What are the benefits of playing games?

what are the benefits of playing games

The benefits of playing games are mentioned here in this article. A game can be anything which is performed for the enjoyment of an individual or a mass. Most of the games played are for the entertainment purpose. Some games can be used for educational purpose too. There are several types of games played around us. These games have several forms. There are games which can be played alone like video games, computer games, or other internet game. On the other side there are games which can be played in a team or with a partner like Ludo, Chess, online multiplayer games, etc…

Games have several rules and regulations to be followed by the players. Games generally involve both physical and mental development. Many games help to different types of knowledge. they can be a form of exercise to our body. Many philosophers have presented their opinions on the definition of game. Nowadays games are played at professional level. Various matches and tournaments are organized by various organizations/government. These are now played as profession for fame, money and awards. It is a wonderful way to improve ones’ skills.

Top 10 Benefits of playing games

The benefits of playing games are listed below:

1. Games help in physical development

Playing games can develop the body of the player physically. Games are a form of exercise. It will help you to avoid laziness and be active during the play and at the end of the day, that activeness turns into habit for lifetime. Playing  games is good for bones, muscles, eye sight and other various problems. It cures leanness and other disorders of the body and improves the physical appearance of the body. It boosts the stamina of the player. During games people get time to breath in open environment which is important for health but is very rare in today’s busy world. Getting exposed to proper sunlight and fresh air is the most important factor of games.

2. Games help in mental development

At present everybody wants to be creative at everything. So, playing games can play an important role in developing someone mentally. Mental health is the hardest thing to improve. But games make it easier. While playing games brain is totally active which grasps various skills and ideas while in the game. While playing the game players need to be dependent on their imagination power. Games help in developing the imagination power too. It improves the attention span in the body of the player. People get to know other people to make coordination and develop bonding. Its good for people who are depressed or lonely.

3. Games help in improving communication skills

Communication skills are very important in life. Most of the jobs require better communication skills qualities. Games help to develop communication skills. In games people get to know each other. It helps people to understand problems of their teammates and also help them to get through it. You get to spend time with different kind of people having different mindsets, attitudes and behaviour. You learn about their lifestyles and this learning helps you to develop your lifestyle. Not only you help others, but others can help you as well. It’s a good way to improve communication skills.

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4. Games make you smarter

While playing games mind gets ideas to perform better at every pace. All the games require mind power. It doesn’t mean that if games are played by physical support, they don’t require smartness. In the games like, boxing, kung-fu, karate, etc, only physical involvement is not sufficient. brain needs to coordinate with the body to excels in these. This attempt makes the players better thinker and performer. Smartness is self-developing skill. While playing games it develops on its own. You learn many tricks and techniques to act in the game while playing games. Simply games make the brain sharper and smarter to think.

5. Games improve time management skills

Time management is one of most important aspect in games. For every type of games, there is a duration set which says the limitations of the game. There is a specific time to complete a game. All the players must follow that duration limitation for their performance. This develops an important skill in you. Makes you aware about the time. Teaches you the value of time. Teaches you to manage the time in productive way. Games can help to develop one. Punctuality also comes under time management skills. Playing games make you punctual in every way. Every type of game requires this skill to excel.

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6. Making money

Games are played for self-improvement but it can be played for various other reasons too. One of the reasons is money making. Games can pay you better than any other job or business. You can earn money by playing games if you are good at it. Many organizers set a specific price for the winners and participants of the game. A good player can get a better sponsor if he/she plays better. not only winner gat earnings. Participants can also earn by participating. Not only the participants but all the crew including the organizers can gain economical profits from game. Government pays the players for their contributions if they play for the country. Players can also earn if they advertise or advise for public involvement.

7. Builds self-confidence

Games are good medium to boost the confidence of an individual. Mainly it works better for youngsters who are not confident about their life. Most of the people dot understand how things work in life. They are afraid to start anything new for their life. Games can help them. Games help to develop the confidence. people support the players to perform well. It teaches them the importance of participation. They understand that winning or losing is not important but participation is. This encourages them to get higher in life. You learn to take important decisions in life if you are confident. You don’t hesitate or doubt yourself on your own decisions if you are confident. Games improve your confidence and you get to learn to struggle in life and overcome it. This confidence will make you strong and able to fight for yourself and succeed in life.

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 8. Develops teamwork and unity

Teamwork and unity are the most important skills for adjusting in the society. Games can help better to improve these skills. The games which require multiple player can help in developing coordination between player. To play the game, team must work with respect to each other. All the players work accordingly. Development of this attitude in players helps them to perform well in the  games and life as well. They play together and do their best in the game. It doesn’t matter they win or lose. They show their strength of unity in the game. This improves the relation with each other and with the trainers too. They follow their leader with unity and also show the same unity in the game.

9. Improves sleep, energy levels and regulates blood pressure

Excess physical work improves sleep. it improves sleep quality and duration of sleep. People suffering from insomnia can benefit from games as it can help them sleep properly. Sleep disorders are balanced by these exercises. Better sleep leads to early rise in the morning and make a good working day possible. Playing games requires huge amount of energy storage in the body. Playing games are is equivalent to exercises. regular exercise makes people energetic and also reduces their chance of getting tired frequently. It can help one to earn a fresh and energetic day. Stress is responsible for blood pressure. We know that increased stress increases the blood pressure. Regular exercise helps to purify the blood and improves the blood flow for better health. Proper blood flow decreases stress level and blood pressure which is good for health. This also keeps you away from various heart diseases.

10. Games support for Healthy heart, strong lungs and teach healthy habits

Just like other body parts heart is also made up of muscles. But it is little different from other muscular parts. Games can help to support the health of heart. It maintains the blood flow. During games heart works really fat and its functioning is improved. Also, the lungs work in the same manner. They pump the blood so rapidly which can help  then later to sustain in insufficient oxygen. Strong lungs inhale proper amount of oxygen and keep the body active and ready to work. And this is possible by a strong pair of lungs, which are developed due to regular participation in games.

Games demand great discipline and stamina. For maintaining discipline and stamina you have to take a good care of your body. Taking care of the body means proper exercise and proper selection of food items that you consume every day. This later turns into a healthy habit of self-care. So, these were some benefits of playing games that can motivate you to play games.

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