Advantages of reading Books

the advantages of reading books

The advantages of reading books are mentioned here in this article. Books are known to be the ocean of knowledge. They have countless benefits within. Books always fall under the category of advantages, there might be hardly any drawback of books to be found. Like a human or a film, books too can make us laugh, bite on our nails, give us chills, surprises and lot more excitements. A person who is always in touch with books are always wise with thoughts and actions. Books come under that rare category of no complaints and no demand. Books are only meant to be loved and never hated by anyone. They teach us life lessons with immense silence, in a purest way.

There are many genres in the books like  romantic, love, surprise, climax, horror, life lessons, autobiography, fictional, non-fiction, sci-fi and many more. Reading a novel feels like we are stepping into another world altogether. Whenever we read an autobiography then it feels like the personality is talking to us personally. Reading a fictional book gives us the feeling of realness in it. Books has the ability to make us feel lively only if we have that sense to feel it. Books too can give a roller coaster of feelings, related to characters.

We somewhere get attached to the materialistic things of the stories by the way it is described. Books shapes our thoughts and mind. They contribute to our moulding as a human. Books have lead people to success, it has lead people for wise thoughts and actions, it has improvised human kind in a way. It’s very strange yet unique to know that books can play such important roles in our life.

What are the advantages of reading books?

As we got to know about books and it’s importance in general, now let’s head towards precise advantages of reading different types of books.

1. Improvisation of language

Any book you take has a certain  language and it sticks to it all through long. This gets us open to different words and vocabulary. A writer is famous when he/she can convey the context in a general language with ease. A book is known for it’s story and more importantly it’s description. A book has ability to teach and make a difference in human just by the words chosen by a writer. Books help us to enhance our thoughts as well as language. It improvises linguistics. Books Helps us to portray our thoughts with justified words and expressions. And this is A needed quality for each person to have a good portray of emotions.

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2. Best description

“The scraping of the key in the front door would announce his arrival, followed by the full thump on the sofa, where he would throw his laptop”. These lines starts the imagination of a particular scenario happening and that is the power of language and portray. Best description of a scenario, or of a place, or a human is seen only in books. Books can make us imagine scenes, drown into character’s feelings and emotions, related to the characters or factual things and many more. All this happens because of the way a writer describes. Description is the utmost part of the book. It is a kind of execution. Therefore a writer always see to it that no matter what the executive part is adjusted in no ways. Books are considered to have best descriptions ever.

benefits of reading books

3. Correct grammar

So… just the other day I was texting one of my friends and she said and I quote, “Sorry I meant it” and that was clearly not what she meant to say, just cause of improper grammer or infinitesimally punctuational errors, we were on totally different pages! What she really meant to say was, “Sorry, I meant ‘it’.”. This is how important correct Grammar is, in day to day lifestyle or normal conversations. Books helps us to avoid these similar situations and also helps understand right grammar and give us more knowledge about the language. Books have been the best way to register better grammar and prevents you from looking stupid in front of important people (i.e. colleagues or your boss or anyone for that matter). This is among the top advantages of reading books.

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4. Key of knowledge

Knowledge is like a tree, it doesn’t grow or bloom until the right amount of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water is provided to it. Sunlight or carbon dioxide may be anything else, but the Oxygen for knowledge are definitely, books. Be it any book, each one of these pieces of art, gives at least little knowledge, be it in terms of drops, yet at the end your plant of knowledge will keep growing and blooming after each book you read! As I said, be it any books; autobiography, motivational books, novels, etc. each book has its own value and its own amount of water in it.  It grows the knowledge tree stem by stem, branch by branch, but at the end, you will have a fully grown blossom tree.

advantages of reading different types of books

5. Bond over people having interest in books

People who bond over books have a different connection in this universe. Books are the one who develops the interests in each other and that’s one of the most unique bond anyone could have. Friends who met randomly, bonded over books will never go out of touch. Even though they won’t talk each and every day, won’t meet that often, yet the bond can remain the same. Books can give us a different emotions at next level. Similar genres make them closer. Also when a person suggest a book from an unfamiliar genre for the another person, he/she will never put down the suggestion. He/she will at least give it a thought and try it.

Books suggested by people who we bonded over books are never let down by disagreements of suggestions given. It is among the best advantage of reading different types of books.

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6. Makes us go through a roller coaster just by sitting at a place

Books can give us the feeling of roller coaster. A book having romance, climax and a happy ending leads us to thing about the wisdom of words. It could make us feel like this is the end of the world and can calm us down to max. Books tell us stories about poverty and success, about love and hate, about horror and thriller and the list is never ending. The description of book can make a sense of attachment towards it. It feels personal and ownable. They give us a feeling of world is drowning but can also make us feel unexpectedly happier at the story climax. It’s pure roller coaster of feelings while we are absolutely lost into a book.

benefits of reading books for students

7. Familiar to types of genres

Different books are classified under different genres, there’re more than a few number of genres in books, there is ‘Fantasy’, ‘Science fiction’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Mystery’, ‘Romance’ and many more! This versatility attracts people with different liking, interests and preferences. Books, in general make us understand different geners, and people who don’t read a particular genre might start liking it after reading good written books if the similar genre, therefore it creates interest in people and help them see the other sides of themselves through these newly discovered genres!

Example :- ‘Missing presumed dead’ by Kinal Manral exposes more than one genres to us, to the readers. It includes, mystery, romance, horror, a lots of thrill, etc. This helps the readers to know themselves more and discover new genres that they might like and might prefer as opposed to their go to comfort zoned genre of books.

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8. Easy to understand and Percieve

Books have the language which is easy for any general, literate person to understand. I might not say that I disagree, with the fact that some writers really give our brains a load of tasks to try to understand what they’re trying to say, but mostly, authors write books in a language that can be decoded or properly understood by the major, literate masses. Also, on the contrary, say if the writer does use some extremely vague or unfamiliar vocabulary, besides it being a hell of a task to decode what they’ve written, it helps people learn new words and get more familiar with the language used all across the globe and is one of the most spoken languages out there!

advantages of reading books in points

9. Major influence

Books be the most influential company if we are way more familiar to the types of books. The lines we read are imbibed within us consciously as well as unconsciously. We aren’t aware that we are speaking like books, having thoughts that books have fitted in. People reading books regularly are always a bit different at thoughts and at Conversations. The knowledge of books leads in life. They help us to think wise and act wise. Especially, Autobiographies can influence a person to just another level. A famous personality who publishes his own book can go into best selling. And fans over him go crazy when their role models write books.

If a film actor or a famous YouTuber publishes a book that creates a great bond between the masses and the person. A book is something that can be saved and give a personal touch to it.

10. Keeps is glued

A reader who is immensely interested into reading, reads a book within 3-4 days no matter what. Here, there are two aspects, a reader’s interest towards book and importantly a flow and description of a book. Books can make you wait, have sleepless nights, skip meals and what not. So, these were some advantages of reading books that are mentioned above.

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