How to avoid negative thoughts and fear?

How to avoid negative thoughts and fear

How to avoid negative thoughts and fear? : The answer of this question is explained here in this article. This is common with every human being. We all face negative thoughts and fear. It’s important that how are we dealing with these negative thoughts and fear. Most of us can’t handle this fear and try to use ways which are harmful for us like consumption of alcohol, intake of harmful pills, etc.

These negative thoughts originate from the work pressure, results pressure, family problem etc and thus originates the fear simultaneously but we have observed that this fear hinder the thinking process of our mind and decreases its efficiency. It is toxin inside the body, which has to be removed as soon as possible to grow. Fear is something that totally depends on you like how you see the challenge in front of you. If taken negatively, it becomes fear and if taken positively, it becomes opportunity. Thus we have to deal with fear and negative thoughts positively. We should agree that having positive attitude towards any problem is good but these negative thoughts and fear make us better. Therefore accept everything coming towards you and it will become a gift when accomplished. There is always good in a bad situation.

10 Best Ways to avoid negative thoughts and fear

Here are Best ways to avoid negative thoughts and fear:

1. Define the situation

This is the first and the best way to avoid negative thoughts and fear. Human tendency is to start panicking whenever it sees a problem which seems to be difficult. The first step we should take is to understand the problem that you are facing and define it properly. On recognising and understanding the problem, half of the negative thoughts and fear are gone. The negative thought comes due to our thinking of the worst consequences that may happen.

2. Structure the problem

This is very next step we should take after defining and understanding the problem. Structuring the problem needs the planning to deal with it in the course of time. If it is done with utmost care, another half of negative thoughts and fear is gone. If we have proper vision to overview the situation, there is no space for negative thoughts and fear. Planning plays a major role as how we are handling the situation.

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3. Know your fears

Negative thoughts arises if and only if we are having fear in our mind which we are not sure to face. Thus calculating risks about the problem gives us the possibilities and open new ways for us. Fear and negative thoughts are obvious while dealing any situation, but it can be avoided by balancing the fears with facts and solid plan. We have plan a step ahead to challenge the situation you are facing now. Don’t let this fears come in your of success.

4. No to external elements

We all have seen that some situations are difficult but can be handled by us smoothly but we can’t start or finish it as some suspicion is generated inside us by external factors like colleagues, friends and parents. This are the external elements creating a sense of doubt in our mind that which questions our capabilities giving birth to negative thoughts and fears. Nowadays social channels also spread a lot of negativity through their news. Unfollow or try to avoid people who are not helping and spreading negativity.

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5. Face your fears

This is one of solid way to avoid negative thoughts. We as a human being try to run away from our fears instead of standing strong and facing it. Fear grows unhealthy responses in our mind which is controlling our thought process. It is very necessary to break the loop of this thought process and come up with positive responses. Train your mind that what can happen at the worst and what all can you do to avoid such type of situation.

Going through solutions help to avoid negative thoughts and thus fear.

6. Don’t care

Above were the ways to deal with situation oriented negative thoughts and fears. Now following ways can be used generally to avoid fears. We all live in a society where we all are worried that what people will say if our work is unique or if we fail which in turn give rise to negative thoughts and fears. Most of us fail because we are more worried that what people will think than our work. But the truth is that people in modern world don’t have time to judge others. Even if they judge, it won’t affect your condition in any way. After you realize this, you will feel relaxed and free from constraints helping you to get rid of negative thoughts and fear.

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7. Listen to music

We all have tried this method atleast once in our life and surprisingly it works. Slow melodious song always help us to get relaxed. The chances of getting negative thoughts and fears reduces if it is a music instead of song. Try to put some slow music in a playlist and then relax. The result will be that you will get rid of fears which is necessary for every human being. Playing song in background also enhances the aura of the place.

8. Workout and Long walk

This can be effective way to avoid negative thoughts as you are trying to involve your mind into something else and distracting it from negative thought processes. This also change the focus from negative thoughts and changes headspace. Taking long walk is also very helpful as it gives you personal time to think about you problem and conclude some solutions you can do to avoid it. It will also help to change the mindset which is much needed.

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9. Take Sleep and food

This is what most of us do to control stress and avoid negative thoughts. Yes, it is very effective in most of cases. Sleeping helps us forget most of our fears and get relaxed to think about the problem properly. Eating food helps to stimulate sleep. Eating also helps in our brain work to think properly and find solutions instead of hovering over negative thought process.

10. Do Positive things

This can be another way to avoid negative thoughts and fear. One positive thing can be donating things to poor people and helping needy ones. We all can do some deeds of kindness which will positive vibes keeping our fears away.

These were some of the ways to avoid negative thoughts and fears but everyone should find out their own process which help to keep them away from this fears and make them happy.

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