Advantages And Disadvantages Of Growing Beard

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Growing Beard

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Beard. Beard, a way of expressing a man’s masculinity. Beard is the facial hair for a man which grows right below our lips and all over our cheeks. It is so normal for a man to have beard. For some men it grows way too early than expected, for some it grows in the right time or by their puberty and for some men it doesn’t grow at all. This purely depends on a man’s genetics. But with certain chemicals, products and supplements the rate of growth of the beard can be increased up to some extent and there might be side effects too depending on the way and products which we use.

Now if we look closer into this topic, it is said that it is good and healthy for men to grow their beards and as well there are people who oppose and are offended by this stand. But all of this purely depends on a person’s personal perspective. So let’s see the pros and cons of growing a beard based on factual information.

Advantages of growing Beard                        

Beard’s not only makes you look more masculine and hot for that case. Growing beard has more benefits than one really think. Some of the advantages of growing Beard are listed below in detail.

1. Removes Acne’s and Dirt

Removes Acne’s and Dirt

Yes, this fact is true. Growing beard actually helps you to remove acne’s from your face. Acne is something which occurs due to accumulation of dirt in small tiny pores of your face. So growing beard stops this accumulation as beard itself grows through those small pores leaving no space for dirt to get accumulated. So this stops the growth of acne in your face. Also beard and moustache can help in filtering solid dirt. Prevention of dirt also enhances the quality of air which is being entered in our body through nose and mouth. So this will lead to an overall better health. A study shows, that growing beard could possibly reduce the risk of throat infections as it blocks the dirt which is seen as a carrier of bacteria while we breathe through our mouth and nose.

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2. Beard keeps our skin Moist & Warm

Beard keeps our skin Moist & Warm

Growing beard keeps our face moist. It is healthy when our skin is moist. When you shave you could notice your skin getting dry sometimes. This is why because, shaving opens up pores and keeps your face dry during summer and winter. This is being prevented when shaving is not done or beard is grown. Moist skin prevents foreign particles from getting accumulated inside the pores. It not only keeps our skin moist, but also helps us in keeping ourselves warm always. Growing beard is actually helpful for a person if his habitat belongs to a cold place and can really save us during winter season.

3. Prevents Bacterial Infections

 Prevents Bacterial Infections

We already know that shaving opens up pores in our skin. When shaved, these open pores can lead a way not only for dirt and dryness but also for a number of microscopic bacteria to enter into our body. These bacteria might cause infections on our skin. So beard prevents this too. As told already, beard grows over those pores present in our skin leaving no space for such foreign organisms to enter and host themselves in our skin.

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4. Makes you look attractive

Makes you look attractive

Everyone wants themselves to be unique and attractive in their own way. Growing beard actually makes you a unique person in the group. Your face is the index of your mind, so accordingly based on the style and amount of beard you have on your face, you appearance will be more masculine when compared to others in that group. This not only makes you attractive but also boosts your manliness. Around 2012, this trend has been taken to the next level worldwide. Men with beard are considered to be the sexiest and this has turned out be to a sign of masculinity and manliness accepted by women all over the world.

5. Blocks harmful rays

Blocks harmful rays

Beard protects our face and skin around our face from harmful rays such as the UV rays. There are a lot of such harmful rays emitted from the sun. Constant exposure of human skin to such rays might result in skin diseases and even cancer in some cases. Beards acts as a natural repellent against all those rays and protects our skin. This less exposure of our skin to the light and rays also lessens the number of wrinkles caused due to aging. A study explained that growing beard actually lessens the wrinkles present in our skin and in some cases does not allow our skin to wrinkle.  

Disadvantages of growing Beard

Apart from all these positive effects, growing beard also has some negative effects. Some of the disadvantages of growing beard are listed below in detail.

1. Maintenance


This is first and foremost problem occurs while growing a beard. A beard can be great and it can suit you as well as your complexity only if it is maintained in a good way. Like head hair, it also must be groomed and treated in a proper & good way. It costs you your time and if you are a person who is more time conscious, well then growing beard might not suit you in a long term. Grooming beard must also be in your daily or weekly schedule.

If not, your beard might look gross and can damage your outlook. For instance, if your beard becomes so dry at some point, you might experience brown or tanned beard all over your face. Tanned beard might not suit guys with dark complexion and hence you have to shave. So this maintenance part is considered to be one of the drawbacks of growing a beard.

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2. Itchiness


Itchiness is also considered to be one of the drawbacks of growing beard. This is because your skin naturally develops sweat when you are involved in some activities. When this sweat gets accumulated in parts of your face, it might lead to an itchy skin. This itchy skin can sometimes lead to infections in your skin. This might not be an issue when it is winter, but in summer you have to consider this as one of the major issues for your skin. Accumulation of sweat can be stopped by washing your face repetitively. But this too can only help us up to some extent.

When you have a lot of hair the heat accumulated in your body is high relatively. That is why when it is winter; men with beard would feel a bit comfortable. But these won’t suit a person always. Sometimes high heat accumulated in the body cold probably lead to development of heat rashes over your skin and also can cause inflammation on your skin pores. This is also considered to be one of the major issues caused due to growing beard.

3. Your food might get stuck inside

Yes, it does happen for many men out there with long and dense beard. While eating your food, you might get food crumbs into your beard unknowingly. This might cause an issue. If the crumbs aren’t cleaned and removed properly from your face, it can portray you in a wrong way for the people around you. It might also show you less of your etiquettes.  So you must be so conscious while having your food and in cleaning your face after you’ve had your meal. This also comes under one of the major cons of having a beard.

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4. Not very representative of your company

Not very representative of your company

Yes, this happens when you are at work. There are still people out there who prefer a clean shaved man to a man with beard all over his face. This is because some think that a clean shaved man looks more professional rather than a man with beard. Growing beard might help you look like a beast but it is not what professionals prefer.

5. Trial and error period

Trial and error period

Not everyone gets the perfect beard shape and style at the initial stage. To get the perfect beard for one’s face and complexion, they have to wait for some time and try a number of styles and groom it properly to get the perfect style of beard. One might not even know how to take care of their beard properly at first and even need a professional to guide them for grooming their beard and transform it into a proper style which suits them. So this takes a lot of time than expected and patience is way more important for doing this.

  Well, every coin has two opposite sides. It is the same for everything which we have or do. It has a positive and a negative side as well. We cannot avoid any of these sides for any reason.  So in conclusion, these are some of the perks and disadvantages of growing a beard. But in comparison of all these pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons. So it is always better to grow a beard in general, but the decision purely depends on your personal interest whether to have it or not. But I suggest you guys not to be conclusive until your try growing it.

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