Top 10 Free Classified Websites in India

Best free classified websites in India

In this article we are going to talk about the best free classified websites in India. Classifieds are the advertisements that are made and published either in newspapers, magazines, or even online. They help in giving your brand or your product the recognition it needs for the sales to happen. The market is an exact replica of the movie The Purge where the sellers and the customers create a total chaos on the streets outside their shops. Shop keepers and sellers fight to have a total anarchy over the market. They want to make sure that maximum sales happen in their shops and all of the customers come to their shops for their needs.

The chaos and tension between all of this is so high that you are not given the proper time to pitch your ideas or products to the customers. To avoid all of such confusion and chaos or to make sure that your product is sold in numbers it was meant to be sold and to make yourself the reigning king of the market, you can always switch to online marketing. There are a ton of advantages of switching online. You can have a monopoly over the market if the product you are advertising is done through proper channels.

There are carloads of classifieds websites for you to could go-to for getting yourself the proper reach, the most genuine customers with a genuine interest in buying. These websites are not only for selling products but genuinely hold good even when you want to buy goods online. You could go through the complete details of the product, make a detailed investigation about it before making the purchase.

You could go through the customer reviews, through the ratings they have given and also cross-reference them by looking at the comments sections. There are a lot of chances of opening up a fake website and losing your money.

10 Best Free Classified Websites in India

Here are some top classifieds websites in India that you can visit the next time you want to sell/buy something.

1. OLX


OLX is an online classifieds website and is at the top of our list because of its popularity and efficiency. They have a very decent customer review. The average rating of this classifieds website is 4.7 out of 5. They have literally everything under the sun for you to buy. Be it second hand cars or bikes, used furniture or TV sets, be it electronics or sports equipments. They were established in 2006 and have spread across 45 countries since. They have a very nice page layout with a very friendly user interphase.

OLX lets you enter as many as filters required so that you can narrow down your option. This also ensures that you can end up with the results that you had hoped to find in the first place. OLX also has the option of negotiating with the sellers so that you never compromise on the prices.

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 2. Quikr


Quikr is the second website on the list because of its very high and excellent customer reviews. Quikr is a more customer to customer website and this ensures that there is no interference or interaction with the middle man for cross-cut commissions. They have an easy to use page layout and a colourful eye-catching homepage. Quikr not only allows you to buy or sell products but they also have various child-websites like Quikr jobs which help you to look for jobs in your field of expertise or field of interest.

Quikr gives the customer to interact or chat with the seller directly so that you can ask them about any queries or doubts that may arise before you finalize the deal. They are also very safe and ensure that no fake ads are being posted for the sake of scams. They make sure that your details are not being misused for any purpose.

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3. Locanto


Locanto is an online classifieds website which is US-based. They are dedicated to the buying and selling of electronics, home appliances, automobiles, pets, etc. They are also in the job finding business. Locanto helps you with finding the perfect job so that you need not compromise on anything. They post all original ads and they do a thorough background check of the details that are being posted just to prevent crimes from happening. They have a very low fraud happening are a very trustable website. Locanto has the best prices and also the best customer reviews which makes them a very reliable website for the buying and selling of goods online.

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4. Craigslist India

Craigslist India

Craigslist, although it is an American classifieds company, has an Indian version of it called Craigslist India. They are a very popular website in the USA and are equally popular in India too. Craigslist has all the ads that are posted online under one roof so that you need not go from website to website trying to find the best goods for the best prices. Craigslist India is the first website with an Indian specific section. They have a very nice sorting section available, and it is up all for free of cost.

For gaining access to all of these ads, all you are required to do is click on the register now button for the registration and then you are good to go. Craigslist India is also a very trusted website and they assure you with data privacy, this means that your personal information that you enter at the time if enrolling will not be misused under any circumstances.

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5. Vivastreet


Vivastreet is an online portal that enables you to either buy or sell goods online. What makes the website stand out from the rest is that they are also a portal where you can look for jobs online, post resumes, and sort jobs according to preferences. Vivastreet also has an option where you can find dates online. This is a very trusted and top-rated website in India. Vivastreet has a very cluster free platter and serves you with all the information need at your fingertips. It is a free to use website and is very popular in the developed cities of India.

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6. Adswale


Adswale is an Indian based website that lets you to look, buy, and sell commodities online they are free to use the website and are based in Lucknow. Adswale are experts in the job finding business but also have branches spread out in the buying and selling of bikes and cars, furniture, and even properties. It is very easy to use website and they help you navigate through their website with options like search and sort. They have a lot of preferences and will let you post your ad only after making sure it is authentic. They have a very colourful layout and is very attractive to use.

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7. Click


Click is a website that not only enables its users with the right to buy or sell goods online, but they also help in looking for jobs, dates, properties, and even for college sites. That’s right; you can look for management quotas of college in this classifieds website. There are also entertainment options available like you can view various restaurants, you can book tickets for events online. This is a very user-friendly site and has a very comfortable user interface. This is a highly recommended site by Google and has a very positive customer feedback also.

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8. Clickindia

Click India

Clickindia is a website that allows you to advertise your products, goods, and other services and they will be showcased to the interested users. You can fire up their webpage and with a few simple steps of registrations, you will have unlimited access to their advertisements.  Clickindia has many other services like pets and pet care, educational institutions, repairs and maintenance, financial services, legal advisers, and a lot more. This is a very versatile website and has a lot to offer to its customers. They also have a lot of well-established companies hiring people who have uploaded their resume on the website.

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9. Adtrack


Adtrack is a classifieds website which has a very impressive demographic reach. They are a much updated website with the latest ads being showcased. They have proper background checks which ensure that there is no scope of cheating the users. They also have a good clutter of ads and are regularly being filtered. They have round the clock availability and are have very positive customer feedback. On the whole, it is a very trustable and recommendable website that you can use.

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10. Sulekha


Sulekha is an online portal with over 20 million users all across India. They allow you to hire drivers, gardeners, and even professional mechanics for your daily essential services. Their website has over 500000 ads and is being refreshed regularly. Their clutter-free webpage and their sorting algorithm are what make the site very reliable. They are spread across 20 states and 40 cities as of today and are a very reliable source if you wish to apply for jobs online. They look for jobs matching your description and help you look for the most suitable job for you.

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