How Can I Fall Asleep in 10 Seconds?

How Can I Fall Asleep In 10 Seconds?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I fall asleep in 10 seconds? Sleeping is indeed one of the greatest pleasures of life. Getting rest is in the best interest of everyone irrespective of any possible individual differences. Adoration towards sleep is a universal trait for it pacifies and soothes the mind and body of all creatures that inhibit planet Earth. It calms the mind down and restores the psychic as well as physical energy that gets us going throughout the day.

 After a good Night’s sleep, one feels energetic, refreshed and charged up for the day. It increases productivity and motivation of an individual to perform the best each day.

A good power nap in the middle of the day significantly contributes to less irritability and increased optimism as the person feels recharged. It could even be seen as a healthier version of a caffeine boost.

Unable to get sufficient sleep is not only detrimental to the body but also the mind. When body and mind are not seethed, there is no power on Earth and beyond that can help you get your work done optimally and efficiently. Lack of sleep makes a person irritable and prone to anger outbursts which could result in severed interpersonal relationships because of irritability and intolerance.

Lack of sleep in the long run yields fatalistic results and can prove to be atrocious to the immune system of an individual because of the lowered metabolism rate and rate of healing. It results in dark circles too!

How can I fall asleep in 10 seconds?

While lack of sleep can prove devastating to someone’s physical and mental health, artificial means to induce sleep should be avoided at all costs because they are lethal to the body as they alter the body chemistry and depreciate  the nervous system paving way to even more catastrophic diseases and health problems. It is very important to have a good sleep in order to be the absolute best version of yourself and ensure best performance leading to an overall good quality of life. There are a multitude of ways to fall asleep fast.

1. Meditate


Meditation is one of the quickest, most sustainable and productive ways to calm the mind and body down to be able to sleep fast. Mindfulness by watching your breath and breathing in a rhythmic pattern will help sleep kick in faster. For this, guided meditation can be practiced  by surfing online and seeing what particular kind works for you. There are plenty available over the web! . It soothes and relaxes the nervous system and creates physiological conditions in the body that aid sleep and promote a good quality of sleep. It can also have long term effects of healthy mind patterns and overall boost in happiness. Several researches point to the fact that meditation has innumerable benefits!

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2. Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise

Sometimes the problem associated with the failure of falling asleep is that the mind is not calm. It is very important to be free from anxiety and unwanted overactive thoughts that especially kick in as one lays down in bed. Consciously observing breathing patterns and focussing all attention there can help get rid of extraneous thoughts and calm the mind down. Deep breathing is the most helpful technique. 

There is one specific technique to help calm the mind down and induce serenity. Take a deep breath in while counting till 3. Hold it for 3 seconds. Exhale and count till 6.

Repeat 10 times and watch the end gradually slow down and help in falling asleep.

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3. Yoga


Yoga has been traditionally practiced for centuries now.It is basically the process of combining breathing exercises with bodily movements. It is done in an attempt to synergize the mind, soul and body in order to enhance self awareness. By controlled movements and exercises , one can reduce tensions present in the muscles and body in order to truly relax and naturally increase the secretion of the hormone melatonin. Melanin helps in sleeping. A 15 minute yoga session is effective and super beneficial in improving the quality of sleep and overall boosting mood. 

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4. Avoiding caffeine intake during later part of the day

Avoiding caffeine intake during later part of the day

Coffee causes physiological reactions in the body. It soaks the leisure which leads to sudden alertness and the person feeling awake. At the same time it also causes anxiety and the need to feel jittery ( this is why someone feels a caffeine boost). Tea coffee both beverages do this reaction  to the body. Person feels awake and could affect the body for sometime often causing problems like insomnia and therefore sleep problems. It is advisable  to take coffee during the first half of the day as caffeine boost could enhance productivity. Therefore, in order to catch sleep fast, one should avoid drinking coffee and tea in the later part of the day, primarily just before going to sleep.

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5. Avoid screens before going to bed

Avoid screens before going to bed

Working on laptops and screens is essential in today’s world because every kind of work is done on that itself. However, one should be watchful of their screen time. The light that is emitted from screens can cause dark circles under the eyes. It can make a person look tired all day. It is advised to get blue screen spectacles and shields for phone display so that the harmful light does not enter our retina.

During late hours especially at night, the light from screens suchks out the melatonin from the eyes. Melatonin fundamentally causes a person to feel sleepy. It becomes difficult to sleep when melatonin is sucked out by the light. Therefore, do not watch screens for up to two hours before going to bed.

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6. Blinking exercise

Blinking exercise

There are times when our body is awake and we cannot shut our eyes but our mind is tired , exhausted and drained. We tend to feel restless. This is why this blinking exercise can be really helpful because then both the eye and mind are in synergy and wanting to sleep thereby expediting the sleep process.for this exercise, blink continuously for 1 minute. If this doesn’t work try doing it for another minute and watch your eyelids getting tired and demanding to be closed!

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7. Do not skip dinner

Do not skip dinner

Skipping dinner would not only make your mother angry but also your stomach.Dinner is as important as any other meal  of the day and should not be taken for granted. It can slow down metabolism. Skipping dinner can keep one awake because the enzymes in the stomach can start to act up and not let you sleep. Have a filling meal before going to bed to be able to sleep peacefully. Sleeping on an empty stomach can also give one a headache the next morning.

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8. Be active during the day

Be active during the day

You will not feel sleepy if you were in bed all day. Body needs a reason to fall asleep. That reason should make the body tired so that it feels like it NEEDS rest and you fall asleep. Make it a point to be active during the day. Do not burn yourself with work and drown under the weight of the work but make sure you do not embody a couch potato. Exercise , go for a walk or do something physical so that you feel accomplished. If you feel accomplished negative thoughts would not populate your head and body is already tired so you would fall asleep quickly! 

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9. Listen to relaxing music

 Listen to relaxing music

Do not listen to hardstyle heavy base music; it would not help. Instead, when you feel like you are really really not able to sleep even though you have to sleep because you have an early day tomorrow or maybe just want to get into the habit of getting up early to feel productive, play some soft soothing calming music that falls like a lullaby on your ears making you feel safe and sound. The sound of that music translates to a hug and you will  sleep like a baby!  Music can really invoke soothing emotions and enhance relaxation if played in a calming milieu.

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10. Make the surroundings comfortable

Make the surroundings comfortable

Chances of sleep exponentially increase  when the atmosphere supports the activity of sleeping. Make sure the lights are off. Mattress is clean and there is no dust or grie. Wear comfortable clothes and set the temperature right. Too warm or too cold temperatures lead to nightmares so do not do that!  Make sure the temperature is right and you are physically at ease. Taking a warm shower will really help. Get into the warm blanket and enjoy the sound of sleep!   

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