What Happens When Your Girlfriend Is Older Than You?

What Happens When Your Girlfriend Is Older Than You?

In this article we are going to talk about the What happens when your girlfriend is older than you? Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is a trend nowadays. Some boys want a girlfriend because all the friends have a girlfriend. Some boys want a girlfriend because he genuinely loves that girl. “RELATIONSHIP” is just a 12 letter word, but it comes up with infinite problems and solutions. Trust, understanding, faith, love, and maturity are the basis of any relationship existing in the world. A boy and a girl share so many types of relationships such as boyfriend-girlfriend, best friends, close friends, and just friends.

The relationship of boyfriend-girlfriend depends upon how strong their friendship is and how they manage to balance their friendship and couple goals. It is very normal and acceptable that a boyfriend is elder than a girlfriend, but the scenario will be way different when the girlfriend is older than the boyfriend. But the exception is when a girl is older just by 1 or 2 years. It is okay to have that much difference as they both are considered to be of the same generation. They both can understand each other. What if the age gap is more than 3 years.?

What happens when your girlfriend is older than you?

Many things happen when your girlfriend is older than you. Some things are good and a lot of things are out of control. Everything depends upon the mutual understanding of that pair. They have to be patient with each other. We have so many celebs whose girlfriends are older than them still took their relationship to the level of marriage. Below are the top 10 things that happen when your girlfriend is older than you.

1. Mature relationship

Mature relationship

It is a fact that, even though a girl and a boy both are of the same age, the girl is more mature than the boy. So, the girlfriend is older than her boyfriend will not affect their relationship as the age gap hardly matter. No matter what but the girl can manage everything maturely as she is born with the ability to think about every possible thing. in every relationship, the boy should take the advantage of the girlfriend and consult her regarding anything before taking any decision.

This will always help the boy to find the solution easily and the girl will also be happy because you ask her and give her priority before doing anything. If your girlfriend is older than you, then just listen to her as she is more experienced than you. When you are in a relationship, you have to forget that who is elder and who is younger, so that your relationship runs smoothly. 

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2. Career stress

Career stress

Girls have their dreams and they want you to be with them in any situation but they never want to remain dependent upon you for anything. The girls of today’s generation, want their stable and independent life and they are struggling for that. you can go and ask any girl, what she wants in her life? Every girl deserves to be loved. In this type of relationship in which the girlfriend is older than his boyfriend, she might be very serious about her career. And her frustration may get out on you.

If you want your girlfriend to be with you forever, just try to release her stress instead of shouting at her. You will not be worried because you have a lot of career time, but girls have some limitations, as they get older. Compared to you, girls have a little less time to make their careers due to family pressures. Because not all families support their daughters.

3. Communication gap

Communication gap

Gaps in communication or no communication happen in lots of cases. you refuse to tell her about every small thing that happened to you throughout the day because you tend to think that she will not understand. Likewise, she will also think. And you both will never share every small detail about your day with each other. Just “love” can’t last your relationship, “communication” is equally important or even more important. What does it mean for both of you to be with each other, when you cannot even explain your things to each other? The reason behind this is that either both of you are not each other’s best friend or there is some other best friend with whom you share your things. Your love should always be your best friend. Because relationships are very delicate. 

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4. Understanding issues

Understanding issues

She tells something different, and you misinterpret her. The same thing happens sometimes from her side too. Without understanding, suddenly you both start behaving very weirdly with each other. Have you ever gave a thought to what will be the situation if you start understanding each other? Trust me, understanding will make your bond stronger. 

5. Inferiority complex

If your girlfriend is taller than you and someday she praised someone else for his height and she didn’t even mean to hurt you, but you took it in a wrong way. Has something like this ever happened to you? Boys face this issue of inferiority complex more than girls. Don’t know why, but they seem to underestimate themselves. If your girlfriend paid the bill on a date, your ego would get hurt and you would feel that she thinks you are not capable enough to pay the bill. But no, sometimes she will pay, someday you pay, the problem will not be there. Most important is that you both are equal and that is the reason you both are together. Instead of exaggerating the problems, always try to solve them.

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6. Fights

No one can stop the fights when you are in a relationship. And no third person is required to solve the issues between you both. Fights are absolutely natural and very common thing in relationships. Have felt bad about something, yet you are adjusting it by keeping it in the mind, it is completely wrong. Maybe today, that thing gets postponed, but after some time, that thing will come out. So, be real and be you every time. Don’t try to impress each other by adjusting. Both of you are already impressed with each other and that’s why you both are together. So, do fight a lot and keep your heart clean for each other, but with time, convince each other. Before sleeping, you should always solve your problems.

7. Opinion differences

For her two plus two is equal to three and for him, two plus two is equal to five, and this is nothing new. Everyone has their own thoughts and views. And you both have the right to speak whatever you feel. So, have debates on that topic, so that you both get to know each other in a better way. Try to know each other’s perspectives without expecting that your partner should always agree with your opinion.

She might be loving old Bollywood songs and he might be interested in listening to Hollywood songs. Her taste in the case of movies may be Bollywood and he might be Hollywood. Respecting and accepting each other’s opinions and choices can bridge the age gap between both of you. 

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8. She can handle everything

She can handle everything

Girls have the ultimate power of handling everything. That’s why she becomes a mother. If your girlfriend is older than you, she handles all your moods and deals with your anger. She is the one who takes care of you when you feel low or depressed due to anything. Once you can get tired of handling her, but she can never get tired. She cares for you like your mother, teases you like your sister, and loves you more than your wife could do. 

9. Spending time

Spending time

Sometimes, as she is older than you she might be busy with her job or daily chores. She may not get a chance to spend time with you. Sometimes, due to your project work you might get busy. Going on dates, trips and long drives is part of relationships. Spending time with your partner is essential. So you should always try to take time out for each other in any condition.

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10. Acceptance from friends and family

Acceptance from friends and family

Telling your friends and family that “your girlfriend is older than you” is very challenging. Because friends will never understand, they will make fun of you. And the family will never understand that you did not ask each other’s age before falling in love. It is the most difficult task for you to make your family realize that you both love each other. 

Most of the relationships in which the girl is older don’t work out. Also, society doesn’t accept such relationships. Our Indian culture and society will worsen the situation of that boy and girl by saying that girl is older than a boy. I don’t understand, if both of them are ready to be with each other, then what trouble did people have. Recently, the most famous Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married and broke this prototype of Indian society. Priyanka 10 years older than Nick. It’s been almost two and a half years since their marriage. And they are very happy with each other. Loving someone is not our choice, it just happens, but how to make it work is our choice and it is in our hands. 

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