How to make your spouse feel appreciated?

How to make your spouse feel appreciated

In this article I am going to tell you how to make your spouse feel appreciated? Well it is very much easier. As the best way to make your spouse feel appreciated is discussed here in this article. It is very important to feel fresh in a marriage even after years of tying the auspicious knot, but not many of the couples feel the same energy and spirit which they had in themselves on the first day after their marriage as compared to energy after like some years.

For a marriage to work and to be successful and to feel young even after 10 years of marriage, people need to respect each other opinions and the most important express gratitude the same way as they did in the initial month or initial years. Expressing gratitude is the best way to showcase your love, your respect for the other person and us often in relationship forget to acknowledge the other person which can makes them feel neglected and thus there starts losing the spark of a marriage or a relationship.

Why is it that we say “thank you” to a stranger for passing on something or providing you with a slightest of the help or “sorry” when you commit something wrong? Why is it that we forget to say these words of gratitude to our spouses who are probably putting in more efforts than those and working day long for a better future together and therefore needs more acknowledging?

We got to remember that in a relationship we constantly have to put in efforts to make the other being feel appreciated, feel noticed, and feel worthy enough.

We must understand that making the other one feel appreciated or expressing gratitude is actually beneficial for both the husband and the wife as the universe follows the law of attraction always and by this your spouse will feel pleased and will be attracted to you and also you will feel satisfied on having expressing which makes a relationship happier and merrier.

Thus gratitude is the key to a happy and a romantic life even after years of marriage and we must work for forward to make your spouse feel better.

How to make your spouse feel appreciated?

Here are 10 ways to keep your spouse appreciated:-

1. Say it out loud

There can be times when in a marriage you might feel happy, satisfied and probably even grateful towards your spouse but won’t say it thinking they will know, what is to tell it out loud, thinking “I am married to that person, obviously he/she would know this” but believe me it is always better to speak that out loud because your other half might feel neglected when you don’t express your feelings out loud. It is very important to speak things up, to say out loud that you are grateful, or thank you for what your spouse did or that it made you happy or that you are blessed to have them or that you love them or that you count on him. Such basic words can make a huge difference.

You have got to express out loud what you feel inside which will definitely make your spouse respected, valued, and definitely appreciated. A marriage works with strong communication between the two people and thus speaking out loud will keep your relationship afresh and content, and will change your spouse’s take of action in those tasks which might seem mundane. Therefore it is better to say it out loud in open, that to more often.

2. Leave letters or notes

You can innovate your ways of making them feel appreciated and so you can leave them letters or notes writing and expressing your feelings. Say “Thank You”, “I love you”, “ Let’s go out for dinner”, “ I count on you” and various other motivating stuff for your spouses which can make them feel joyful and energized as it flushes in a lot of positive vibes which can be quite visible too. You can put in these notes in their handbag, or lunch box, or leave it on the mirror in the bathroom which can definitely brighten your spouse’s mood and day and thus would make them feel appreciated.

3. Accept your spouse the way they are

One of the best forms of appreciation and expressing gratitude to your spouse is to accept your spouse for the kind of person they are. You have to accept your spouse, instead of constantly nagging him/her for their methods of actions. Accepting your other half is the best kind of appreciation which can make them feel relieved of pressure of performing well and always standing up to high levels of expectations according to your ways or methods. We should stand by them if they ever commit a little mistake or if it’s their fault, after all your spouse is the one with whom you decided to spend all your life with, you got to stand strong with them if ever needed.

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4. Make time for your spouse

In our busy and frenetic lives we tend to neglect our spouse and indulge in work stuff all the time and therefore forget to make time for the other being. It is okay to be busy and to work hard for a better life, but even in this consumed life and work, we all should and have to make time for spouses to spend together. The couples have got to spend some quality time together to make the other person valued and appreciated and so that they don’t feel like owing negligible importance in your life. You got to express and tell them that they owe a great deal of importance in your life, so you should make some time for them too, make time to pamper them, maybe go out on dinner dates, maybe just sit back at home and talk and listen to each other, maybe surprise the other one at work and there are many more ways. Everyone has to make little efforts in order to make your spouse feel appreciated, so we should start by managing time better and making time for the important people in lives.

