked to create a resume according to the desired profession. The home page itself has various categories like jobs abroad, walk in interviews, freshers’ job and more. The category can be chosen as per the location, category, skills and so on. The site provides additional articles on career based current affairs, tips for better career and more. The site is specific about the recruiters and employers here which gives a clarity for the job seekers. The vast list available provides a greater opportunity to the users. The interface is user-friendly too.

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The practise of searching the classified pages of the newspaper for the vacancies available in each sector has given way to online searches which are much easier and quicker. We are no longer required to spent hours in front of the newspaper, filtering the required profession from the thousands. With the help of these online websites, we can keep track of the latest news and information as well as get notified about the job vacancies.  

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