How To Ask A Boy If He Is Interested In A Relationship?

How To Ask A Boy If He Is Interested In A Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to ask a Boy if he is interested in a relationship? Proposing someone at the right age and the correct time is what the demand of the situation. Love is not something that will happen every day. True love happens only once in life and with only one person. That’s why, without confessing your feelings in front of that one person, you should not give up. Maybe, that one person secretly loves you even more, but he is waiting for your move.

And even if he is not interested in you, then what will be lost in trying once? You will get two things in return that is “satisfaction of mind” and “strength to move forward”. Once a day will come, that day you will be able to sleep peacefully without thinking about him. Now you will think that being a girl how can I propose to a boy. This will create a bad impression in front of others and that’s is the reason why you never asked someone, whom you truly loved.  

How to ask a Boy if he is interested in a relationship?

You are a girl, that doesn’t mean that you should not take initiative. You can love and propose and it is acceptable. If you think that you have found your Mr. Perfect then you will have to start making efforts to get that person into your life. First determine, whether you are mentally prepared to spend your whole life with that guy. And if your sixth sense says that he is interested in you too. Then what is holding you back from popping the question?

To help all the girls, who don’t know how and what to do or who don’t dare to put their steps forward when she is in love. We have listed out some helpful tips for you all, to make your life even simpler.       

1. Asking him for a dinner date

Asking him for a dinner date

We all know “The way of every man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, the first step is to ask the boy, whom you love, to come to a cafe or a restaurant with you. Surely, he will not deny, if he knows you. Don’t let him get the hint, that you are going to propose to him. Otherwise, due to nervousness, he won’t come. Plan for candlelight dinner types something. Try to create a moment. Note that, this idea will work only if you both love each other but no one dared to ask each other. Then you have so many ways, to make him feel special.

Like ordering the food that is his favorite. You can pre-plan and ask the waiter to send a ring in the bowl or any small letter. Ask them to play romantic music in the background. Then make a cute face and look at him with hope. He will not necessarily accept your proposal, even if he says that he is not ready for a relationship, try to understand him. Instead of forcing him, give him space and time to think and let him understand his emotions. This is the correct way of proposing someone.

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2. A cute letter that expresses your feelings

 A cute letter that expresses your feelings

You can also give a small, cute love letter to him. You don’t go to give a love letter to him. Ask any of his friends or any of your mutual friends to do this for you. Or you can do something a little crazy. You can place the letter in his bag or his vehicle. What to write in the letter? Start with expressing how much does he matter in your life. Then add some pickup lines, that give a flirty touch. Then end the letter with “Will you be my partner in crime forever?” or something that you want to ask him in any other way. 

3. A random text message

A random text message

It must have happened that you wake up every morning thinking that today you will ask him. But then as soon as you go in front of him, you can’t dare. Generally, you can not speak such things face to face. So, this is another technique of asking for a relationship. Just keep your negative thoughts aside, and text him that you love him. But this should have some base, like you both are friends or best friends or friends of friends. Then and only then you can text him freely. 

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4. Giving surprises

 Giving surprises

Not only girls, but boys also get happy when they receive random gifts. You can surprise him with flowers, chocolates, watch, goggles or any antique thing that he likes. Along, with a small note of asking him to be with you for the rest of his life. 

5. Asking over a call

Asking over a call

Decide one day. Make a call to him. Take a deep breath. Ask him whether he is fully conscious, whether he can talk to you at that moment or he is busy with something. Analyze the situation. Start with a normal talk. Initiate your topic by giving him some hints. Then ask him “May I ask you one thing?”. He will understand if he knows you. His heartbeat will also raise. Just calm yourself down and ask him, whatever you want to. No practice is required. Just be in the moment and automatically, your mouth will hand over the call to your heart. Just speak what comes in your heart. Don’t mess up with the situation.

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6. Dedicating any song in the form of a proposal

Dedicating any song in the form of a proposal

If you are a song person or you know an instrument then this type of proposal is the best route for proposing. The feeling that comes from Bollywood songs does not come from Hollywood songs. But if you already know, to whom you are fascinated is fascinated to Hollywood song. Then you must try that. Because if someone gets used to Hollywood songs, then he does not listen to Bollywood songs much. So, just simply play a song for him, or sing for him. And ask him in a very beautiful manner.

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7. Asking him in a romantic way 

Asking him in a romantic way

Romantic way means filmy way. Girl, just take a rose, wear your glairs and get ready with a playful line. You can either do this publicly or personally. But if you are going to take this move publicly then make sure that he also loves you and will surely say “Yes”. Because, in front of everyone if he said “No”, then it might hurt your sentiments. Because he is not going to look to your efforts. So, before doing all these things, first, make yourself ready for the rejection too. The rejection can be because of so many things like he doesn’t love you or he is already dating someone else or he already loves some other girl.

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8. If he is not ready, be patient 

If he is not ready, be patient

If the guy, you love is not giving any commitment even after he knows that you love him. Because he is unsure regarding his feelings. Then let him take his time to perceive his heartstrings. Whether they are vibrating for you or not. But there are some indications when the other person is also interested in you. You will get the vibes of that thing impulsively. Your task is to just make all the possible efforts you can do, to stay with him. Just make him realize that you love him. And you want to be with him. He will appreciate your effort one day. And will understand that you genuinely love him.  

9. Asking in a funny way

Asking in a funny way

Just a casual meet at your home. And within a random conversation, in a funny way, you can ask him whatever you want to. 

Many people fell in love with their best friends. But to preserve their friendship, they never speak to each other. But as their friendship grows stronger, they get the idea that they are fit for each other. And they sometimes even tell each other that if no one is found, then both of them will marry each other. If you have seen the Bollywood movie named Kuch Kuch Hota Hai then you will understand this scenario. But all these things happen in reality too only thing required is the appropriate person. Because whatever is written in our fate, we will get it.

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10. Dedicating romantic quotes

Dedicating romantic quotes

Instagram or Facebook has given us the access to indirectly share direct feelings in the form of memes or songs. You can dedicate some relatable quotes to give him a clue. Slowly, start dedicating the quotes that explicit your finer feelings.

I hope that this article proves to be useful for you. The day, you start your relationship is considered to be the most memorable day. Now it is in your hand, how to fill excitement in the day. Don’t propose any random guy you don’t even know at all. In the early stages, try to be his friend and find out how he is. Is he worth your love or not. Because love is blind but you aren’t. Being single is better than living life with someone who only bothers you. And if anyone rejects you for your looks or personality, then don’t get depressed and don’t take any wrong step. Because you are beautiful the way you are. So, just have faith in yourself, and move ahead. 

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