5. Give your spouse break

Sometimes a quiet meeting is well appreciated in your spouse’s mind because sometimes they are just not in their best spirit or best mood, sometimes they might be going through a rough or a low phase, sometimes they just need time to process some stuff that is blocking their mind, sometimes they are just too tired due to excessive work at office. In times like this, instead of hanging up on them and forcing those to talk or to involve in some meetings can be a stupid move and rather you need to sit back and give them time, opportunity to take a break to absorb situations or to just simply rest away from regular tasks. Just be supportive and convey them that you are always there.

6. Cook a special dinner

Food can always be a way in to someone’s mind and thoughts and can enlighten your spouse’s mood definitely. Once in a while, cook their favorite dish or a dish that they have dying to try but aren’t able to because of increasing workload. Cook them food, a kind of special dinner, arrange the tables, maybe light up the candles to give a feel to the whole night and to make it more romantic. Make him/her feel special and important. Get some present if you can, eat dinner together, spend some quality time, dine in together, maybe dance a little to add charms to a pleasant evening and it will definitely make your spouse feel special and appreciated.

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7. Appreciate them more in private and public, and even in front of kids

Acknowledging deeds of your spouse in private and public can add on to making him/her feel valued. Conveying them in public, expressing your love in public makes them happier and portrays that you are proud of them and not ashamed of anything. Coming out in public is always an attractive method to get your spouse feel important as they would know that you truly feel what you say. You need to maintain a constant sphere of gratitude inside home and even outside so that your spouse doesn’t feels worthless in public domain and knows that you aren’t fake because you express your constant gratitude feelings both in private and in public.

8. Let them know how important they are to you

It is again a subpart of expressing more and saying it out loud, but here I mean expressing and conveying their importance in all the arenas of your life. Tell them how important they are in your success, and the way they supported you to reach to do that level, the way they contributed to be successful, tell them that you feel grateful towards them.

Tell them you are thankful to them even if they thought of doing something that is put in words to express feelings for their motives, thoughtfulness even if the result doesn’t pays off the way they wanted. Even if sometimes they don’t stand up the way you expected but gave in efforts, value that and appreciate them for their time and effort. No one is perfect so nor is your spouse. They can mess up stuff as well, you just got to stand up and appreciate them for putting in thoughts to it at least or to give time, and it will make them feel better and happy.

9. Strive to offer more than you take

If you believe that universe operates on a law of attraction, then you would totally believe and understand in saying that start giving to people around you or your society and in no time you will see the similar things reaching back to you and that is why if you smile at someone, they smile back, if you maintain good terms with someone, it repays off somehow later, if you behave kind, the other person stops to be rude if they are. This is all because of the law of attraction. This same thing applies in a marriage as well.

To build a successful marriage, you got to give more than you take. When you start giving time, love, kindness, appreciation, words of gratitude without expecting anything in return, completely selflessly and soon you will see a major transformation in your relationship with spouse and will receive back these things as well, maybe even more. So, think of giving more than you take and it will definitely make your spouse feel more wanted and thus more appreciated which makes the relationship sweeter.

10. Go out of your way and beyond to help them

You may feel this going in contradiction to the above said ways but it’s not. It just highlights the fact that merely expressing and saying out loud is not an end to it, you got to go way beyond your words and imbibe those feelings and words of gratitude into your actions. So, go way beyond your ways to help them if they ever need without them asking for it. Give them a break from daily chorus if they are consumed and tired without them asking, maybe give them a massage to feel relaxed, leave them a letter asking to help or motivating them.

Be there for them when they need, be available to them, serve them the way which shows you care about them, protect them when they feel vulnerable, take an initiative and offer help, pamper them, treat them and always stand with through all the difficulties, help them out with their problems and make them feel relaxed and calm. Actions like these needs no words of love or gratitude, they clearly show how much you value your spouse and that they are the most important beings for you in your lives. They will understand and will definitely feel better.

So, these were some ways to make your spouse feel appreciated. You can do various other things as well. The key is to maintain love, respect, integrity and fun in relationship where you can rely on each other even after years of marriage, or can look for them when you need a shoulder, or to feel valued instead of neglected and therefore, small efforts like these can help you achieve this, redefine your relationship and can make you happy forever.

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