10 Best Flight Booking Websites

Best Flight Booking Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best flight booking websites. If you are an avid traveller and love exploring the world, but want to limit your travel expenses, this is the best blog for you. Travelling in flights can be awfully expensive, but this can be made highly affordable by choosing the right websites. There is a plethora of websites available with different flight options. It is up to you to select the website which suits your requirements the best and provides the cheapest and best quality flight rides possible.

10 Best Flight Booking Websites

Here is a list of the top ten websites for flight booking, to ensure your travel is fun and cheap at the same time.

1. Skyscanner


This is one of the most unique and easy to navigate website, to book flights. The best feature of this website is the “Greener Flights” option for all those people who are concerned about the environment, as it allows you to travel with an itinerary with flights having lesser CO2 emissions. It has helpful features which is useful for people who cannot decide on which place to travel and thus, automatically displays a list of places, with the best combination of prices and speed of the flight of your choice.

Filters choice also helps customers and this website also have a tie up with all other flight booking website in order to offer you the cheapest flights. The layout is highly interactive and makes its overall customer experience a very pleasing and easy one. There are many non-stop flight options which gives you the list of flights to your destination with the minimum possible number of flights. Customers also have a great opinion on this website which can be easily seen in their reviews and the recommendations they make, which have been displayed on the website.

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2. Google Flights

Google Flights

It is one of the simplest and easy to use websites to book flights. By pinning in the date of departure and arrival, a list of flights with the most affordable prices is displayed. Apart from this, the price graph is shown which shows you how the prices of flights vary over time for the users to understand the price variations. They even provide the best deals to your mailbox and keep you updated with the trends and offers you can avail of.

It makes it easy for the travellers to compare suppliers’ inventory and displays the most comprehensive collection of hotels and flights across the different cities. It allows you to explore whole regions and destinations with a wide view of the map, allowing you to get to know about more destinations and travel options. Customers have found it quite easy to handle because it doesn’t require too much time and displays the best travel options in the quickest manner.

3. Booking

Top Flight Booking Websites

This is hands down one of the best websites to book flights with just a single click. This website is so customer-centric and friendly that every aspect of its layout is present to make your work easier. It has not only the options of flights for you, but it also has a list of different types of properties that you could stay in during your trip. Once you enter the departure and arrival date, according with the number of travellers and the flight type, it will display the most affordable and best flights for you to your destination. If you are confused about where to go next, this website even provides some of the best travel destinations, giving you some inspiration to decide.

Apart from this, something unique about it is that it allows you to connect with people across the world who are planning to travel to the same place as you during the same time. This will help you feel more secure and have a companion throughout Customers have had a wonderful experience because of their extreme professionalism and the website takes care of all emergencies as well, ensuring the most comfort and pleasure for all their customers.

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4. Travelocity


This is one of the most renowned websites and provides a high level of service to its customers. It provides some exciting offers by providing a lower rate if you book a room and flight together. This can save a good amount of money for you. It has a good number of discounts for its members and tries to minimise their overall travel expenditure. It also shows the baggage fees and you are not charged for bookings in most cases. It also has an out of ten-star rating which for your flights, providing the best itinerary. Customers have found it extremely quick and proactive in terms of their response to any situation and help to find the best deals for you. The website layout is extremely attractive and has several options which will help you narrow down your search, such as filter, sorting options and more.

5. CheapOair


It provides you the best customer service with high levels of professionalism, patience and out of the way service. It helps you narrow down your options based on your requirements and make the best decision possible in the most affordable price range. It also displays the non-stop flights first, prioritizing them over flights that take a longer route and increase your travel time. The website layout is highly organized and streamlined, with the cheapest flights at your doorstep with the most courteous customer service. It even has an app which is highly simplified and makes the flight booking process even easier. The website clearly collects your details and requirements and based on that, show you the cheapest flights available to your travel destinations.

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6. Kayak


This website has many peculiarities about it, making it one of the most preferred ones. Apart from the excellent service, it provides a map on the layout of the website of different travel destinations, with the must-visit eateries, malls, tourist spots and much more, with just a single click on the map. It also has a “Kayak Hacker Fares” which allows you to book flights from different websites simultaneously, making a huge difference in your tour package in terms of money. It combines your one-way flight ticket prices and offers you the cheapest option possible for your travel. Another helpful feature is that Kayak shows the most traveled places from your location, which gives you some inspiration to decide on which place to travel and book the flights easily to these places. Customers find their services smooth and efficient and find the option to book a guide extremely beneficial.

7. Travelzoo

Most Popular Flight Booking Websites

It has a highly flexible search option which makes it easy for you to book your flight and travel to your desired destination in the most affordable price possible. It allows you to book flights keeping in mind a broader itinerary, rather than narrowing and limiting your travel options to only specific places. You can book flights to your destination keeping a broader timeline in your mind in case you are confused about the place to travel and the season. By doing so, you will get a better view on the price variations and have a better idea on which time to travel in order to avail the cheapest flights.

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8. Trip Advisor Flights

Trip Advisor

This is one of the websites with the most promising and best customer reviews showing how customer friendly they are It has the options of selecting non-stop flights, displays nearby airports and also gives you an insight into the understanding of the price ranges by booking flights in different seasons. Trip Advisor has one of the most aesthetic layouts which includes recommendations for you to explore even within your current location. It has popular tips, things to do, blogs and even restaurant options in and out of your city, acting as your travel guide always. It also provides the users reviews and fly scores, so that it becomes easy for you to compare and book your flights.

9. Expedia


It provides rewards in terms of credit card points and hotel and flight booking points which can be redeemed to receive exciting offers, which makes it incredibly attractive for customers. It also has the option to book from different websites simultaneously which helps saving a good deal of money. The best feature about this website is that it ensures that the users have understood the type of flight and the fare they must pay for it, well and clear and there is no confusion in terms of flight booking.

The website layout is extremely appealing and creates a vacation vibe in the minds of the users and make sit quite easy for them to browse through it. Expedia also provides cruise options which is not available on all websites, increasing the options available for you to select from. Customers find the deals and bundle and save extremely useful for booking affordable hotels and find it very customer friendly in terms of them handling the reservations and ensuring a smooth tour.

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10. Momondo

Cheap Flight Booking Websites

It provides you a virtual travel guide to assist you with flight bookings as well as local sightseeing options. They provide quick responses, with great deals for students and according to several customers, they go way beyond and put maximum efforts to provide the best and immediate services to the customers. They do not provide any misleading information on their website and allows you to browse in your regional language and have several recommendations and trending topics from well experienced travellers. They even provide the best deals to your mailbox and keep you updated with the trends and offers you can avail.

The Momondo website is extremely attractive and simple with a list of the trending countries and cities and gives a lot of inspiration to travel in the most pocket-friendly manner. You can avail the best deals with a 100% transparency level in prices, and can fully trust them to give you the best flight possible.

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