10 Best Ways To Improve Your Eye Vision Naturally

Best Ways To Improve Your Eye Vision Naturally

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Eye vision naturally. Eyes is among the most important organs of a human Body. Imagine waking up one day and Finding you can no longer see. Your eye vision has actually vanished. The world would be no longer something what you could actually see. You always would need a person to help you out and support you. These are the worst consequences of having no eye vision. Eye vision is something what is very important for every one of us.

With the age, the eye vision of every person gets decreased and weak. As a person turns older, the eye vision too gets older and older. Somebody requires only spectacles whereas somebody has to get an operation. Many people regularly stay in touch of any eye specialists. Now-a-days, children also have many problems related to eyes and poor eye vision. This is possibly due to a lot of screen time people spent at their studies or the work. As the developing technology, everything is computerized and hence, to learn and use computer and other devices harming your eye vision has become a basic necessity. You cannot stay away from such things as they have become the significant parts of your life.

In this increasing era of digitization and technological development, it is important to take proper care of your eyes and keep your eye vision naturally healthy. Instead of using the chemicals sold outside for your eyes, it is better to use natural ways to improve your eye vision and stay safe.

10 Best Ways to improve your Eye vision naturally

Here are few natural remedies and solutions which are discussed to improve your eye vision and help you stay away from chemicals.

1. Have Enough Amount Of Vitamins

Have Enough Amount Of Vitamins

Eating habits are something which actually helps to improve the eye vision. It is medically advised to eat right. Eating is the main cause of diseases caused to the Indians. Almost half of the diseases which are caused are due to irregular eating habits of the Indian people which are proving very harmful for them.

For the better eyes, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E are very vital. We should eat the food items containing such vitamins to keep our eyes fit. There are a verity of food items and vegetables which are rich in such vitamins as well as the mineral zinc which are very beneficial for the eyes. Such as:

  • Carrots
  • Red peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet potato
  • Citrus

Also, food items containing enough amounts of Omega 3 Fatty acids are also found to be helpful in improving the fitness of eye.

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2. The Carotenoids

The carotenoids

 As retina is an important part of the human eye, it is very important to take proper care of such part also. There nutrients, hence are very vital. These could be found in the leafy green vegetables on consuming which, retina becomes healthier. These are also available in the form of supplement but are advised to take it naturally.

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3. Fitness Is Important

Fitness Is Important

It is very important to remain fit all over in order to keep yourself fit. If you are healthy, every part of your body would be so. This is important because every part of your body is interconnected and they work in coordination. Everything is in one way or another dependent on each other.

Exercise is the most important condition which can help you do this. If you do exercise and help yourself stay fir, this would help you to keep your eyes fit. It also includes keeping the sugar level and blood pressure of your body in control. Moreover, these chronic conditions must be kept in very much control. These could be cured only by exercise.

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4. Protection Is Must

Protection Is Must

Protecting your eyes is very important to keep your eyes fit and fine. Whether it may be working and repairing in garage or you performing the science experiment in you labs, it is very important to protect your eyes. The touching and harm by sharp metals and any chemical going into your eyes can actually be very harmful.  During playing any game or sport such as basketball or cricket also creates a risk. Moreover, watching a lot television, mobile phone or computer screen is also harm. It is hence important to wear an eyewear and protect your eyes.

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5. Sunglasses Always Helps

Sunglasses Always Helps

It is said that sunlight is important for your eyes, but excessive sunlight may cause a lot of harm to your eyes. As you use sun screen lotion for your face and body, it is also important to protect your eyes with the help of sunlight. This is because; the direct rays of sun are very harmful and adverse for your body. Eye damages are protected by the help of sunglasses which help to protect your eyes from UVA rays coming out from the sun. Sun damage can also cause blurred eye vision. If hats for protecting the eyes of a person from sun are used, those could be very much helpful.

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6. Smoking Is Injurious

Smoking Is Injurious

It is proved medically over the years that smoking is injurious for the health. Smoking drastically harms your lungs, heart etc. But it lesser known that it also harms adversely your eyes, ear, hair and all the other parts of the body. In a way or in the other, it harms each and every part of the body, whether it is the smallest one, eyes being one of them. As soon as you quit smoking, each part of your body starts to recover slowly and steadily, but eyes are those parts which bear the permanent effect of the smoking. Hence, the smoking is something which has a very adverse affect on your eyes. Cataract is the most common disease caused due to smoking. Hence it is very necessary to quit smoking for the natural wellness of your eyes.

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7. Genetic Awareness

Genetic Awareness

There are many reasons by which you could get a disease of eye. Other than all the natural causes there is also a cause related to genetics. Yes, eye disease or weakness in the eyes could also be caused by heredity of the person. Few of the basic and most common diseases caused due to the heredity of a person could be:

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal degeneration
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Optic atrophy

Hence it is important that early precautions must be taken. It is important to know the family history in order to know the actual harm you could have. Early precautions must be taken and an eye specialist should be consulted regularly.

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8. Keeping Hands And Lenses Clean

Keeping Hands And Lenses Clean

Germs are something which affect the eyes as those are very venerable to such things. Sometimes, you feel a lot of irritation in your eyes. Such small irritations could also case a lot of harm to your eyes and affect your eye vision.  You should also not touch your eyes with the hands which are even a little dirty. All these are responsible for the blurred and weak eye vision of the eyes.  You should always wash your hands before you touch your eyes. Moreover, it is very important to sanitize your contact lenses whenever you get time. Using one set of contact lenses for a long period of of time. You should change it as per prescribed by the manufacturer.

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9. The 20-20-20 Game

The 20-20-20 Game

This is a medically approved plus a very good way by which you could actually keep your eyes healthy and eye vision clear. This is called a twenty, twenty and twenty rule. This is basically for the people who actually work on the computers and have a lot of screen time, which is a lot of working population today.

According to this rule, a person after working for twenty minutes at the computer screen should look at anything which is 20 feet away from him, for 20 seconds continually.  This is a very effective eye exercise by which you could help improving your eye vision and help protect your eyes.

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10. Eye Exercise

Eye Exercise

 The last thing which a person could actually do in order to maintain proper eyesight is that the eye exercise must be done regularly. Same is important for eyes. Many eye exercises are prescribes by the specialist and help to build the good eyesight and lead to better eye vision. A person could also walk on grass. Going regularly for the eye checkup is very important as it let s you know the accrual position of your eyesight.

Hence, as a person grows older, these problems are very common. It is important that natural ways of improving the eyesight are important and hence should be followed. These remedies are simple and easy but if used can have a great affect on the eye vision. Staying fit, controlling diabetes and other chronic diseases are very important. Simple things can have a great impact. Precaution is better than cure. Hence, protect your eyes before something happens.

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