How to prevent yourself from Coronavirus?

how to prevent yourself from coronavirus

Read this article to know how to prevent yourself from coronavirus (COVID-19). With the spread of the pandemic disease COVID-19, there are thousands of people becoming victim to the ruthless virus and hundreds of people losing their lives, the disease which originated from China, and migrating all around the world, is deadly comprising of four stages,. 

So far no treatment for this disease has been discovered, So there is no cure and you can only try to prevent yourself from acquiring the disease. Though, people are admitted in the hospital in treatment for this, virus, the treatment aims at only relieving the symptoms. 

Some of the typical symptoms of Coronavirus include, Fever, dry cough, fatigue, sputum production, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, chills, etc. 

Top 10 way to prevent yourself from Coronavirus (COVID-19 disease)

Here are the top 10 ways to prevent yourself from acquiring coronavirus disease, 

1. Wash your hands

Cleanliness is next to godliness, clean your hands regularly cause your hands are the prime transporter of the disease causing microbes, you basically touch the stuffs around and subconsciously your hand touches your face, there by transferring the microes to your nasal passage and mouth, which thre by hosts the virus, So make sure you wash your hands frequently with a hand wash or cleansing soap. Don’t feel lazy are irritated to do so, cause your cleanliness is not just going to save your life but also your loved ones too. 

Since it is a communicable disease avoid touching places that you are not familiar with are not clean.

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2. Sanitize your hands

Keep an sanitizer in your pocket, wherever and whenever you go outside, basically in house you can wash your hands, but here when you step out of house, its recommended to have a sanitizer handy in your pocket, sanitize your hand before and after eating, after receiving or giving the money to the shopkeeper, each and every-time your hand communicates with other source or other person, use a sanitizer to clean your hand, its for your well being, as the sanitizer containing alcoholic spirit can help you destroy the microbes.

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Also, try not to do frequent handshakes, during this period of communicable disease spreading, also, women who are cooking, please avoid using the hand sanitizer and immediately going to cook , cause the ethylated spirit can easily catch fire, and can harm your hands. Be aware of the both sides of the coin.

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3. Use a mask

Whether you are traveling by a public transport, its advisory to wear a mask, when you are going to a location, where there is going to be lots of outsiders, like shopping mall, bank, bakery, wherever its advisory to wear a mask, a mask serves the purpose, of protecting the person wearing the mask from acquiring the disease from the outsiders and also at the same time, protecting the people around you from catching your microbe, if you are the one suffering from a cold, So, use the mask whenever you are out of the house and also don’t forget to dispose the mask after its use, don’t use the same mask for days, replace it every day. Or else wearing a mask will lose its role in protection.

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4. Drink hot water

Drink hot water. Substances boiled or cooked with heat of 36 degree Celsius, consumed can actually help you destroy the virus, which is colonizing your throat, so its highly advisory to drink hot boiled water to kill the virus, in your throat, if you are actually suffering from cold or sore throat, try to gurgle with hot water and salt. This can help you subside the itchiness of the sore throat.

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5. Stay home

Now, most of the companies across the globe, on considering the well being of their employees, have up took the idea of sanctioning the work from home option, so that the employees don’t acquire the disease even under the office environment and campus. So, you can actually work from home if you are an office employee, countries like India has actually announced holidays, for students of school and colleges till, the end of month, so that the students could stay safe and sound in their healthy environment of the houses. So, avoid going to public gatherings as more the people you are surrounded by more the probability of you acquiring a disease is, so stay safe and sound in your hose for few days.

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6. Elbow cough into it

If you have caught a cold and cough, need not to panic, it might actually be some usual common cold, so just follow the simple custom of coughing into your elbow so that the microbes will not fly to other people around and harm their nasal passage too, The better option is to carry kerchiefs or tissue paper with you to cough or sneeze into, and make sure you dispose it properly.

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7. Don’t touch your face

Don’t touch your face if your hands are not clean, follow this vigilantly and you can actually decrease the probability of you getting affected by the disease, because your hand actually has the potential to house more than 10 microbes in it, simply by touching the things in your surroundings, so, once your hands comes in contact, without your face, you are thereby taking the microbes to your face, letting it into your nasal passage and mouth, which are the victimized space, of your health bothering. So avoid touching your face with your hands, if its not clean.

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8. Space

Maintain a reasonable distance from everyone, 1 meter from those who don’t show any sign or symptoms of acquiring a cold or cough and minimum a 3 meter distance from those who are seen and spotted with the running nose and coughs frequently. Social distancing is very important to save yourself from the deadly virus nowadays.

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9. Medication

If you are suffering from common cold and fever, try following the medication only prescribed by the doctor you go for a checkup and avoid taking other antibiotics as some antibiotics have the capacity of aggravating the symptoms of coronavirus. So be careful with the medications you are following. 

10. Reach out for help

If you find yourself, prone to all those symptoms mentioned above, like fever, difficulty in breathing, runny nose, sore throat, prolonged dry cough, diarrhea, fatigue etc, for a prolonged period, try letting the nearby hospitals know of your situation, seek help from them, in diagnosing your health status.

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Usually the virus takes 14-15 days to completely colonize your body, and mostly this 14 days are of no symptom or less symptom period after which the symptoms can be seen of aggravated and exaggerated level, So be careful follow the above procedures to save and protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a victim to this virus, caused disease of 2020.

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