How To Tell If A Girl Really Likes You Or Is Just Using You?

How To Tell If A Girl Really Likes You Or Is Just Using You?

In this article we are going to talk about the How To Tell If A Girl Really Likes You Or Is Just Using You? You need relationships like a few friendship relationships, family relationships, and few romantic relationships sprinkled into your life. But the thing about relationships is that they are like plants in a garden; they need to be taken care of, watered, and put in the correct lighting for them to grow. There is a need for you to nurture them. But you also cannot be the only one doing the work. A relationship is a lot like clap as well, where you need two hands to clap. With one hand, it becomes a slap instead, and that is exactly how it feels like when you are the only one putting in the effort to maintain the relationship.

Top 10 Ways To Tell If A Girl Really Likes You Or Is Just Using You

Imagine falling for a girl who ends up betraying you or was using you. Again, there is much worse than can happen to you, but the point is not to compare each other’s suffering. Everyone suffers, be it differently, but regardless, everyone does in some form or the other. The focus of this article is about the different ways to figure out whether a girl really likes you or is just using you. These pointers should help you avoid being too invested in the wrong girl. If you see any of these indicators, then they should act as a red flag, which should help you steer clear. The top ten ways to figure out if a girl is into you or considers you to be a means to an end is as follows –

1. Only Wants Physical Intimacy

Only Wants Physical Intimacy

Everyone is different. Some may share similar traits, but at the end of the day, they are different people. Considering how many unique individuals there are, you need to keep an open mind regarding these things, an open mind concerning the type of person one can be. If you sometimes can’t help but feel that the physical intimacy is great, but that is the only good thing about your relationship, then the chances of her using you are pretty high. You are helping her satisfy her physical needs.

Other than that, she might not think much of you. The only time she may think of you is when she wants to satisfy her needs with your help. If that is the case, you will notice how she is only interested in you when she wants to be physically intimate. The other times, you can sense her disinterest. After a while, it isn’t hard to figure out her one-dimensional interest in the relationship.

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2. Avoids Spending Time With You

Avoids Spending Time With You

In a healthy relationship, both individuals try to invest as much time and energy as possible. It’s because the relationship is important to them. It is an indication of how much the relationship means to them. If she is always unwilling to spend time with you, then you should realize that you have a problem on your hand. How can you not want to spend time with the person you like and are in a relationship with? Getting into fights and giving each other space after the end of one doesn’t count. If she only avoids you, after fights, for a brief period, then that is normal. She is only taking the time to figure things out. But if, in general, she avoids spending time together, then she probably is using you. Other points will let you know how she may be doing that.

3. Always Has An Excuse To Not Meet Up

Always Has An Excuse To Not Meet Up

Before moving onto the points that highlight how she might be using you, it is also important to address the behavior that arises from her trying to use you. Her always having an excuse to not meet up with you goes well with her not wanting to spend time with you. If she doesn’t want to be with you, she will try to find any excuse to cancel plans. Sometimes, it will be work, and other times it will be her not feeling well. If she has an excuse for you, every time you try to get her to spend some time with you, then get the hint. She doesn’t like you. She is only in a relationship with you for other reasons. The sooner you figure out the reason, the better it will be for you.

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4. You Only Do What She Likes

 You Only Do What She

As mentioned before, different people have different aims and have different ways to achieve them. Some girls might be into you so that they can do all the fun stuff they like. It is a good way to learn about her feelings for you. In a genuine romantic relationship, the two individuals are more than willing to make compromises. Her not wanting to compromise is an indication of how much you don’t mean to her. The only reason why she is spending time with you in the first place is so that you guys do what she likes. Considering that this is her underlying goal, that of doing the things she likes or wants to do, she probably will end the relationship if she can’t do that.

5. You Are Always The One To Pay

You Are Always The One To Pay

If not wanting to avoid you, or doing the things she likes, then it might be about you being the one who always pays for everything. Chivalry for her is merely a façade. She uses it to get away with not paying for anything. If you notice this behavior from her, then it is because she wants you to pay, and her interest in you stems from you paying for all her stuff. Once you stop, she will probably leave you.

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6. You Are A Trophy To Her

You Are A Trophy To Her

Many people have trophy wives and husbands. There are chances that, if you are a handsome fellow, some girls might want to be in a relationship with you so that they can show you off to their friends and other people. There could other reasons as well for doing so. She could be an egotistical maniac who gets an ego boost every time someone talks about how handsome you are and how she managed to bag you. It could also be because handsome men and beautiful women get all the stares. By latching onto you, she could also become the center of attention. You help her get the attention she desires, and so, she uses you by being in a relationship with you.

7. Wants Gifts

Wants Gifts

Does she keep expecting gifts from you? If you don’t give her a gift from time to time, does it always end with a fight? Does she get annoyed when you do not meet her expectations and do not get her a gift?

These are all signs of a person who interacts with you because of the gifts you give them. Your whole relationship is based on her getting gifts and you giving them to her. Without it, you don’t have a relationship. If her behavior is dictated by the gifts she receives, she is using you. Dump her if that is the case.

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8. Avoids Intimacy

Avoids Intimacy

This point is the exact opposite of point number 1. While some women might use you to satisfy their physical needs, others might want to use you for other things. If that is the case, then there is no reason for her to be physically intimate with you. Hence why she might avoid it. There may be cases where she is physically intimate only to get things from you. That is equally as bad. Stay away from her if that is the case.

9. Gold Digger

Gold Digger

Are you loaded? Do you have a lot of money and are set for life? That could be a reason for a girl to be interested in you. Life is hard, and some want an easy one. One way to do so is to get involved with a person who has money and can take care of you. Some girls might slide into your DMs because you have a lot of money. Be careful because when you have money, it becomes harder to figure out who genuinely cares for you and who is there for your money.

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10. Using You To Make Her Ex-Jealous

Using You To Make Her Ex-Jealous

Some people have a harder time digesting getting dumped than others. Due to that, they end up doing some messed-up stuff, like stalking their ex in real life or destroying their property. Another way to do so is by getting into a relationship with another person to make their ex-jealous. If you think that is the case but are not sure, then observe her behavior around you and the person she is trying to make jealous. The difference in behavior should be a good give way for you to figure it out. Does it seem like she is more interested in the other person than you? Or does it seem like she is more interested in her ex’s life than yours? If so, then you probably are being used by her.

Relationships can be tough to deal with, mainly when it comes to having your heart broken or dealing with getting dumped. Hopefully, these pointers will help you jump off a sinking ship before it is too late. Thank you!

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