Chihuahua Vs Pug : Which dog breed is better?

Chihuahua VS Pug

Chihuahua Vs Pug dog breed comparison is made here in this article. So, that you can know which dog breed is better among Chihuahua and Pug to keep at home. When it comes to dogs, small dogs like chihuahua, pug etc. bring lot of advantages with them like they are very cute and adorable. More of the advantages include that they consume small space.

Both chihuahua and pug breed belong to toy group. Dogs of this group are generally small. This type of dogs is generally friendly, loyal and affectionate. They easily adapt to the environment they are taken to.

Chihuahua Vs Pug

These are difference between Chihuahua and Pug on the basis of some of the features given below: –

1. Size Difference

These both are small breeds. Among the two breeds, pugs are larger than chihuahua. Chihuahua are little smaller than pug. The pugs are about 10 to 14 inches tall whereas same for chihuahua is 5 to 8 inches tall.

Pugs weigh between 14 to 18 pounds. The weight and height of male and female pugs are almost similar. The weight of chihuahua is generally between 2 to 6 pounds.

These breeds gain weight very quickly so it’s needed to take care of them.

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2. Shedding

This is another factor on which dogs are characterised so it is necessary to understand the meaning of shedding properly. Shedding refers to lose of fur while brushing and other daily life situations. Chihuahua generally do not shed fur. Shedding problem mainly related to pug. This shedding of fur occurs when these dogs are dehydrated and changing of temperature.

Grooming of both chihuahua and pug is effortless. They require minimal grooming as compared to other dog breeds.

3. Personality

Both the dogs are small and adorable but have distinctive look which make them popular them in its own ways. The pushed-in nose makes pugs popular than other breeds of dog. They have round cute eyes and wrinkled faces. Both the dog breeds are best known for their comical expressions. They have stiff body and build is square. Other features include thick, muscular body and curled tail.

Meanwhile the chihuahuas are elegant and stylish. Their face has the shape similar to that of apple. Its eyes are also round and cute. Their body is well defined but not too muscular. The specialty of this dog are its ears. Ears are long and erect and about the size of their face.

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4. Exercise needs

All breed of dogs need daily exercises but it can differ from breed to breed. Some may need vigorous exercise whereas some of them can be fit by doing casual exercises. Health monitoring needs for pug is high whereas same for chihuahua is medium as compared. Pugs are generally prone to overeating so weight monitoring needs for pug of this factor is high too.  Chihuahua are small and exercise needs for them are very casual but pug needs vigorous exercise needs when compared as they are prone to obesity. Chihuahua is not prone to obesity except few cases.

Difference between Chihuahua and Pug

5. Intelligence

Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs soft to their owners and relatively easy to train as they are eager to please their owner. With all phases of training, praise is the key element of training.

Pugs are intelligent too. They can be sometimes become wilful which can make training them hard. On comparison with other breed dogs, they are not so intelligent and ranked as average intelligent dogs.

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6. Training

According to some pet owners, pugs are not famous for their trainability. It means they are resilient to train and don’t follow orders initially which make them training hard and challenging. On the other hand, chihuahuas are easy to train and level of training to teach them is quite low. Both of them play with humans very cheerfully.

Difference between Pug and Chihuahua

7. Life expectancy

The life expectancy is amount of years a creature can live. Life expectancy of pug is about 12-15 years. The life expectancy of chihuahuas is more than pug. They live for about 15-18 years. Both have life span almost similar to every dog breed and they have to taken care of in small age.

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8. Price

As the chihuahuas have low grooming needs and are smart pet, the price of chihuahuas in India is approximately 4000 to 25000 Rupees. The lowest quoted price in India is 4000 Rupees and highest amount quoted for them is 25000 Rupees.

The price range of pugs is about 5000 to 20000 Rupees.  The average price rates are about 10000 Rupees to 12000 Rupees. The range of price is due to quality of breeds.

The average monthly grooming needs of pugs is about 3000 rupees whereas the cost of keeping a chihuahua is about 1700 Rupees.

Which is Better Pug or Chihuahua

9. Health Problems

These both breeds are kind of healthy dogs and come under the category of normally healthy dogs. But health monitoring needs of pugs is little high whereas the same for chihuahuas is generally medium. This means that owning the pug may lead to frequent visit to veterinarian and so chihuahua owner needs to make rare visit to veterinarian. But these characteristics doesn’t affect dog lovers.

10. Temperament

Temperament is an important factor to choose dogs. Pugs are known as family dogs as they are easily adjusted to apartment type houses. They are gentle and less aggressive which are suitable for children and families. The Pugs are very friendly and have good sense of humor. They are very mischievous but help you to relax your stress.

Chihuahuas are loud and can act as watchdogs. They are expert in protecting their territory. This can be a problem to you as they become very suspicious to strangers. We need to train them to be less aggressive towards strangers. They are loving dogs and always eager to please their owner. They are also small which make them easy to adjust to in small apartments.

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