How to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings?

how to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings

Know how to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings by reading this article. Pretty sure that there is something going wrong between you and your wife and which is why you had to reach this article. Your wife, your life partner, is the person with whom you share most of your life instances with. She has got your back, she’s a great supporter along with a great sacrificer. Women are considered to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically as compared to men. Your wife is the person who leads the house and keeps everyone tied with each other. Therefore understanding her importance and acknowledging her efforts is a necessity after every now and then.

Your wife can be a soft hearted person, a cold-hearted person, or rude by nature or too much concerning. Give it a thought and have a clarity about what she likes, what she dislikes and treat her accordingly. After being mistaken at a certain situation, your acknowledgements and apologies will make situations better.

10 Best ways to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings

We all are humans and which is why it is bound that we may be mistaken at scenarios but what kind of actions we take to solve the situation will eventually make you a good person, or rather a good husband. So I am here to tell you about 10 best ways to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings. Let’s begin with the very first and important one…

1. Talk

Sitting across a table and having a good, healthy conversation will give you solutions to most of your problems. Talking to your wife is the utmost part of your relationship and it is never too old. Having a conversation when both of you are at a stable mind state will be the best time to have a conversation. Your wife will calmly imbibe your perspective and might keep her perspective in front of you as well. Therefore, talking is the most initial part to start apologizing to your wife after hurting her feelings. Talking with each other will make situations better and understandable in a way.

If you as a husband will keep on ignoring the situation and have least contact with your wife, that will be a major turn off for her. As a result talking plays the most crucial role in this phase. Things might start to get worse or fall apart if talking turns into arguments therefore you should make sure that you are having a  conversation when environment around and you yourself are very calm.

2. Acknowledge your mistakes

Accepting does half of your job easy. I know acceptance does not come with ease, but if you agree to your mistakes in front of her, she will have a cool mind straight after that. Acknowledging your mistake will at least make her know that you care about her and her feelings. If her feelings are hurt she might become very aggressive and rude by nature. But you try to be the bigger person here and  acknowledge everything that happened. That will be one of the most impressive step in her perspective. In general, acknowledging your mistake and accepting your mistake will make her understand that you do care for her and for her feelings. So therefore please make sure that you acknowledge when you want to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings.

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3. Cook her favorite food dish

“Good food makes everything great.” This zomato tagline can be used easily in this patch of your life. Usually your wife is the one who cooks the food in the house but to apologize you can take a few extra and special efforts and can cook her favorite food dish by your own hands. I am sure she will be amazed by watching your unexpected actions like this. Cooking her favorite food dish will not only give taste to her taste buds, but also will add some sweet, sore and spicy tastes is in your relationship. And to achieve this step, you will have to have a clear idea about her favorite food dish. thanks to the technology which can let you know the precise steps to cook any food item.

how to apologize to your wife

4. Show her that she is important

Some instances will make us feel that we are unimportant for the next person. And in this case this will be felt by your wife. so which is why you should make sure that she is still important to you. Keep her reminding that she is way more important than this rough patch going on. This will make her understand that she still holds some amount of importance in your life. Confessing and showing love to your loved ones is one of the most essential parts of your relationship. And this part is forgotten by most of the people. But saying her and showing her your love through your actions, that no matter what every scenario is fought by both of us will bring her back to the normal stage.

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5. Make her understand the reason of your mistake

You and her will obviously have different perspectives and which is why there is a chance of miscommunication happening. It is very important to clear your side by telling her you thoughts and the reasons for your actions. Giving a few clarifications of your actions will make the situation better for both of you. After doing this step there is a possibility that she will keep her thought process in front of you. Which is why you should never back off from taking an initiative to give clarifications to your wife as that will ultimately result into having a good bond between you both.

6. Buy something she was longing for

Being a female she will obviously have some things longing in her life always. You can either give a surprise or Buy her something that she had wished for. The special efforts which you will take towards her will itself show that you genuinely apologize for your mistake.

how to apologize to my wife

Secondly she will be super happy to have something that she was longing for a very long time. So that’s a bonus happiness for her. Usually your wife will like that you have gifted her something special with all your heart.

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7. Tell her that you love her

Saying those three magical words will make her feel absolutely flattered. During this time, your feelings and emotions are portrayed in front of her in the purest matter they can. Which is why it is always considered as an important and necessary step to always say I love you to your spouse. Your woman will always appreciate that you portray your love towards her. Come on, she is the one holding everybody’s hand and walking in the house.. so at least if you love her, she deserves to know that. Letting her know about your love emotions towards her will not only increase the bond but increase love between you both. So please, take some courage and put out your love towards her.

8. Let her know that she is way more important than these unsettling things happening

Rough patches are a part of life but she is your life partner. Therefore, you should always let her know that she is very important than these unsettling things happening between y’all. This will give her a sense of assurance that you are an ideal gentleman for her. Just, you should totally focus on how to make her feel special and happy to get back to normal square one. Give her time more than usual, make her understand that she is the only one important person And nothing else matter more than her and her feelings. This will totally assure her that she is being focused on and given attention to. And that will change her mind obviously. So, go out there and let her know what she stands in your life.

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9. Assure her that you will not repeat the same mistake again

This is something that is not very easy to do yet an crucial part to end with. you should make sure that you are not repeating the same mistake again and again. That will only let her know that she herself and her emotions does not matter much to you. So, make her believe that you will see to it you won’t do that again. And this was something that wasn’t meant intentionally to hurt. Married couples have lost their love long back and which is why to refresh it you should plan on for an outing like a dinner together.

how to apologize to your wife after a fight

10. Plan a surprise for her

This is pretty much interesting. And she is gonna absolutely be in love with the surprised that you plan for her. It can be a surprise vacation, a long trip, a special gift, or a decorated room. Husbands nowadays are so busy running their job or business and managing house simultaneously, and what not. But you should never take your wife out of your day to day life picture. So a surprise for her will make her super excited and happy and will make her accept your apology. I hope now you have got understood how to apologize to your wife after hurting her feelings.

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