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best websites to pass time

The best website for timepass is Nearby Me 2. Here in this article I am going to tell you about top 10 websites for passing time. We have always faced periods when we have no knowledge about how to kill time. Figuring that you already have idea about Facebook and other social sites like Instagram, Whatsapp etc. where you can spend time scrolling through memes and mainly Gossips around the globe, so I am going to tell you some sites to kill time in style.

Before telling fun sites, let me tell first that you can always go through news app to increase your general knowledge. You can also watch funny and comedy videos in Youtube.

10 Best Websites for Timepass on internet

The Top 10 websites for timepass are listed below:

1. FMyLife

FMyLife full form is not clear till now but “Flee” wouldn’t be inappropriate. This is site that encourages their user to send anonymous real life stories of bad-case scenarios which became horrifying true. They are all very hard to believe. Some stories are only for adults so visit it at your own discretion.

some interesting websites for timepass

2. Omegle

You can interact with strangers from all over the world in Omegle. This site provides an interface between some you and some stranger to video chat. For that stranger, you will be a stranger.

No personal details are needed to start and most importantly no personal details are displayed to strangers while talking. Many conversations may lead to friendships across seas. You also get exposure with other type of people and their thinking.

Mainly this site is used by youth of colleges but there are no restrictions on age for usage.

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3. World Cam

This is the best website for time pass. By using world cam, we can see the live forecast from some camera. We just have to set the location of the city and enter the venue of that location.

This will show everything that recorded by the camera at that location. We can see any another location by just changing the location and that’s it. You can thus watch anything from any corner of the world.

great time pass website

4. GeoGuessr

This is one of the popular website to kill time. This is a Geography discovery-web based game. The developer was Anton wallen. This game is very easy and you can explore any corner of the world. In this game you have to guess the location of the place in the world using Google street view location. This site is getting popular day by day.

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5. Cricbuzz

This site is totally made for you if you are cricket enthusiast or cricket player. We can watch live scores of match conducted in any corner of world. Apart from showing scores of international matches, they also do live coverage of scores of various national matches and leagues.

This site will make you feel that you are watching match live. It gained popularity  quickly as it had many features such as very fast update, predictions, history of matches and players, point tables, stats of different type of  matches, etc.


It will also be showing the interviews and reviews of retired experienced players on matches and playing styles of different players.

Latest version of this site also shows live scores of football, kabadi and hockey.

6. Twitterfall

Everyone spends too much time on twitter. But this site offers you a new method to discover and interact with your fellow tweeters and have interesting conversation.

You just have to type terms of your choice or select an option from the list of current hot trends and Twitterfall will start dropping in related updates, one by one. We can control how quickly the tweets fall and we can manage number of combined terms that the tweets must include.

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7. SuperCook

If you wnt to kill your time in semi-productive way but not in productive way so that you have to actually go outside and work than check out SuperCook.

It includes doing some manual work and cooking. You will tell it the ingredients in stock at your house and it will give you a big list of recipes using the given ingredients. Sometimes, recipes are awesome. This is a good way to clean up your fridge and make sure that food doesn’t go waste.

best timepass on internet

8. Soft murmer

You want to time pass while taking break from usual grind, set yourself up for true focus. Soft murmer can help you up to focus clearly.

This website is your white-noise machine which is customizable. Its dashboard, available in app for both iOS and android provides you with slidable volume bar of five nature sounds-air, thunder, waves, wind, and fire.

This website allows you to set volume of different sounds creating a outdoor ambience resembling your favorite soothing activity.

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9. The onion

If you haven’t spent some quality time reading the satirical online newspaper The Onion, You are surely missing out a good laugh.

This publication was started in 1988 and they are managing successfully to maintain high standard for humor and writing ever since. It is among the top interesting websites for timepass.

interesting websites for timepass

10. Timepass

This is a super addicting online magazine with articles covering a wide range of topics. Their articles are very well written and really well researched. They write articles on topics which are necessary and don’t get much airtime.

In their Big Question section they tackle various weirdly intriguing questions. Readers can also their big question or answer any of the big question which is still unanswered.

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Here we saw various sites to kill time apart from the usual gossips and social sites so go and try these new sites and have a mind-blowing experience. So, these were some great websites for timepass on internet.

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