What to do before sleeping?

What to do before sleeping?

In this article we are going to discuss what are some things to do before sleeping at night. Sleeping is the best medicine for every problem. It gives refreshment and energy to continue our daily activities on the next day.  The period when we sleep is the time when we forget all our tensions, problems, and responsibilities. Love for our bed is an inseparable one. It is a good way to relax from the external tensions. But to get a good sleep is the major problem in this digital world where laptops and mobile occupied our hands. The usage of mobiles and laptops before sleeping results in the improper sleep. Can I go to sleep instantly after having my dinner? The answer to this is also No. It is not recommended to go to bed immediately after having dinner.

Then what should be done before sleeping? It is suggested to follow some activities before sleeping. It helps to improve your sleeping and relieves you from the all over day stress. In the time in between dinner and before bed, have a healthy schedule that helps you to get a good sleep. Be sure that the activities help you to forget all the problems and stress before going to bed. In this article, we suggest you some helpful activities that you can follow before sleeping.

What to do before sleeping at night?

Get a good sleep without any disturbances through some regular activities before sleeping. Some helpful tips that can be followed before going to bed are listed here.

1. Power off all your gadgets

Power off all your gadgets

The habit of using your phone, laptops, tablets till you fell asleep became usual nowadays. In the eagerness of using their phones, some people forget their sleep and sink into the mobiles. This results in improper timings of sleep. Usage of their gadgets till midnight takes their sleep away. Sleeping late and rising out of bed late is not a good sign for our health. Try to close all your gadgets before an hour of sleep. The blue light from gadgets like mobile and laptop before sleep affects our eyes such as itching and results in bad sleeping. It leads to being an insomniac. Keep your mobile and laptops away and try to involve you in other activities. This will help in reducing your stress. Distant your mobile before an hour of sleeping for healthy eyes and a good sleep.

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2. Pen down your memories

Pen your memories

Keeping the habit of writing before going to sleep will result in good deep sleeping. If you are passionate about writing, then before bed is the best time to pen your thoughts.  This is the best time when you are free of all your busy schedules and works. It makes you write freelance. In the case of not a passionate writer, then you can write about your thoughts and ideas in a separate diary. Keep a diary to pen your thoughts and your daily activities before going to sleep. Write your all-day activities. Wrap all your day incidents into the diary. Share all your sorrows and joys of that entire day in your diary. Diary will become the best companion to you. Write to get relief from your worries. Writing before time to bed will increase your time of sleeping.

3. Time to Meditate

Time to Meditate

It is all-known that early morning meditation will give refreshment. But before going to bed, doing meditation will give peace and happiness to your mind. It is a good time to meditate to relieve yourselves from all your worries and depressions before sleeping. All your waves of anger and stress will fly away from you if you have a habit of meditation before sleeping. It will calm your brain to get yourself prepared for a good sleep. A peaceful mind is essential for a proper sleep. Doing meditation before going to sleep is the best way to bring peace to your mind. The most successful people have a habit of meditation before their bed. Spend your time before sleeping useful to calm yourself from the external problems.

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4. Warm shower

Warm shower

Showering before going to sleep is one of the best ways to keep yourself in a good sleep. It is suggested to take a warm shower that soothes yourself for a comfortable sleep. It discards all your dust and dirt from your body and makes you to have a healthy sleep. It cheers your brain in attaining a calm stage. A warm shower will drive off all your tiredness and makes you feel fresh at the time of sleeping. Especially on summer days, showering brings peaceful sleep. Throw yourself to be loved by bed through showering before going to bed. It prepares your body to be ready for sleep. Keep the schedule of bathing before going to bed to experience a good sleep.

5. Read books

the advantages of reading books

Books are the best companion at the time of sleeping. Some people will fall asleep when they start to read even little lines. Reading books have a good power to bring peaceful sleep. Despite that textbooks can indeed bring good sleep for the students, the good novels and poems have the power to bring restful sleep. Reading books before sleeping will help to forget all your surroundings and worries. It disconnects you from the outer world. It will take you to another world where you will be away from all your problems. Before bed is a good time to read books. It can make you fall asleep and tends you to have a deep sleep.

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6. Schedule the next day

Schedule the next day

Make your day better by planning it before a night. Before going to sleep, think about the tasks and responsibilities that you should pursue the next day. List all your responsibilities first. Prioritize them in an order that should be followed by you the very next day. Plan your goals and targets about the next day. Plan your actions to mold yourself. Schedule the mistakes that you did on that day. Plan the next day without repeating the same mistakes. It is the time to prepare a healthy schedule to sculpt your next day healthier.

7. Have a conversation with your dears

benefits of making friends online

Apart from all your bust chapters, it is a good time to spend your time with your loved ones. Before sleeping, it is welcomed to have a conversation with your family and friends. Talk about your entire day to your loved ones. Ask about their day time and how it went. Spend your time with your family to feel them secured and special. You may miss spending time with your family during your busy daytime. But never miss to spend your precious time with your family before going to bed. Never forget to wish them to have a good night and sleep.

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8. Listen to consoling music

Listen to consoling music

Music has the power to make you fall asleep. Listening to the melodic music will help you to have a good sleep. It will remove all the day incidents from your brain. It will relax your neurons and makes you sleep faster and longer. Prepare your body and mind for a good sleep by listening to good soulful music. Music consoles your heart from your worries and tensions. It will drive all the roiling thoughts away from the mind. Be addicted to the relaxing music that heals all your pain and makes you fall asleep.

9. Make your bed perfect

Make your bed perfect

The awkward bed setup will disturb your sleeping routine. It will disturb you from the continuous sleep. Set your bed perfect for a comfortable sleep. Arrange your comfy pillows and bed sheets that are comfortable for you to fell asleep.  Keep your mobiles and tablets away from your bed. Keep the books, diaries, files, pens away from your sleeping spot that you used before going to bed. Make your bed a better sleeping spot to get a good sleep.

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10. Never miss your natural activities

Never miss your natural activities

To experience a night of good sleep, never miss the natural activities. Use your washroom before sleeping. It will stop you from getting interrupted at midnight. It will decrease the chance of getting awake at midnights. And the natural activity also includes turning off all your lights in the room. Reduce the brightness of your sleeping spot. Make your room with correct light measure. Never sleep in the extreme darkness. And people having the habit of intaking their tablets should never miss to take before sleep. Increase your chance of deep sleep by completing all your natural and daily activities before going to bed.

Sleep is the best gift that makes to forget all our problems and worries by a period. Don’t face problems in sleeping by your activities. Good sleep is a sign of good physical condition. Never play with your health by playing with your sleep. It is important to be prepared to get a good sleep. Scheduling ourselves with proper activities before bed will increase the chance of sleeping well. Follow these activities before going to bed. Avoid usage of mobiles till midnight and getting sleep while using the gadgets. These activities will help you to fell into a deep sleep. Sleep well to make your next day well.

Article by: M.Swetha

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