What Are The Qualities Of A Good Life Partner?

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Life Partner?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to test a guy to see if he really loves you? In our life two things are most important which will define the quality of our life that we are going to lead, one is our career and another is finding a good life partner. In this article, our readers are going to learn about the top 10 qualities of a good life partner. If we look at the current scenario on marriage and long-term relationships, the number of divorces taking place and the number of breakups that the youth is going through (uncountable and not recorded) are at an all-time high.

What are the reasons?  First is attraction, attraction towards sex, lust, wealth. Second is peer pressure, just because all of your batch mates got married at the age of 29, you develop stress which leads to fast irrational decision-making when it comes to finding a good life partner. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is itching yourself from deep within your heart.

What are the qualities of a good life partner?

After reading this article our readers will be smarter, rational, and independent for finding a life partner. The qualities of a good life partner are listed below:

1. Your life partner is financially stable

Your life partner is financially stable

Being financially stable is the basic quality of a person who posses integrity. Whether It’s a man or woman, the ability to earn and support is the first quality you should look after. If someone is dependent on their family to feed him/ her, pay their bills then the person will lack self-respect and you would not like to engage with someone who hasn’t yet figured out what he/she can do to earn a living on their own.

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2. Your life partner is understanding

Your life partner is understanding

This is one of the most underrated qualities; people never take some time to understand if the partner you are choosing is understanding. How would you know if he/ she is understanding?

Before entering into commitments, spend few years with them in a relationship, try to know if they can become your god friend, is he/ she understanding? Are they only self-centered or they care about your thoughts and feelings? Even trying to understand your feeling is a green signal for you because now you know they care about you and will continue with the same traits when you guys are finally entering into a long-term relationship.

3. Well behaved

Well behaved

A person who is polite or well behaved has the qualities to be your life partner. This might sound cliché to you; You might say What if he/ she fakes it? What if they are polite in front of me but is not a polite person in reality? We have a special cure for that, ask him/ her out for a date, let them order food for the date. Now observe how they talk with the waiter, is he/ she polite while making the order? Another technique is to ask them if you can go to their house for a visit, he/ she will have parents, siblings and servants, observe if they are polite with them.

If they are polite naturally then it is a great sign for you because after you are engaged with that person, you will spend 50% of your life with them, how would you feel if they are not polite with you or don’t pay you your due respect?

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4. Passionate Partner

Passionate Partner

Passion can come to anything in the form of love, work, hobbies, and life. Is your potential life partner passionate about something? Passionate about work, Passionate about a hobby, passionate about love towards parents, friends, or just life? If your partner is a passionate one, chances are he/ she will be passionate about your relationship as well… And what else do you require in a relationship if someone is passionate about their relationship with you?

5. You are a Priority

You are a Priority

If you want your relationship to be happy and stable for the long run then both the persons involved in the relationship should keep you in priority. What does it mean? It means that in today’s generation everyone is busy with their job, business, hobbies, and life to be precise. Everyone will be busy, but is your partner allocating time for you? Is your partner gives the relationship a top priority? If not then maybe you should reconsider once again before engaging in a serious relationship with him/ her. A person who won’t make time for the relationship is not worthy to start a relation with you…

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6. He/ she accept their mistakes

He/ she accept their mistakes

You will find many incidents where both of you know someone made a mistake that is impacting your relationship in a negative manner. We are all humans and it is natural for us to make mistakes, but the important point is he/ she accepting their mistakes and apologizes to you for their mistakes? The same thing should be applied to you as well if you made a mistake. Remember the person who apologizes whether he/ she made a mistake or not, whether they were responsible for the mistake or not, if someone is trying to apologize just so that you become happy and you are respected then understand that he/ she puts the relationship on a higher pedestal than his/ her ego. This is one of the key factors of a long-term happy relationship.

7. Puts effort for your happiness

Puts effort for your happiness

You have chosen the right person if you are in a relationship with someone who cares about your happiness the most. Their primary intention in the relationship is to bring a smile to your face. Consider a situation where you had an extremely rough and stressful day in your workplace or you are going through a difficult phase of minor depression due to the loss your company has incurred in the last quarter, now if you are going through emotional stress and your partner tries to make you happy just by few small gestures such as preparing a dessert that you like the most, taking you out for a date to your favourite restaurant, giving you a small but memorable gift.

Now you see all of these efforts are not very big but if you do so, your partner will realize that you are someone he/she has a purpose to live about in life and get they will try their best to reciprocate as well, this is human nature! So if you are someone who brings a smile to your partner’s face or your partner does that for you, your life is going to be fulfilled and prosperous.

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8. Supporting partner

Supporting partner

Let us suppose that you just lost your job or your business is about to close down. This is a very difficult position to be in. But you have got a partner who is supporting you and pushes you to find a new job, start a new business, or just finding something you are passionate about then congrats! You have the best partner in this world. Supporting can be anything ranging from financial support, mental support, and friendly support. Whatever your partner tries to support you when you were going through a dark phase whether it’s a small trial or a major step, Always know that he/ she is meant to be with you.

9. Good sense of humor

Good sense of humour

A good sense of humor does not mean that your partner has to be a professional stand-up comic or a comic actor. Having a sense of humor means he/ she makes good jokes and understands good jokes and converts any normal situation into humor. Let us take an example of why this quality is important? Suppose you guys are married and living a very happy life for the past 5 years. But suddenly you are mad because your child failed his Maths exam… You might be pissed off, but suddenly your partner cracks a joke that I could not memorize tables up to 10 until I was in class 8, do you remember that? A joke!

Suppose you had a fight with your parents or close friends, you are all mad and sad together but your partner is continuously making jokes about you, your parents, some fun events that have happened in the past… If he/ she have a good sense of humor then both of you will tend to forget about your worries in the present and start thinking about the optimum and practical solutions.  Many research tells us that humor is the first step in starting a friendship, relationship, and professional relationship as well.

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10. Responsible


This is a must-have quality in a partner, are they taking responsibilities for their family? Is he/ she considered a responsible person in their workplace? The primary reason for emphasizing responsibility is that you and your partner will have a child one day; you guys will even look after your parents together. Will your partner be able to take these responsibilities with you? How to understand if he/ she is responsible? Just ask few direct questions that what is his/ her plan about looking after their parents after 5 years from now? Where do he/ she see themselves in the terms of career 5 years from now? All of these questions are triggering but are a must to ask before engaging in a serious relationship with them.

If you find that they do not have a proper plan, or their statement does not have a proper structure then understand that they are not serious and responsible about life. How will he/ she have a child with you? How are you guys going to look after your parents?  How are you going to fulfill your later phases of life with happiness and prosperity?

If you do not have any of these qualities then it is your job as well to start transforming your attitude towards life. And if you feel that A relationship or commitment is something you are not ready to deal with then it is fine. Most of the divorces and breakups happen because either both or any one of the people in the relationship was not ready which led to a painful breakup and divorce.

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