10 Best Used Furniture Websites in India

Best used furniture websites in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best used furniture websites in India. We all work to live a happy life, a life which is full of comfort and joy. Where we have all our basic needs completed. Every one in this world work for that only, in the hoard of living a peaceful life one works for whole day and night without taking rest sometimes, all this work for what just to complete our basic needs a house to live, food to eat, clothes to wear that’s it, actually no here is the time when no one is satisfies with these needs, like if you have clothes you seek for new as trend change continuously, if you have food to eat you will seek for more quality and variety of food items, same as you have a proper house to live but you want more things in your house, means you are not satisfied with what you have, you want some things that can make your house beautiful means some items which goes with your house.

We are living in a generation where everyone believe in showcasing their wealth either by hook or crock, it’s like if some else have decorative paintings in their house i want more than that, this also happens in furniture items, as furniture’s are the basic entity needed in our house like bed, chair, table etc, so what’s the need of extra when we already have one, as sometimes in showcasing some problems occur too.

These problems can be sorted, means why do you need a new one, who will ask you from where you have bought that, that will also be better for your budget too, so this time when you thought of buying furniture you don’t have to go for buying costly new furniture, the other option is buying the items which are used and are in better condition that can save your money, so the question is where to find these types of furniture, the best option is going online and check for some sites which sells or helps to buy used furniture, but here the problem arises that there are numerous number of sites so how to figure out which is best for you, so here we will see some of the best sites for finding best used furniture.

10 Best used furniture sites

The best used furniture websites in India for buying and selling used furniture online are listed below:



There is no one who don’t know about Amazon, as its one of the leading apps or we can say a leading MNC. Everyone know we get our essentials here like clothing, accessories, footwear etc, everything in a reasonable cost. We mostly use it for these types of shopping, isn’t it shocking that Amazon also provides used furniture too, yes its true we had never seen this as we do never think about this, so Amazon provides a wide range of assured and certified modern second hand furniture, isn’t it’s cool that you have a all rounder websites, where your every need is satisfied in a reasonable price. It is better for those who wants to maintain their budget as well as want a modern furniture which can make their home beautiful and decorated.

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2. Urban Fusion Decor

Urban Fusion Decor

We mostly go for the stylist accessories either its for us either our home, so here we have the fusion decor which look after all your needs means here you can find every type for furniture which will help you to decorate your home as well as to set your house. They have a wide range of furniture from modern to traditional so that everyone can get their needs completed. Here you can find well furnished sofas, seats, chairs, table etc. You can also match serval accessories to your furniture set like you can match chairs with your table, the furniture is in good condition as well as the quality is maintained. It is best site for those who love to buy antique furniture and designer accessories for their apartment.

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3. Chairish


This is the best website for finding used furniture in a very reasonable price. It is a user friendly app, as it helps you to sell your furniture easily, as there are so many things which we can’t move on our own, no worries just take picture and add some information of your furniture and post it, Chairish will take care of that from then and you get a good price for that if in a good condition, they also help in resale of products in a easy way. It also provides testing time of one to two day, if you didn’t find it comfortable you can return that. It is best for those who want branded furniture but need some lease for that so this is the site where your wish of having stylish decor will be fulfilled. Here the prices are comparatively high.

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4. Gozefo


It is great initiative by Quikr Bazaar, here one can get a wide range of furniture and appliances like sofa, bed, dining, chairs, tables, televisions. refrigerators, air conditioners and  many more. It is only available for Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Bangalore. So its the best app for one living in these areas as here one can get every furniture within their budget as well as properly furnished, you can get your furniture at your home with so less delivery charges, here everything is so sorted that one can find their ideal appliance soon and with ease. Prices are also so reasonable, one must visit this site for best experience.

5. Furniture Dekho

Furniture Dekho

Its a well maintained website where every category have its proper slot, means when you enter here you needs will be satisfies that’s for sure. Here one can find a wide range of furniture either its for your room or its for your dining, every need is fulfilled here, you can get your furniture in a very reasonable price. It is one of the best site to get used and rented furniture. It is available in 54 cities of India its major area is Delhi and Mumbai, they help you to get your needs fulfilled.

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6. Quikr


Most of us knows about this site either from adds or shows as mostly we see ads of Quikr as it says buy and sell furniture easily. It is one of the leading site for getting any kind of furniture and accessories, it is accessible in almost every part of India, it provide a wide range of appliances example cars, bikes, home decor, mobiles, furniture and many more. It is well maintained platform who are looking for used thing soon and easily. It also provides you the information of the best deals and gift cards. One must visit this platform for getting their needs satisfied.

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7. OLX


OLX is just like other platforms. It’s not like its functionality is same the thing is its idea is same, means here we have a more platform where we can find used furniture and appliances in a reasonable price as well as in good conditions , as they provide assured and certified products, here you can post what you have to sell then the buyer will contact you if your needs matches then you can sell or buy appliances. Its the best platform for everyone living in India and wants their second hand appliances in good condition and at reasonable price.

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8. Krrb


Its the app which helps you to just post things means you can just post your furniture which you want to sell, the buyer can contact from here and then the process continues. This site do not care about delivery or transaction, all they do is just provide you are platform where you can see and buy things. They don’t charge commission but  a credit amount which shows that you have buy or earn through profiles, these profiles shared here . Its the best platform for those who are looking for well furnished unique furniture nearby them.

9. Kaiyo


The platform where you can find every furniture in a very good condition. Its a well maintained platform where one can easy find their ideal furniture, they provide a wide range of furniture from chairs to beds everything is available here. It saves your time as well as your money. They provide top brands in a very reasonable price and their customer care policy is very good. When your goods get sold you will get paid, you can find every designer furniture in a very good price.

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10. Used Furniture For Sale

Used furniture for sale

It’s same like other platforms means it provides the used furniture . They provide a wide range of furniture either its for home or for office, your all needs will be satisfied here, you can find  your ideal furniture very easily and at a reasonable price. Like other platforms this platform also provides customer care and easy ways to post your appliances, one can get offers and deals here. One must visit this site if needed. These are some of the sites one can check for used furniture in a very reasonable price and with best conditions very easily and quickly being at home only.

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