Where Should I Take My Boyfriend On A Date?

Where Should I Take My Boyfriend On A Date?

In this article we are going to talk about the Where should I take my boyfriend on a date? First dates are always interesting. They can go awkward or they can go really fun and  you opt in for a second one. It is universal how both the girl and the guy feel anxious and nervous before the first date. What should I wear? Oh I look too big in this, oh I look too snatched in this. Would she think I’m weird if I don’t wear a watch? All these intrusive unwanted thoughts enter the mind. Because you are excited.

Deep down inside, you know that you do not want to mess it up and show the best front of yourself.You dress up for the other person. Look your best for the other person, you are at your absolute best when you are presenting yourself to the other person. Just like you do in a job presentation.

Where should I take my boyfriend on a date?

First date is almost like giving a presentation. Being mindful of what you say, what you do, how you behave with your date and others. It is somehow like you are under the scrutiny of your date whenever you are with them (at least during the first date).they are constantly making an opinion of you for being able to decide for themselves if they want to continue with you or not.

Here’s when the paradox coomes to play. At one end, you are supposed to be mindful of your conduct and on the other end you have to be relaxed and chilled out. No matter how good or relaxed of a person you are, this paradox, if mismanaged, tends to get the worst out of someone. The best way to eliminate this tension is choosing a place that is comfortable to both of you. This goes a long way in easing the tension of both the partners  psychologically and they can put out their best front.

1. Restaurant


Yes, we all know  that it’s cliche but that is because old is gold. Sharing a meal with someone is indeed more intimate than people think it is. It is a comfortable setting to have food on your plate during awkward sciences. Food acts as a barrier and as a connecting medium all  at the same time. Since we all eat, food can serve a really good ground to bond over. Talking about the food, about your favorite food can be really fun. Eating is a fun activity and you and your boyfriend can explore new cafes, restaurants etc nearby  that you think might serve good food.

There is no need to be awkward if the food you ordered doesn’t taste good. It is an experience and not a performance  you both can later laugh about the food and service quality or praise the restaurant for the same. Besides, a dining experience can be more fun if you have someone to accompany you!

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2. Amusement park

Amusement park

Amusement parks can be really interesting.  It is indeed an enjoyable experience. People tend to feel  more relaxed  when they are doing adrenaline inducing activities. People tend to be high in excitement and energy . It leads to an increase in dopamine which helps in boosting mood and energy  levels. High energy levels and good mood give rise to quality interactions and a twitter time to bond with someone more than when they are happy. Happy people are more attractive than those who are unhappy. Interaction ought to be a lively and wholesome interaction when you both are happy and pumped up. It is something people tend to remember for a long time too. Hence, a happy, memorable, exciting experience confirmed!

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3. Movie date

Movie date

Watching  movies together is an engaging and thrilling experience. Especially when it’s a horror movie. Be it any kind of movie, even good or bad, it is always a good idea to go watch a movie. Not only is it exciting but memorable also. You always think of that person when  he names the movie  you watched together.  It creates a positive association. Later on, discussing  the movie gives a good ground to talk on. You both share your insights of the movie and have good discussions. This can be a good thing because while discussing you get to know how they think and know about this point of view and ways of seeing and perceiving things around them.

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4. Bowling


This is great as an indoor option when the weather outside isn’t supportive. No matter how cold,  hott,  windy or rainy it is, it cannot stop you from having a good bowling session with your partner, who doesn’t feel like a champion when all the pins fall down.  It is a fun and competitive activity. Even if you are not  into sports, it is easy to do and a really engaging activity. It takes no time to pick up the technique to throw the ball toads the pins. 9/10 people who are hesitant and unsure of bowling change their minds after they once go to bowl. It is competitive but not that serious of a thing at the end of the day. Everyone around is happy and excited. Good music, good games, good food, what else is needed?

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5. Music festival

Music festival

Nothing connects people more than music does. Music has no language, culture, caste, race barriers and everyone experiences music the same. Just like love is the language of the universe, music is no different. At a music festival , everyone forgets their day to day worries. Their work, school, day to day responsibilities,  everything is left behind as people relax and unwind and lose themselves in the music. They connect and basically function at the same  level of consciousness.

Anyone who has experienced live music knows exactly what I am talking about. There is nothing more real and pure than when people connect through music. The aura itself is so different as it transcends people to another plane where  there are no judgements, no prejudices and it is full of love and euphoria accompanied with enjoyment and relaxation.it is basically like connecting with a person minus their day to day worries and responsibility and there is nothing more raw and real than that.

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6. Art gallery

Art gallery

Go to an art  gallery together. Have a look at all the paintings and beautiful art displayed there. Discuss what  you both interpret of the paintings. Cook a story for a  painting you see. You both can laugh about it together. Check out the painting that looks like your partner. It is a fun activity and provides someone with a lot of insight. It is refreshing to look at beautiful paintings and discuss them later on. Also, It is a medium to make mental connections and be creative. Get creative together, discuss the paintings.

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7. Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports

You do not have to be super sporty to do this. This is not about performance but about bonding and having a good time together with your partner. Two people sports such as tennis, badminton etc. are a really fun and thrilling recreational date idea. You both can compete and laugh about it. Would also get a free workout! Besides, fresh air is good for everyone and getting that vitamin D through the sun is super healthy. These days we are so used to staying indoors because all our life is spent indoors, working, working out everything i arranged inside and we often neglect the importance of going out. It would not only improve mood but also health.

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8. Museum


Museums are a great way of learning consisting of limitless exciting new and intriguing information.it is a fun way of getting smarter and learning new things. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it. The past has plenty of knowledge and insights one needs to learn about. You feel productive at the end of the day because you have acquired knowledge and wisdom and also makes you feel inspired and urged to bring about a change in society.

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9. The local fair

The local fair

Local fairs are abundant in all kinds of crafts. From cotton candy to hand-spun clothes, vintage items, multi-cuisine street foods everything is present in one place and one can never ever get bored in a fair. There are artisans, crafts-persons, designers etc. all at one place making it a glorious occasion full of life. Also, There is no way you and your  partner would get bored. There is so much to explore. The day might not even be sufficient to explore all the experiences  the fair has to offer.

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10. Volunteer


Volunteering is a noble activity rendering scared and enriching experiences to both you and your partner. Getting sensitized  to the animals and people who need us is a growth oriented experience and a memory that will leave a mark on  both of you in the long run. Doing something noble with someone you like can build a good, strong, sturdy foundation for a budding relationship.

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