How To Exercise With Your Brain?

How To Exercise With Your Brain?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to exercise with your brain? Just the way you exercise your whole body, your brain also needs to be exercised. There can be multiple ways that can help you to exercise your brain. The question arises that why your brain needs to be exercised as well and the simple answer to this question is that your mental health is also as important as your physical health. When it comes to maintaining good physical health, we have multiple options like yoga, pranayama, and gyms.

How to exercise with your brain?

These activities can also benefit your mental health. But here in this article, we are particularly talking about activities that can help you exercise with your brain. So let’s take a look at top 10 ways to exercise with your brain listed below in detail:

1. Play chess frequently

Play chess frequently

This board game can help you a lot with improving your concentration power to another level. When you are playing chess then you are trying to focus all your concentration on one particular place for a long time and that eventually develops your observation skills. This can be a healthy practice of exercising your brain by playing chess daily. There are many benefits of playing chess and some of them are improved memory, creative thinking, Improved decision-making abilities, and planning skills. You are using both the compartments or sides of your brain while playing chess and that develops your logical thinking abilities as well.

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2. Running and other physical exercises

Running and other physical exercises

Running can not only benefit your physical health but also helps improve your mental health. Studies say that running and doing physical exercises can help boost your mental strength as it makes you more focused and disciplined at the same time. Because when you are doing any physical activity, your brain releases the feel-good hormones like dopamine that can instantly make you feel free from any stress or anxiety.  I have specifically mentioned running in this point because developing a habit to run daily actually makes you disciplined over time and at the same time, you become more focused.

Staying active and developing the healthy habit of doing exercises every day has numerous health benefits including the improved functioning of the brain. Running and other physical activities increase the blood flow in your body and that results in more oxygen supply to your brain. In other terms when you are exercising your body, you are also exercising your brain.

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3. Solving various puzzles

Solving various puzzles

Nowadays there are many puzzle games available and they can help you with exercising your brain. Some of these puzzle games include Sudoku, Jigsaw puzzles, Crosswords, and many more others. If you check online then you will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of such games available. The trick to solving these puzzle games is to understand the rules and methods first. When you play these games over time, it stimulates your brain and improves the problem-solving skills. When you are trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle by putting the various pieces in the correct place, you are practicing mindfulness because it requires a lot of focus and concentration. Rubik’s cube is also one of the popular and interesting puzzles and solving them requires a lot of focus.

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4. Pranayama and Mindfulness practices

Pranayama and Mindfulness practices

Pranayama has numerous health benefits and one of them is improved mental health. It mostly deals with the breathing practices that include focusing on every breath that you take and whenever it comes to focusing then it has something to do with your brain and your brain needs to be in action. Meditation or mindfulness has also a huge impact on your brain health because it calms down your mind and improves your focus.

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5. Doing something that you love

Doing something that you love

There can be anything that you love which includes listening to happy music, playing a sport, or simply painting. In my case, I love dancing and I feel relaxed after a good dancing session. Your brain again releases those feel-good hormones when you do something that you love and also it makes you happy and you feel relaxed. You can be a little creative by adding something new with what you love. If you love dancing then try to learn some new dance forms or if you love music then you can try playing new musical instruments. It can improve your grasping capabilities, processing power, and boosts memory.

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6. Interacting with new people

Interacting with new people

Trying out new things has a lot to do with your brain because your brain needs to be activated when you are learning or doing something new. When you interact with a new person, you tend to observe a lot of things in that person and that somehow improves your cognition abilities. If you are visiting a new region or area then try to interact with the people in that area. You can just communicate with them for understanding their culture, language, and behavior. This enhances your brain to adapt to new situations and to learn new things.

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7. Indulge in Teaching and Learning

Indulge in Teaching and Learning

Learning a new skill and then teaching the same skill to someone, this idea sounds good and involves a lot of mental focus. Learning something new encourages the creative growth of your brain and enhances mental health as well. Research studies say that learning a new skill improves memory functions because your brain stays active at the time when you are trying to grasp and focus on something. If you have some skill then it can be a great idea to teach someone the skill that you have. In this way, you are not only expanding your knowledge but also improving your problem-solving skills.

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8. Try to find multiple solutions to one problem

Try to find multiple solutions to one problem

Finding out multiple solutions to one particular problem has many advantages. The first advantage is you will be able to find the best solution to a particular problem and another advantage is that you will be able to improve your logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. In your daily life, try to take different ways to do a particular task.

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9. Try some cooking

Try some cooking

When you are cooking something then you try to use all your senses including your taste, smell, and so on.  It can boost your mental health because you need a lot of patience and concentration for making a dish.  You try to experiment with different ingredients for making it better and this enhances your creativity. When you cook a dish for someone by putting all your heart and soul then it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes you happy.

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10. Exploring new places, cultures, and languages

Exploring new places, cultures, and languages

If you are visiting a new place having a different culture and a different community of people then you should understand and observe the way they communicate and the way they behave. The best way is to learn the local language and then communicating with these people to understand their culture, values, and beliefs. Make a note of memorable incidents or information of something significant that you have spotted at that place. Learning a new language has a lot to do with your brain functioning. It improves your memory and processing power so it is a great idea to exercise your brain.

 These are some of the ways to improve your mental health and exercise your brain. Practicing these activities daily can help a lot with improving brain functions such as it improves memory, it sharpens your brain so that you will become more efficient to accomplish various tasks in your daily life.

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