How To Impress A Girl When You Are Not Good Looking?

How to impress a girl when you’re not looking good?

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Ways To Impress A Girl When You Are Not Good Looking. Today generations Z millennials are so interested in getting the opposite sex to date, then to love and then to showcase the word that they are not single anymore ,And they are in relationship.

Nowadays, many boys or men are trying to woo a  girl in many ways like through social media ,through their looks, by the way of this speaking, through their talents etc. So when it comes to impress someone the first and foremost thing that anybody sees is the way a person look. Looks has become so prominent in this era thanks to the growing use of social media. As of my knowledge for many girls looks are important but not as very important as other things do.

How to impress a girl when you’re not looking good?

Looks are not important for a girl when it comes to a serious relationship. Let’s understand that everybody are beautiful in their own way. When you really want to impress a girl, be beautiful within, with positive thoughts and do follow this steps.

1. Way of speaking

Way of speaking

The boy should be clear about what he’s speaking as his words do matter or not. A girl can fall to a boy only by the way he speaks to her and responding to her words. I would like to say, keep the word simple and sweet as nobody and especially girls don’t like about bragging about oneself.

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2. By their actions

By their actions

Simple gestures can make a lot of changes in our perception towards a person. Simply guess just like helping the poor, making a way for elderly people, helping the girl in crossing the street and not to shy away to help her in public is the most effective way that a girl can be impressed 100%.

3. Listening carefully

Listening carefully

Every girl needs a person who needs to listen to her carefully and not to interrupt in the mid of conversation. Nodding while listening is the add on point and seems as  the boy is really listening. It is advisable to not to talk till the conversation is finished. Try to give some suggestions in the end if possible.

4. Not judging others

Not judging others

Especially girls do not like to be judged in any aspect so the boy neither should judge the girl about her appearance, family etc nor judge anyone in front of her.

5. Caring


Every girls dream is to be cared whatever the situation is. So caring for the little things and making the girl feel that she is not alone and you are there for her add the sense of belonging in her and she’s 100% likely to be impressed.

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6. Way of showing gratitude

Way of showing gratitude

Girls likes the person who understands her and cares for the little things in life. So tell her how grateful you are towards the God ,your parents ,friends etc tell her that you are satisfied with little things and you don’t expect much from other and you expect only love.

7. How he mingles with others

How he mingles with others

Girl sees you in every aspect, so she likes to take a look that how you behave with your family friends etc as eventually she will be treated the same way so make sure to respect her and treat her the same way you treat your parents with love, respect care etc.

8. Daring and confident attitude

Daring and confident attitude

Daring attitude upholds the confidence in you, so  be confident in the way of speaking or in the way of your actions. this aspects brings the sense of responsibility and securedness in her about you this makes it easier to impress her.

9. No inferiority complex

No inferiority complex

This is the most important factor .you know that you don’t look great but still you know that beauty is not in the look. A girl can’t be impressed when you are not confident about yourself. So don’t talk anything that make you look unconfident love the way you are and you will be loved.

10. Understanding


This is the most prominent and the most effective way to impress a girl. You should understand the silence behind her talk, understand the sadness behind her smile. So you should be the go to person for her, Whenever she is in problem. She should feel secure about you.

So go ahead and try your luck.

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